Hanging Collapsible Classroom Organizer {For The Teacher}

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Even though we are one of the later states to go back to school to school I still feel like summer is just starting. Instead we’re buying school clothes and supplies and getting the boys all ready to return to school in just over a week. This week the teachers head back to school to set up their classrooms and I thought I’d share a helpful product I love in mine that could make a fabulous teachers gift.

Hanging Collapsible Classroom Organizer for the Teacher

Several of my friends are teachers and you want to know what I see all the time? School work going back and forth from school and home. They might get to go home a little earlier than the average job but I promise you they work at home off the clock all the time. Here’s a great gift idea to help the commuting back and forth a little easier.

Hanging Collapsible Classroom Organizer {For The Teacher} @MomSpotted

Supplies are pretty minimal. I already had the Cascading Vertical Wall Organizer so I just needed some labels and my favorite writing instruments.

Hanging Collapsible Classroom Organizer for the Teacher

I love to color coordinate so I did my best to keep each color together. I gave each folder a coordinating notebook and Sharpie marker.

Sharpies at Staples

The bottom which also becomes the front pocket I put in a few more of my favorites. Some pens from Uni-Ball, some back up labels, and some Mr. Sketch markers.

Hanging Collapsible Classroom Organizer for the Teacher

I got a great deal at Office Depot on all the pens and markers! Right now they have a Save $5 deal when you spend $20 on PaperMate, Expo Neon Window Markers, Sharpie, Uni-Ball, & Mr. Sketch (while supplies last). Plus, many of them were individual sale too. Select PaperMate Flair 4pk’s are $4, Sharpie 12CT Asst Fine & Ultra Fine Asst. are $6, Sharpie Dozen Box Black Fine & Ultra Fine are $6! Don’t forget to sign up with their Rewards Program while there too!

When I saw the Mr. Sketch markers I knew I just had to have them! I actually grabbed more than one pack because I knew my kids would definitely want to use them! Does it really get any better than smelly markers?

I love how it came out. I shared it on the wall on my Facebook page and all I used was a thumb tack to hold it up. I love it! I especially love how bright and colorful it is! I could also make it the days of the week with resting Sunday’s. Put each day’s assignments and responsibilities in each one. It easily supported the weight of everything. I’d probably try to make the hook prettier than a tack but we’re actually getting ready to paint.

Hanging Collapsible Classroom Organizer for the Teacher

You can take your gift one step further and give the gift in a bag for them to travel in. I tried a few I know my teacher friends like best and it fit nicely into my 31 bag. The Lands End medium sized canvas fit but it was a tighter fit. Went in easy but had to be removed a little slower.

Hanging Collapsible Classroom Organizer for the Teacher Collage


  1. This is such a practical and smart idea for teachers. Sometimes they get too much of the cutesy stuff and could use more practical. I love all of the bright colors too!

  2. Kecia says

    Cute idea for a teachers gift. I know my teacher friends are always carrying so much work home. This would be perfect for organization!

  3. I love this idea. I have to make one for my own kids…and I probably need one myself!!

  4. vickie couturier says

    that is really nice,,that would be good for homeschooling too

  5. Kayla says

    What a great idea for teachers — or even moms who need a little help getting organized. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Sarah says

    This is a fantastic idea! We home school and this would be so perfect for school on the go!

  7. Very cool idea. Inexpensive too.

  8. Angela S says

    This is one of the most thoughtful and useful ideas I have seen for a teacher gift. I really like the addition of the tote bag.

  9. I love this idea! I bet you could color-coordinate the whole thing to match your home office!! 😀

  10. What a great idea! My 7 year old is going to love this. Somehow papers always ended loose in her back pack and, of course, wrinkled up. I’m a bit of a neat freak so that just drove me nuts!

  11. Layne says

    Oh. My. Word. I need this pronto! What a wonderful idea.

  12. Lisa says

    I need one of these for me!

  13. Naomi says

    That is such a cool idea! That is something that we could use in our homeschool to organize things a little better.

  14. Nicole dz says

    I would love this for my home office for the kids homework and studying. Love how great this to stay organized, and keep stuff from being cluttered on the desk.

  15. I love this & may just have to pick one up for myself. I need to get files for my new lateral file cabinet anyway.

  16. April says

    This is super cool. Great idea for a teacher’s gift.

  17. That’s a great idea! I need to set something like this up for my son. He is so disorganized at home.

  18. This is such a fantastic idea for not only teachers but moms too! I can use all the help I can get.

  19. Jennifer (robbins) A. says

    I really love this idea! Thank you for the tutorial! I think it would be great to add to a “homework station” at the house even, to help keep assignments and school work organized! : )

  20. Emily says

    I think it would be great for teachers, but also handy for home! I love the colors too.

  21. Honestly, Jennifer I could use that at my house! I may have to do this as a gift for me!

  22. What a great idea. I know that all three of my kids’ teachers could definitely use this in the classroom.

  23. Lauren R says

    Such a great idea! I can imagine making this for home too.

  24. Rachel C says

    Love that cascading file! It’s like organizational heaven 🙂
    The color coordinating markers are just the icing on the cake!

  25. Vickie Couturier says

    totally love this ideal

  26. Julie G. says

    I was just thinking that I really need something like this by my door to organize outgoing parent information and the like for my Child Care! This is perfect! 🙂

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