Be Prepared for Your Big Day!

Being a mom to three boys requires me to have all the energy I possibly can to keep up all day, every day. I’m infamous for skipping breakfast even though I’m the first one to get on my kids on how important it is. Sawyer on the other hand loves breakfast and drags me to the kitchen every morning. He doesn’t like eating alone and makes sure I’m sitting with him at the table.

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Sawyer James 2 years old toddler play

In the mornings things are kinda crazy here. We all get up at different times and leave at different times. Both the older boys are in school but since there is six year between them they both go to different schools at different times. I really don’t feel like getting up and making a meal for all of them individually so I go with what works. Cereal.  It’s important to start any day with a nutritious breakfast full of protein and grains, like Kellogg’s  Frosted Mini Wheats, Special K or Raisin Bran cereal and milk. Plus, who doesn’t like a great tasting start that’s easy and doesn’t leave you with a sink full of dishes!

Frosted Mini Wheats Cereal for Breakfast

When you prepare the night before a big day, you set yourself up to have a better tomorrow. It’s true. I try to tell my boys this so that they can always be as prepared as possible. We always make a point before bed to make sure our school bags are packed and by the door, they know what they are going to be wearing the next day, and do they know what they plan on eating for breakfast when they get up. Getting use to this will help on the small days but when they have big days ahead it will be great that they already have a set routine in the morning.

Sawyer James loves Blueberry Frosted Mini Wheats by Kelloggs

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Dr. Travis Stork’s Tips on Having a Successful Big Day
  • Lay out your clothes the night before to help streamline your morning routine.
  • Create a “must achieve” list for the morning to help yourself stop stressing about those tasks at night, leading to a more restful night’s sleep.
  • Plan out what to have for breakfast, and nothing is easier than setting out a bowl and spoon for a quick, nutritious and tasty bowl of cereal in the morning.
  • If you’re traveling or on-the-go, making sure to pack a nutritious snack (like a baggie of cereal) in your bag to help you avoid hitting the mid-morning lull and picking something unhealthy.

Sawyer James Frosted Mini Wheats

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How do you prepare when you have a big day ahead?


  1. Nicole Dz says

    Your little one looks so cute in his super cool sunglasses getting his breakfast on. We get ours ready mostly the night before, everything is organized, lunches, backpacks, and outfits. We make sure we start them off with a good breakfast too.

  2. vickie couturier says

    my kids love frosted mini wheats,,im for whats easy and simple first thing in the mornings,

  3. OMGosh he is so dang cute! I hear ya on the breakfast situation. My 21 yr old leaves for work at the same time my 3 high school kids leave so they all need easy stuff – and I don’t want to get up to deal with it. I only need to really worry about my little two. We’re big fans of the Shredded Wheat flavors, I like that they are lower in sugar than a lot of other cereals.

  4. Sawyer is just so dang cute! Look at him rockin’ out in his sunglasses eatin’ his cereal like a boss! We are TOTAL night-preppers. I have to. Mornings suck SO HARD and I have to make it as easy as possible lol

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