Give the Gift of Manhood with this Old Spice & “Dadsong” Video {Plus, Giveaway}

“This post and giveaway were made possible by Double Duty Divas and Old Spice. I was compensated for my participation in this campaign, but all opinions are 100% mine.”

Do you want a good holiday laugh? This “Dadsong” video on the Old Spice YouTube Channel is such a funny way of showing the differences of a relationship between a mother and her son vs. a father and his son. As mothers we our sons are our babies. No matter how old they get we want to keep them close and keep them as little as we can. As a mom of three boys I can tell you this hits the nail on the head pretty good. I cried harder when Johnny turned 10 then when I turned 30. Dad on the other hand was not the biggest fan of the newborn stage but when those feet finally hit the ground he was the first one to let go and trust he could do it on his own.

Since then not much has changed. At 14 Johnny has grown into a, um, grown boy that I can be proud of. I know he’s not a little boy any longer but I think that even when he’s grown with children of his own I’ll always consider him my baby because essentially he is. I do, however, need to realize that he’s growing and changing.

2014 Halloween Johnny Bum

I try to leave most of those talks to Dad. He’s proud of how big he’s become and the older my boys get the closer their relationship grows with their father. As a mom I’m pretty proud of all of them. I know we’re raising our boys right and they’ll later become men we’re proud of too. To help with that uncomfortable passage into manhood as a mom I just slip a bag full of Old Spice products in his room and let him figure out which ones he likes best. I figure since his dad won’t use anything but Old Spice I might as well just start with what I know works.

First day of school with dad gavin johnny

Santa also likes to share his favorite Old Spice products with him now that Johnny isn’t wishing for a stocking full of hot wheels. Now he fills it with lots of great products from Old Spice like these:

Old Spice Products for Teens and Men

If you have a teen on your shopping list and you’re left scratching your head as to what you should get him just look for Old Spice Gift Sets. It’s everything they need all in one set. They contain deodorant, body wash, body spray, shampoo and more! It’s available in a variety of scents – including new nature-inspired Timber scent. Don’t worry about them getting duplicates because you can never have too many. One for his room, his school bag, sports bag, school locker. High school boys want to make sure they always smell good.

This holiday season, giving the gift of manhood couldn’t be easier with Old Spice Re-fresh Body Spray, featuring the brand’s innovative and first-in-category Re-fresh Technology, which eliminates the need for guys to overspray or reapply throughout the day. With Old Spice Re-fresh Body Spray, “One Spray Lasts All Day.”

OS Timber Holiday Pack

In the spirit of the holiday season, Old Spice offered special savings on Old Spice Re-fresh Body Spray in the P&G brandSaver® in newspapers across the U.S. on Sunday, Nov. 30, as well as for download on for redemption at retailers nationwide right now. Grab your coupons and head out to get all the latest scents because for me as a mom to a teen these are my new go-to stocking stuffers. He loves them and well, I love anything that covers the smell of his soccer shin guards.

For more information on Old Spice and all their products make sure to check out their social pages such as Twitter, Facebook, & Instagram.

Old Spice Holiday Smellcome to Manhood Kit

Right now one (1) Mom Spotted readers has the opportunity to win ONE (1) Old Spice Holiday Smellcome to Manhood Kit!!!

  • Old Spice Re-fresh Body Spray – The gift that keeps on giving, one spray at a time. Be among the first to enjoy new Old Spice Timber – the best way to get that lumberjacky smell without working at a local tree lot.
  • Old Spice T-Shirt – The manliest chest tattoo on the planet without the regret when you turn 60.
  • Old Spice Branded Earbuds – Silence mom’s singing in the car. You’re welcome.
  • Bear Paws Meat Tool – Cutlery your dad, his friend Dave and Uncle John will be impressed with when you’re given the reins to carve the holiday bird.
  • Duct Tape – Fix anything on the planet, except holiday lights, where only half the strand works.
  • Art of Manliness Book – Full of wisdom and New Year’s Resolutions.
  •  “Scent Responsibly” Instructions – Nothing will earn you grandma’s fruitcake faster than overspraying. Thanks to Old Spice Re-fresh technology – where one spray lasts all day – you can smell like a man and not a middle school locker room.
  • Smellcome to Manhood Certificate – A made-up diploma for the inside of your locker or to add to your LinkedIn profile.

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  1. Thomas Gerber says

    definitely can relate
    and yes

  2. kelly tupick says

    Really cute, they do grow up so fast and yes, i absolutely agree!!

  3. KJ Skib says

    Mine are too young to relate now but I remember my mom acting like that.

  4. shirley says

    I absolutely agree, they grow so fast!!!

  5. Beth Hill says

    That video is totally on track with my family right now! I have 2 teenage sons, one just got his drivers license and the other just left for college this past fall. I want my babies back!

  6. Rachel C says

    Yes! My oldest is about to be 10 and I can’t believe it.

  7. Nancy says

    Yes, I agree. I loved the video – funny but true!

  8. Doreen Lamoureux says

    These commercials are oddly funny. Yap, I have 3 who are young men now. Wow …. enjoy them when they are young .. 🙂

  9. Virginia Rowell says

    Yes I agree and that video was too darned cute!

  10. vickie couturier says

    my son just turned 40,,doesnt seen like it was yesterday he had peach fuzz on his face,,sometimes I cant believe time has flown so fast,,he was late getting married,,at age 36 and now has a 23month old and a 11 month old sons,,he is such a wonderful father,,really hands on with diapering and feedings,,im so proud of him

  11. Dawn Monroe says

    Kinda.I think kids grow up to fast but Im ready, lol. Out of six kids we have one 17 year old boy still home and Im liking being an empty nester.

  12. I think the Mother is going through Empty Nest Syndrome and she wants her Little Boy Back. I think the Father is ready to let go and have his Son be a man. I can relate to both. It’s like a Tug of War with your emotions. Cute video.

  13. sandra davis says

    With 3 boys, I completely agree. They have grown up way way too fast.

  14. Nancy says

    Oh, I’m not ready yet!

  15. Vicki Wurgler says

    yes I agree I think these commercials are funny

  16. Trisha Burgess says

    I definitely agree!!

  17. Crystal Allen says

    Not there yet with my son, but I can see it being this way. I agree!

  18. deb c says

    I agree. My boys are grown and I still think of them as boys.

  19. Mayela says

    I absolutely agree,

  20. Betty says

    I agree – definity
    There does not seem to be a real depth to age. Just yesterday they were experiencing that long list of firsts from smiling to crawling to the first tooth coming out. Then it seems like we are blindsided by their heading off to college.

  21. Brittany Koelmel says

    I absolutely agree, and these commercials are my favorite, theyre so funny

  22. Jackie says

    Yes, I agree. I think when a boy starts caring what he smells like, he is growing up. But he’ll always be mommy’s boy. Cute video!

  23. shelly peterson says

    Ha funny video. I definitely agree with it.

  24. Audra O'Hara says

    These commercials are nutty; I love them. Yes I agree…dread when the day comes that I feel like our kids are adults.

  25. April V says

    So funny! I’m going to be the mom in that video when my little boy grows up… love the part (he needs his toy!) LOL

  26. nannypanpan says

    I son will always be my boy

  27. brittany says

    I totally agree. They grow up sooo fast and old spice really helps.

  28. saralynns2 says

    yes, completely agree 🙂 the video was cute!

  29. Natalie yeoman says

    I really agree with this video they grow up so fast

  30. Leela says

    Yes, they do.

  31. sandra says

    yes, I agree!

  32. Yes, I have three stages of boys in my house so I can totally agree. I have a toddler, a 7 yr old who thinks he can use it too (Oh geez leave the house if he sprays it) and of course my 17 yr old who doesn’t go anywhere without it. They grow too quickly, this school year I will be watching my oldest graduate. I just wish there was a freeze button on life.

  33. Marilyn Nawara says

    Yes, I agree. Cute video

  34. Heather B says

    Too cute! I do agree.

  35. claire says

    Considering my four year old has recently forbidden me to refer to him as my baby, i relate 🙁 i love the commercials though. So funny!

  36. Dana Rodriguez says

    Yes I agree! Funny! 🙂 They grow up so fast!

  37. LaTanya says

    I agree

  38. Amanda Alvarado says

    ROFL! My ds is 21 so I’ve already been there done that! 🙂

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