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Do you ever wonder why you love to spend your time doing what you do? Had it not been for a family member to bring in interest to something would you have gone on to still do it in your adult life? I loved watching this video about My Uncle’s Gift because it reminded me about when my grandmother first taught me to sew.

I love to craft. Nothing specific either. It could be with paper, fabric, anything. I just love the feeling of taking a bunch of supplies and putting them together and making something beautiful. I often find that when I’m stressed it helps to relax me.

Fact- If it wasn’t for my love of crafting this blog wouldn’t exist. Before I ever became known as a mom blog this was very much a place for me to share the crafts I made. I even ran a rather successful Etsy store!

I have made sure to have my kids participate now when I’m on my crafting missions. My oldest is a natural and shares my love for making things. He generally likes to have his own project he can start and finish on his own these days. This is great since I can then work with my younger two making sure that they too can learn all the different ways there are to craft and see if there is a specific craft that helps them to find how creative they can be.

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Have you passed down a love for something to your children?


  1. I love to do crafts too but I have a problem with getting bored of something to easily. I seriously have a storage full of all kinds of crafts I have started throughout the years from making soaps to making candles. I wouldn’t give any of it away though, one day I will use it.

    My two youngest LOVE doing arts and crafts. Not sure if they got it from me but I love that they enjoy it just as much as I do.

  2. Mandi says

    I want to be crafty so bad and sit at a table full of paper, scissors, ribbon, glue and just create things. As a kid it was fun because it didn’t matter if I had “skills”, but now as an adult, I feel like I should be able to do more than just a stick person and a simple card! LOL

  3. Jenn says

    I’m working on passing down crafting to Sweet T. We’re going to make something today I think.

  4. Yes. I’ve passed down my love for theme parks to my little guys. They love going!

  5. My daughter is quite interested in the kitchen happenings and has really grown to love art.

  6. I love to make crafts too. Sadly my skills lack horribly more like a kindergartner.

  7. Vickie Couturier says

    my grandchildren and I like to make things ,,we made necklaces today,,and we make gifts for their parents from them

  8. My 10 year old is really big into computers and has been since he was 4, a trait he’s definitely inherited, though I didn’t really mean to. I try to limit his computer time so he gets outside more, but the sad thing is that he knows more now than I do about it all.

  9. My parents passed a lot of their creative skills down to me! My mom taught me to bake and sew.

  10. Beth says

    I love that Johnny crafts and bakes with you. We are working to get our kids involved in our hobbies too.

  11. I love the video, and that your Son loves the things you have a passion for. I wonder which of my hobbies my children will embrace most.

  12. I would say my daughter has a love for using my camera and both my kids for crafting!

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