Stretch Your Dollar This Holiday Season With Chase Ultimate Rewards

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Chase Ultimate Rewards for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

When I am tackling my holiday shopping list I always try to get the most for my money. I add things to wish lists that my kids, or my family members might like throughout the year. I also price check, coupon clip, and try to watch for the best deals. My kids are the biggest part of my holiday shopping list. Halli is getting a princess castle, some new hair bows, and a little slide. I think she will have a blast unwrapping presents this year. Hayden took forever to finally say what he wanted for Christmas. He is such a good, sweet, and grateful boy so I think he felt guilty saying what he really wanted. He wants Santa to bring him a bow and arrow set, and he has also asked for a new bike. Plus there are my kids “needs” that I like to add to our holiday shopping lists. Like snow play clothes, or church clothes. That is all only my kids shopping! Then adding my husband, grandparents, and siblings….holiday shopping can get crazy and expensive!

Chase Ultimate Rewards

As much as I try to budget all year for this busy shopping holiday season it would be nice to stretch my money just a little bit further. That’s where Chase Ultimate Rewards comes in, a program that is available to Chase Freedom, Chase Sapphire and Ink from Chase cardholders. Use any of these cards while you are doing all your Christmas shopping (and any other shopping or paying bills) and you can earn points on every purchase! All of those points you earn can be redeemed for rewards of your choice. The rewards include travel, experiences, merchandise, gift cards, and even cash back.

I love that I can get rewarded on shopping and purchases I am already making with Chase Ultimate Rewards. Especially with all the purchases I am making this holiday season all the rewards will add up really quickly. Chase also offers extra incentives to cardholders during the holidays, making it a one-stop shop for holiday shopping and savings.

Chase Ultimate Rewards

With Ultimate Rewards you can get cash back with direct deposit starting at $20 for 2,000 points. You can also redeem merchandise or gift cards at the same price you’d pay in the store without the additional mark-up. For example a $50 dollar gift card costs 5,000 points. Points can also be used for exclusive, VIP access to concerts, sporting events and movie premieres or redeemed for travel on any flight, any time without blackout dates and restrictions.

With all the rewards I am getting back from purchases I can redeem my points for holiday gifts. Or because I am stretching my dollar, and saving money I can get one more special gift for a friend. Or maybe I will get that super cute pair of shoes I have had my eye on. My husband Cory, and I are also celebrating our 7 year anniversary in January. It would be perfect to use all our points to take some wonderful anniversary trip somewhere! The options with Ultimate Rewards are really endless.

The new also provides a personalized experience, making it easier to see how many points you have, access them and understand how to use them. You are also able to track your recent purchases and see how many points you have totaled.

When I go to plan our anniversary trip has great in-depth travel guides so I can plan the perfect trip. There are recommendations for hotels, restaurants and activity ideas for all over the world.

With Ultimate Rewards the offerings and experiences are tailored according to your lifestyle and all your favorite things, another added bonus because it saves you time since you see the rewards that are most important to you.

How are you stretching your dollar this holiday shopping season?

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  1. I have heard good things about Chase and how you can earn rewards and cash back.

  2. We use Chase and their cash back rewards, too! Cashing in the points is like a fun surprise 😉

  3. Is this part of their debit program, too? I have been thinking about opening a checking account with them.

  4. Kelly says

    Seems like a very nice program. I have heard that Chase is a good banking company.

  5. Courtney says

    We just got a Chase Freedom credit card a few months ago and have already earned a lot of cash back through Chase ultimate Rewards…it’s a great program!

  6. Jeane Campbell says

    I have heard some solid things about Chase from friends. Did not know about their Ultimate Rewards program. Sounds like a good way to save.

  7. saminder gumer says

    i just signed up for a chase card and am loving the ultimate rewards. i stretch my dollar by looking for deals and rebates when i buy and also use coupons as much as i can.

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