Have You Stopped Getting Your Favorite Blog Updates? Looking How to Fix Yours? @FeedPress

Have you noticed that your inbox is looking a little empty? Have you noticed you’re not getting emails from some of your favorite bloggers? Well the reason might because they are using FeedBurner. It seems that Feed Burner is failing more and more each day and anyone using the program is having issues, issues like Mom Spotted. In the past two weeks 2500 of my subscribers have not had an update in their inbox! Chances are your favorite blogger is having these issue too so you might want to check in on their sites and see what is going on.

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I’ve been looking for an effective replacement that would work. I’m in the process of switching over to FeedPress. In the meantime I’ve transferred my list of subscribers over to them and they have now delivered emails out to all of you two nights in a row. It may take me a few days to work out all of the kinks but in the mean time if you could resubscribe just in case it would be greatly appreciated.


Unfortunately I can’t find my last subscriber download from the fall and the list I downloaded is short 2500 so many of you might have to resubscribe. So if you haven’t received an email this is you. If you for some reason are receiving two (which I don’t think is happening) please feel free to unsubscribe to the one from FeedBURNER.

Downloading subscriber list on feedburner

Now, if you are a blogger scratching your head on how to transfer your subscribers you need to go in and export them in. Download your CSV from FeedBurner and upload it here. I do have the $30 six month plan and I don’t know if that made a difference.

feedpress subscriber download

Once I followed these steps, FeedPress was pretty simple to understand. I am always the last one to understand all this so if I can get it hopefully it will take you even less time. If you get stuck feel free to leave a comment and hopefully someone can help, I just can’t promise I can, but I will try!


  1. Vickie Couturier says

    oh its awful on the receiving end too,,there were about 90%of my emails from my blogging buddies that I go to regularly were just poof gone,,just stopped getting the updates,,what a big mess they made of this

  2. I noticed that!! I’ve been trying to remember who I subscribed to and check them on occassion. I also noticed yours’ came back a couple nights ago. I was feeling like I was the only one with that problem, so thank you for blogging about it! 🙂

  3. Vicki says

    I wonder if that is related to whatever is causing me to get one of those auto emails that says that an email is not deliverable…. After I receive your emails…

  4. It was obvious to me that a lot of people came to my blog through emails, after Feedburner decided to stop delivering. Apparently Feedburner still delivers to gmail emails. It’s been an uphill struggle but I think I’ve finally worked the kinks out too. I subscribed to MailChimp for my blog updates to go through now. Wish Feedburner would’ve warned us first!

    • Jennifer says

      I have a gmail account and was not getting emails so I don’t think it’s just gmail emails.

    • Vickie Couturier says

      Terra,,I thought I sent you a email too,im not getting yours either,,anyway to fix this major issue?

  5. Beth W says

    I thought this was odd but now I’m getting the double emails from you. It’s been like that for about a week? Is it okay to unsubscribe to the FeedBurner one or should I unsubscribe both and then come back and resubscribe?

  6. Thank you for the tip on this feedburner issue. I need to move my subscribers as well, but I am concerned about my readers getting double emails.

  7. Tammy S says

    I think it’s been one big mess. Double emails or no emails. It has to be ten times worse for you bloggers. I hope it all get’s figured out soon.

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