The Best Time To Be A Kid Is Now

I hate winter. For my kids it’s a whole other story though. This time of year becomes one magical moment after another. While it’s stressful for parents, I love the amount of family celebrations that begin to come together. This time of year really is the best time to be a kid. It’s when mom and dad are all about building family traditions. Gymboree wants to celebrate the “Best Time to be a Kid” and this cute short video they made with Ilana Wiles from are beginning a new tradition of ice skating in Bryant Park in New York City.

I’ve had the privilege of visiting the city at Christmastime and I really do have to agree that the city is completely magical. There are lights and garland everywhere and you just can’t help to be in awe. I was just a kid when I went myself but it left a mark on me and I’ll never forget my NYC Holiday experience and you can believe her children won’t forget them either. When they look back they will even remember the adorable outfits they were wearing from the Gymboree Polar Pink girls line.

Polar Pink Collection from Gymboree

My kids have a favorite holiday tradition too and that is to go to Look Park to visit Santa and their big Polar Express train set up. We go every year and it’s a fun night where they spend hours going over all the different train tracks trying to beat each other to find everything on the search page handed when you walk in. You can also look around at the many Christmas trees they have set up and even get a great picture taken with Mr & Mrs Clause!

Christmas at Look Park Santa TrainLook Park Santa

For some reason I use to never put that much thought into what they were wearing but over the years I have loved putting outfits together. With my boys is all different sizes it gets really difficult to find a place to shop that can accommodate them all- especially with Johnny in adult sizes!

Gymboree Best time to be a kid campaign


Last year I was thrilled to find pieces for all my boys and this year I’m on the hunt again! Did you know that if you share a photo of your #BestTimetoBeaKid (upload a photo via Instagram, Twitter, or direct upload on contest page) you’ll be entered for the chance to win a $2500 Gymboree shopping spree and shop the line featured in the video by visiting What an amazing win that would be!!!!


  1. Megan says

    Oh. My! I want all of it! Those two outfits?! I die….. Halli needs them πŸ˜‰

  2. I love the Gymboree line for girls. Everything is so cute!

  3. vickie couturier says

    that is true they have so much cute clothes and gadgets and electronics to learn from

  4. This would be a fantastic contest to win! Gymboree has darling clothes!

    I have never seen NYC during the holidays, but I imagine it’s spectacular. Now, if only they carried the polar pink collection in my size πŸ™‚

  5. I love Gymboree, they have some of the cutest pieces for kids. I gotta see what they have for the holidays.

  6. Wow $2500 from Gymboree! That’s amazing! And Polar Pink – that would have my daughter begging for all the matching pieces!

  7. I am definitely entering that contest!! I LOVE all the magical moments that come with the holidays. I turn into a bigger kids than my kids! πŸ˜‰

  8. OMGGG those outfits. I need them. NEED THEM. I seriously want all things Gymbo all the time.

  9. I love Gymboree such cute clothes that really last well. That train display looks really neat I bet any kid would love it.

  10. Stephanie Keeping says

    Those clothes are beautiful! Christmas time is so magical for kids.

  11. Oh I love that polar pink collection! I could definitely use a $2,500 shopping spree, what a great contest. I love that shot of your kids with Santa!

  12. $2500 shopping spree?!?! Wow! And you’re right… I hate winter, too, but it really is a great time to be a kid!!! My kids met Santa tonight and were beyond thrilled, it was so adorable πŸ™‚

  13. Krystyn @ Really, Are You Serious? says

    Those outfits you’ve picked out are super cute! I think it’s always the best time to be a kid!

  14. I love Gymboree! They have such cute close and great quality. We have a lot of holiday traditions and love making new ones:-)

  15. I will definitely be entering. It’s a great time to be a kid, and a great time to be their parent. There are such adorable clothes at Gymboree.

  16. Gymboree has some seriously stylish clothing for little ones! And I just love how all of the pieces mix and match so easily!

  17. Kathy says

    That Polar Pink collection is to die for! I am going to check it out for Caroline’s winter wardrobe. Thanks so much for the cute idea!

  18. Lisa from Life with Lisa says

    My son is right at line of where Gymboree stops fitting him…same with Carter’s. I’m gonna miss it because they have the best clothes ever.

  19. The little touches in the Polar Pink Collection make it so cute! Like the panda scarf and those boots. My daughter would love a lot of those pieces.

  20. Lovely items, for sure. Can’t wait to spoil my granddaughter again this year. Love the Gymboree stuff. Thank you for sharing

  21. Leah says

    Gymboree clothes are so cute! I never really bought any when my kids were little because I couldn’t afford it. But there were several lines that I absolutely drooled over!

  22. Those outfits are the cutest! I love those boots. I definitely have to get my daughter a pair, because she’s crazy about shoes. πŸ™‚

  23. Looks like you guys had a great time! Those clothes are so cute too.

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