Daylight Savings Sleep Tips for Families {Plus, Pampers #Giveaway} #PampersSleepChat

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I am so glad daylight savings time is coming. I do not do well with mornings but when you take away the sun in the morning it’s hard to call it morning. I’m so glad that the sun will soon be out again when we get up and roll out of bed in the morning. If you have kids you know this time of year can be even harder because that one hour throws their whole day off!

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Over the past 13 years of mothering I’ve learned a lot and every day I’m still learning but I’ve found these tips very helpful! Most have been tips passed on by other moms who have also lived through these times.

Daylight Savings Sleep Tips for Families

1. Go to bed 10 minutes earlier every night for a week. By taking a week to slowly adjust

2. Wake Up 10 minutes earlier each day. If you’re going down earlier, chances are you’re getting up earlier too. You don’t want to end up late because you’re dragging.

3. Exercise outdoors still. As the winter approaches we tend to stay inside more and more and doing less. Before the sun goes down take a family walk and tire those kiddos down and get some sunlight and fresh air at the same time.

4. Make sure your little one has a good nighttime diaper like Pampers Baby Dry. The last thing you want to do is get up over a wet diaper.

Sawyer James sleeping in bed/crib toddler mickey mouse aden anais

A 2013 survey conducted by Pampers found that nearly one-quarter of mothers (24%) felt that a dry diaper was the number one thing that enabled their baby to sleep through the night.  Moms instinctively understand the importance of sleep – and research proves her right! Sleep contributes to well-being in many ways, from physical and cognitive development to sociability and day-to-day mood. That’s why Pampers is so committed to keeping baby dry during the most important parts of their day: love, play and sleep.  Through Pampers’ extensive research on sleep, they’ve learned that babies are more vulnerable to waking up when they’re wet. Unlike other diapers that offer two layers, Pampers diapers have three absorbent layers that provide up to 12 hours of overnight dryness protection. It’s Pampers hope to minimize sleep disruptions so that little ones get the sweet slumber they deserve and need!


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  1. Maria Iemma says

    We go to bed about 15 minutes earlier for three nights preceding daylight seems to work for the most part.

  2. Julie L says

    We do a gradual transition of going to bed earlier.

  3. Jessica Beard says

    Keeping a sleep routine is key! Our routine is baths, snack or bottle, stories, songs, and prayers. A sound machine or fan also helps. With daylight savings, we try to get our boys to sleep 15 minutes early during the week leading up to the time change.

  4. Melissa M says

    We start putting them to bed earlier or later a few weeks ahead of time.

  5. Mary Happymommy says

    We use a white noise machine and room darkening drapes for better sleep.

  6. Kelly D says

    My tip is to start adjusting their schedule the week before.

  7. rochelle johnson says

    We go to bed about 30 minutes early than normal it helps with the new time.

  8. joanne major says

    We dont have a way but love reading the others suggestions

  9. Rachel M says

    We get things started a little early in the evening and it helps with the transition.

  10. Nancy says

    We just wing it, now y’all are making me feel bad! And we have 6 children, just for the record.

  11. barbara n says

    We try to adjust by just 15 mins or so the week leading up to day light savings time!

  12. beth says

    We usually just take the extra hour of sleep in fall and fell well rested.

  13. Jenny Lloyd says

    i am not sure i have any real tips…we adjust our bed times a little (about 10 minutes earlier) and we stick with our same bedtime and morning routines and we use one those okay to wake clocks for our older kids

  14. We also start to prepare about a week in advance for the time change, but it is hard to make the transition regardless.

  15. Cynthia R says

    During htat week we go to bed 10 minutes earlier than before, by the end of the week, you’ve got your hour.

  16. sandra says

    I was told just to proceed as usual since kids adjust quicker than we do

  17. Nancy says

    Keep to your regular evening routine but gradually adjust the time for several days before the actual time change.

  18. I’ve never had a plan. I did not even realize I was a daylight savings time slacker. For us it’s been “It’s all fun and games until you have to spring forward.”

  19. Laura says

    Truthfully…I don’t have a tip. It always hits me pretty hard and takes me a little while to recover. I think it’ll be even worse this time around since I’m pregnant with my first!

  20. JLin says

    go to bed early

  21. We just do it like it is. No gradual, we just wake up that much earlier or later. Thankfully it always seems to fall on a weekend lately so those that are too tired can sleep in later.

  22. Heidi Daily says

    We haven’t had a problem before with the change, but now my son wakes up at 7:00 every morning even on the nights he goes to sleep late. So I’m not sure how we are going to do it.

  23. Colleen Maurina says

    Just try to keep to the same eating and sleeping routines.

  24. amy rouse says

    my little ones are adults now so I don’t have to worry about it but I know my daughter struggles dealing with it with my grandson Eli

  25. cheryl l wheeler says

    I have my kids go to bed earlier so they aren’t groggy in the morning, gradually I get them into the time change.

  26. hedgehogi says

    We just stick to the same routine and after a few days its ok again. at gmail

  27. BeckyM says

    We just stick it out… hasn’t been a real problem!

  28. Ashley H says

    Stick to a routine.

  29. enjoy the change will be great

  30. Vicki Wurgler says

    we stick to our same routine and the kids adjust in a few days

  31. Kim says

    adjust the clocks days in advance

  32. Jillian T says

    Make a gradual change ahead of time so it isn’t disruptive to your sleep routines.

  33. nannypanpan says

    I believe in ppulling the window shades so it looks dark whenever they sleep

  34. Cassandra Eastman says

    We don’t do anything different we just try to naturally adjust, but I always dread the time change.

  35. Definitely having them go to bed a little earlier each night so they slowly get used to it.

  36. Alisha Kostiuk says

    We don’t really change anything just stay in the same routine.

  37. Brenda Haines says

    Start a week early with bathtime and bedtime.

  38. Ashley Tucker says

    Just try to stick to a normal routine.

  39. Amanda C. says

    I try to gradually wean into the change. It just makes sense to slowly adjust into the time change.

  40. Sara says

    We try to adjust naturally for the most part, but I will keep mine busy so they don’t notice it as much

  41. Debra S says

    I love the Fall back, it’s the spring forward that stinks. The Fall change- that’s easy, one still just sends the kids to bed at the same time! Even tho it might take a week or so for them to fall asleep early- I still send them at the same time.

  42. Terri S. says

    My best tip is to set all clocks back one hour before you go to bed Saturday night. This way you won’t be late for church because you forgot to do it. I put sticky notes everywhere to remind me.

  43. stephanie macdonald says

    go to bed early for extra sleep!


    Patience and lots of lights on in the morning. It always seems so very dark in the morning getting the kids ready for school

  45. Katriza L says

    We start changing his bedtime 10 minutes earlier/later 1 week before 🙂

  46. Melissa Mazzur says

    we really don’t do anything special. We keep our schedule and seem to adjust in a few days. It’s spring that hits us!

  47. It doesn’t really affect us much

  48. we try to stay on a routine!

  49. carrie ivy says

    Be well rested

  50. Betty says

    My tip is to not sleep in that extra hour; get up consistent with what your regular timing is and enjoy a more leisurely breakfast.. The kids will be more tired that evening and probably go to sleep earlier/easier. Try to avoid naps

  51. Kathleen S. says

    We usually can get adjusted quickly after a day or two. I hope that wake up time on Monday will go smoothly! My kids are usually are pretty good about waking up on time. (knock on wood!)

  52. Carol Nine says

    We don’t usually have a problem with Fall, but in the Spring it takes a few days to get adjusted to losing the hour. We usually take a short nap each afternoon after changing the clocks in the Spring.

  53. Allison Downes says

    We don’t really do anything different when it’s aylight savings time. We just go about our normal routines.

    Thanks for the nice giveaway!

  54. Jennifer Tilson says

    I don’t have any great tips. I just try to be consistent with sleep and wake times.

  55. shelly peterson says

    Luckily day light savings time doesn’t affect us.

  56. klynn says

    I adjust bedtime by 15 minutes each night and all 4 of my kids have transitioned just great each time.

  57. shirley says

    This time change is fine for us, but when time changes next time (in March) we have to change our sleeping time a week or two before, to get ready.

  58. Luna S says

    I live in a state that doesn’t do daylight savings (az) so I am unsure what to offer as advice.

  59. brooke t says

    start changing it earlier

  60. Jenna says

    I don’t really have one. I have an almost 2yr old who is pushing the litmits with sleep at night so naturally this morning she woke up early and then went back to sleep but still woke up an hour earlier than she has lately. It;s trial and error for us at the moment.

  61. Jenna says

    We don’t really have one. My almost 2yr fights sleep every night and definitely woke up earlier this morning.

  62. katherine says

    let baby take extra naps 🙂

  63. Kristen says

    Just be sure to reset the clocks ASAP so you can start to adjust!

  64. Leela says

    Get a little more sleep.

  65. angel says

    we give baby warm bottle then burp and put to bed after a nice warm bath with baby sleep time lotion.

  66. Abigail says

    Blackout shades! It will be light earlier in the morning now.

  67. Katy P says

    I don’t have one- all of my children have their schedules messed up now!

  68. gina says

    I don’t really have one, we just kind of roll with it and things work out.

  69. Amy W says

    Try to just keep everything on time, but adjust by a few minutes each day if things get really bad.

  70. It was actually really easy for us this time. It’s lighter earlier, so it’s easier to get up in the morning, but we are more tired at night. :-/

  71. Kerry G. says

    Oh no tips here, we just wait it out a few days until we adjust

  72. Rebecca Orr says

    Thankfully, my kids adjust very easily. We just keep our routine the same.

  73. beth shepherd says

    our routine stayed the same..shower, story then bed

  74. vickie couturier says

    start a week early getting the kids to go to bed a few minutes early each time and gradually increase it

  75. McKim says

    I start adjusting schedules gradually a few days before the change.

  76. sarah tracey says

    our schedule stayed the same and the boys never noticed the time change

  77. s.w. says

    Start early the week before to get on schedule

  78. Paula C. says

    Don’t really have one, we just go to bed at our regular time.

  79. Stacey b says

    My best tip is to adjust your children’s sleep schedule a little bit before it gets here, so that it won’t throw them off too much

  80. Leanne Godfrey says

    We start adjusting our schedule about a week ahead of time.

  81. Katherine says

    I gradually change the time

  82. Sarah Hall says

    We just go with the flow and sometimes it’s a little hard to adjust but it soon gets easier.

  83. T Michelle Trump says

    We use our favorite lavender body wash and soothing music!

  84. Ani says

    I start trying to adjust their schedules a few days before so it’s not a huge deal.

  85. Beth R says

    We just try to stick to a schedule and get to bed a little earlier

  86. Erica B. says

    Get some extra sleep!

  87. Jessica says

    bedtime an hour earlier!

  88. We just get set the clocks back or forward early so we are running on current time all night and don’t notice.

  89. Trasina McGahey says

    Slowly adjust ahead of time is what we do!

  90. christina kunze says

    My family adjust fine i dont have to do anything special,guess im lucky there!

  91. Missy Crace says

    I start adjusting my evening routine about 2 weeks before

  92. Michaela R. says

    Our family did just fine during the time change, but calming music usually helps also!

  93. Melissa Baker says

    We try to get to bed a little early for a few nights before and after the time change.

  94. Teresa Thompson says

    We like an extra hour of sleep.

  95. Karen Drake says

    My best tip is to get plenty of sleep.

  96. Madison Frady says

    we go to bed 1 hr early everynight for a week.


  97. Lesley F says

    I put the kids to bed earlier by a few minutes each night before the time change

  98. stacy says

    We don’t do anything different, just change the clocks and get on with our lives

  99. Jennifer Kasprzak says

    bedtime an hour earlier for a couple days

  100. Lisa V. says

    We really don’t do anything to adjust…just deal with it.

  101. darby says

    I guess I will find out when I have my baby in June

  102. Stephanie Galbraith says

    We just made sure the kids went to bed on time for the new time, so they would get enough sleep.

  103. Connie Tillman says

    We do not really have one. This year both of our younger children, ages 3 and 1 slept until almost 9:30 which is later for them 🙂

  104. Stephanie Larison says

    Make little adjustments until everyone is back on schedule.

  105. Birdiebee says

    We continue to stay on our weekly schedule with homework, baths, and reading before bed and just adapt to the change.

  106. Nichole S says

    We start adjusting out schedules the week before…going to be earlier etc

  107. Allison says

    We just make small adjustments to adapt to the change, although with it dark at 6:00, it’s hard to stay awake much later lol!

  108. Patricia Wojnar Crowley says

    I think just sticking to the normal routine is important.

  109. amanda whitley says

    my tip is to embrace the change..go to bed an hour earlier and wake up an hour earlier to get the most daylight.

  110. Kaitlin says

    Having a routine for your baby is what helps!

  111. Laurel O. says

    We make minor adjustments to their schedule a couple days before.

  112. Christian Alejandro says

    We just adjust bedtime accordingly the night before.

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