Appliances Prep for the Holidays with Best Buy

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I don’t want to believe that it’s already October and that we’re just about to kick off a long string of big holidays. It’s no secret that I dread the cold so getting excited about celebrating the holidays is what I focus on. I love all the things that come along with them: family, photos, crafts, home decor and most importantly the food. When I think of specific holidays there is always a specific food that goes with each one. I love cooking and baking and this time of year just has so many reasons to do so!

My kitchen



When I went appliance shopping I made sure to keep this time of year in mind. I really, really wanted one of those double oven ranges but at the time they weren’t really making them with gas ranges and a convection oven and I wasn’t able to find one and had to go with the one above. I just love my Frigidaire range. It’s beautiful and is actually my favorite appliance. It cooks amazing and looks amazing but did you hear that Frigidaire and Whirlpool now have ranges like mine with the double oven! Double ovens let you cook two dishes at two different temperatures at once, like the Whirlpool WGG555S0BS, but still fits within the space of a standard range.

Appliances Prep for the Holidays with Best Buy

If that’s not your style than the Frigidaire FGIF3061NF might be a perfect option for you too! It has induction that reduces clean up time because spills don’t burn on.  This Frigidaire range also includes a convection oven (like mine!) which circulates the air in the oven for quicker baking time. Now, you can bake more pies in less time! All of this technology will allow you to get the food the way you want it prepared and saves you time so you can spend it with the ones you love.

Appliances Prep for the Holidays with Best Buy

These new ranges have the ability to boil water in less than 2 minutes and double ovens that you can cook 2 dishes at 2 temperatures at one time.  Interested in having a better baking season? Learn more at


  1. Holly says

    I’m going to be looking son at new appliances. It’s came with the house 12 years ago. I so want an oven that does the different temps. I’ll have to stay my search at Best Buy.

  2. Im not much of a cook or a baker but I love to have super nice stuff that looks like I know what Im doing. Best Buy does have great appliances and I always forget that they are not just PC’s and Music they do have everything.

  3. That is a seriously beautiful stove. I can’t wait to buy a house so I can deck out my kitchen in appliances like this.

  4. Why do I not own a double oven?!?! Holidays would be so much easier but so would just regular weeknights. I”m adding one to my list for Santa.

  5. We are starting the process of buying a new home, and I told Mike the FIRST thing I am doing is getting all new appliances from Best Buy. We got our current ones from there too – but I am ready for an upgrade!!

  6. I would love to have a nice oven for holiday cooking! It would be so much easier to make huge meals with better appliances.

  7. Our last house had 2 ovens in our kitchen and it was definitely a lifesaver, especially when company was over. Since we moved, we’re back to “just” the one oven. I didn’t know they made a double-oven in the same style as regular ovens so it can easily fit into place! That’s too darn cool!

  8. I love the Whirlpool WGG555S0BS. Dear Santa, I have been good.

  9. I really appreciate having a double oven during the holidays!

  10. Oh how I have always dreamed about having a double oven! This would be perfect.

  11. Mimi says

    I can’t wait to get into a new house and pick out all new appliances. I would love to have a double oven! My mom has one and it’s awesome. It certainly makes the holidays a lot easier with the baking and cooking.

  12. That double oven would be a DREAM!! I would put it to good use, though! I can’t believe you can boil water in under 2 minutes on those stoves! So cool!

  13. Lee says

    We need a new dishwasher. Our just doesn’t clean well. I feel like it should clean much better.


  14. Right now I am looking into this, I would love a convection Oven – I really want a double door oven, so I can free up some counter space from my counter toaster-oven!

  15. I’ve wanted a double oven forever. it would be great for big family dinners

  16. I think we have bought all of our appliances from Best Buy. They have some great deals.

  17. Boiling in less than 2 minutes? Man, I’d love to have that!

  18. Emily says

    You have a beautiful kitchen. That stove only compliments it more!

  19. I want a double oven when I have my own place for big holiday dinners. I remember visiting my aunt for the holidays and she’d have two ovens built into her wall so she had enough to cook our family meals with. Always loved her home.

  20. Dreaming of a double oven! My mom has one and with all the baking we do over the holidays it simplifies things soooo much!

  21. The dual temperature oven is seriously cool! I would need that pretty much every time I entertain. I love the quick boil too!

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