Gift Smart This Season at RadioShack



Are you still running around finishing your shopping? I am. It’s ridiculous! I am writing this as my husband is at the mall grabbing more last minute gifts. We’ve had a lot on our plate this holiday season and we’re behind more than we’ve been before. I don’t want our lack of time to be the reason we don’t give the best gift possible. This gifting season we headed to RadioShack for all smart gifting ideas! RadioShack has curated a selection of interactive toys and innovative products that are perfect for anyone on your list this season.

RadioShack Smart Gifts
You’ll see lots of great gift ideas from the moment you walk in the door. My boys get so tired of the same old options and these awesome RC cars would be a huge hit under the tree this holiday season!

RadioShack Smart Gifts

RadioShack actually had multiple RC options from cars, to quads to motorcycle options. Right behind them was also one of my teens biggest Christmas list wants this season! Beats by Dr. Dre! RadioShack had all different kinds of headphones in all different price points!

RadioShack Smart Gifts

They had some fun and original ideas for stuffing your stockings! I just love the touch fan and want one for my office now!

RadioShack Smart Gifts

If a phone is on your shopping list than RadioShack is a must! They have a ton of smart phones for you to look over! I’m totally a hands on kinda girl so going to a store where I can see all my options right out in front of me is big. I like to see how it feels, how much it weighs, etc. When I’m buying for one of my kids I have lots of security and general use questions.

When we were there was actually someone with lots of questions about the phones they had in stock. The person was asking many questions and the employee was well-informed. The only down fall was that even in the last week of shopping there was only one employee in the store. It made the line at the register really grow while they answered all the questions.

RadioShack Smart Gifts

If gift cards are on your list they have some great ones to choose from! I never even knew that they had HuluPlus gift cards! I had to grab one since one of my gifts is an apple tv! I knew that along with one of the iTunes cards would be a great gift! While I was at it I was able to grab gift cards for xBox live for both boys too!

RadioShack Smart Gifts

If you are still in need of some great toys to finish that list make sure to stop by your local RadioShack! To find the closest store check out their store locator on their website! Then visit and #GiftSmart this season! With enhanced price matching program and convenient locations, why buy anywhere else?


  1. I want the selfie stick from Radio Shack. It’d be so fun to use it!

  2. Jeane Campbell says

    Wow, they have quite a group of gift cards. I didn’t think you could get a Nook card at any place but Barnes and Noble. Good to know.

  3. They are definitely the place to go for a great selection of tech gifts! I love my speaker from them.

  4. I honestly don’t stop there very much, but it looks like their selection has really gotten better. I love some good techie stuff, so I guess I’d better stop in there!

  5. saminder gumer says

    i love radio shack and all the amazing gifts it has for kids as well as adults. i went there and bought a few things for the family this year as well. it is a one stop shop for all electronics for the family.

  6. Nicole Dz says

    It looks like they have some great options that i didn’t even to expect at Radio Shack, i haven’t shopped here in over a year, gonna have to check in there store now more often.

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