PERK Vent Wraps are the Perfect Discreet Air Fresheners for your Car! {6 months of free PERK Vent Wraps #Giveaway}

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As a mom of three boys you can only imagine the smells that go through my van. Johnny plays multiple sports and if a pair of his basketball sneakers or soccer cleats are left in the van, well, let’s just imagine the smell. Finding something that helps keep the van smelling pleasant has been a task. My husband is pretty sensitive when it comes to smells and almost everything I’ve tried has resulted in him getting a headache and my pretty new scent finding a new home in the trash.

Then we were sent a few packs the the all New PERK Vent Wraps. They come in a selection of 5 different scents and each vent air freshener pack has 4 vent wraps in each one. To hear all the details about how they work check out this video:

See how discreet it is? You wouldn’t notice it in my car probably unless I pointed it out myself! They are Invisibly Fresh! The first day we tried them the scent was a bit strong but after that they really mellowed out. I’ve had the same Vent Wrap in my van now for three weeks and I can still smell the sweet, soft smell of vanilla each time I get in. I love that it’s not overbarring and my husband hasn’t complained about it once. I really like the vanilla set and I will be giving my dad the new car scent he likes so much!

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  1. Cheryl B. says

    Right now it smells like a wet dog..

  2. steve weber says

    I let my dog ride in my car.. Id choose new car smell.

  3. Carol w says

    I could use these because it has been soooooo cold here and I have not been able to open my windows to freshen up my car. I would love to try the new car scent. thanks

  4. Brutus Duffy says

    brutus likes to travel, so my car smells like a wet dog. The Golden vanilla would be my first choice because I love vanilla. Thanks.

  5. sandra davis says

    my car smells cause it seems like the kids are always leaving something that they shouldn’t in there. i would love the vanilla if i won.

  6. I could really use it in my car because we have smokers and the smell just lingers

  7. Sharon Rooney says

    Please delete my first coment.

    I could really use it in my car because we have smokers and the smell just lingers.

    My scent choice would be the Lush Valley or Clean Laundry, nice fresh scents

  8. Linda White says

    My golfer husband who uses our car to go on golf trips with his buddy. Car smells like sweaty men after!

  9. kelly tupick says

    My car is a 2007 and smells like it is from the 80’s. It’s been snowy here so the floors are wet and cold and smell of a wet dog. I’d use the new car scent to get it back to the way it was.

  10. Laura says

    Ohhh I’d choose the new car scent! We just bought a new (to us) aka used vehicle, but it does not have the new car smell. I’d love to have that!

  11. barbara n says

    My car always smells musty from wet bathing suits and towels. Would love to try the absolute zero fragrance!

  12. I’d use vanilla…to get rid of the farm smells ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. Julie Lynn Bickham says

    Would love this for my car. My kids are always bringing some sort of foods in my car. It tends to get different smells. Would like to try the clean laundry smell.

  14. Courtney says

    I would choose the clean laundry scent to get rid of the musty smell in our car.

  15. Jennifer T. says

    I have two stinky kids under age 6. Between stinky diapers, stinky feet, and spilled snacks, my car is less than fresh. I’d choose the Lush Valley scent.

  16. JLin says

    love to keep my car smell like Clean Laundry

  17. Margaret Smith says

    I would choose Golden Vanilla.
    My car could really use these because I’m a taxi Mom daily and am always driving around my teen sons and their friends. Often our dog goes along for the ride too. With the combination of the dog and teen boys, going & coming to sports, my car can really use some clean fresh scents. Thanks so much.

  18. Sharon Kaminski says

    I could really use them because our car is old and smells old, I would like the absolute zero fragrance.

  19. Katy P says

    I have three children and our car always smells like food. I would try golden vanilla

  20. Mary Casper says

    I would like clean laundry and my car needs this because I smoke

  21. wen budro says

    I take my dog to the beach every day….so my car smells like dead fish and wet dog….totally swampy and stinky.

  22. Mary Casper says

    my car needs this because im a smoker

  23. amy says

    I have two boys and three dogs, my car never smells good. Any smell will be better than spoiled milk.

  24. Stephanie Bondlow says

    I have 5 kids and they are very active, and we go to the local playgrounds quite often. My husband is a boat captain and the car reeks of diesel fuel from his job. It is covered in grain from the boats. Ugh! He also smokes. So…….I’d pick the Absolute Zero scent.

  25. DESIREE H says

    I like the New Car scent.
    I would need these because I have twins that drop food, etc. Sometimes it smells like food. It would help to have these! Thanks! ๐Ÿ™‚

  26. Stephanie Galbraith says

    I would get the new car smell. I need it because my kids make my car stink! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  27. K. Finn says

    I would love the New Car scent or the Vanilla scent. For the past two years, I have been a student who works, so I am always in my car rushing to and fro. Add my dog and too many fast food stops, and I could use a nice smell until I get a full-time job and (hopefully, eventually) an actual new car scent. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  28. Brittney House says

    I would get the new car smell because my kids love eating in my car and it smells like old food.

  29. Amanda Alvarado says

    I don’t like the smell of a new car or a stale older car so I usually have some type of air freshener in my car. I’d love to try the Golden Vanilla (i wouldn’t even want to try the new car smell! LOL)

  30. maria carrasco says

    I need it because my son loves eating in the car and I would choose the new car scent.

  31. laurie says

    I smoke and my car smells like a cigaretter I like vanilla scent

  32. Amy W says

    I would use this in my boyfriends truck.. He likes to take our dog to work, and he is a mechanic.. So… his truck stinks! We would use the “Absolute Zero”

  33. Em Ma says

    My car need PERK vent wraps because the kids sporting equipment has it smelling a bit funky. I think I’d like the try the new car scent

  34. deana c says

    My car needs it because it smells like my son’s dirty wet soccer cleats. I would like the Golden Vanilla.

  35. Jennifer R says

    I need the Perk Vent Wraps for my vehicle because I transport kids and a dog on a regular basis. I would love the Lush Valley scent.

  36. Diane baum says

    I would love this , because I have 2 sons, 4 pets and a smelly husband.

  37. alena svetelska says

    my car need nice smell,my 3 kids r little pigs and eat and drop food in my car all the time;-)

  38. Jara Christensen says

    We don’t clean it out often enough! Ekk! And I would love the Vanilla!

  39. christa parish says

    I practically live in my car. I use a vehicle til it dies! In time, lunch smells, pet travel, kids. all adds up to an odor that sticks.

  40. Lisa V. says

    We need it because the truck always smells after the boyfriend and the dog get back from hunting.

  41. Tiffany W says

    My car needs this because it stinks. I like the vanilla scent

  42. Mihaela Day says

    My car smells like old food and vanilla sounds great ๐Ÿ™‚

  43. Leanne G says

    My car needs a PERK because I have a large dog. I would choose the New Car scent.

  44. Suzanna60 says

    my car needs Perk because we have winter and the windows are closed -carting groceries and an hhmmm people around gets smelly -Lush Valley sounds perfect smells like outdoors

  45. Erica C. says

    It would get rid of the gym bag smell.

  46. cheryl s says

    I’d use absolute zero in my sons car – he plays baseball and his bag stinks from his shoes and uniform after a game

  47. Miz Vickik says

    My car is always stuffy!

  48. danielle Marie says

    normal vent air fresheners dont fit on my mini cooper vents because they are weird shaped.

  49. Lesley F says

    My car can use some freshening up after this long long winter

  50. Jamie Weddle says

    My car holds all of my son’s stinky baseball stuff and it is almost unbearable to drive at times. I tried using regular car air fresheners but they just don’t seem to help. I would love something that would take care of the unpleasant odors and this seems to be the answer to my prayers.

  51. Crystal Renee says

    I think I would like the vanilla scent. ๐Ÿ™‚ I love having my car smell nice!

  52. Brandi Kerr says

    I have 5 kids and I like Fresh Linen

  53. Kathleen M Smith says

    My car needs Perk because with the weather it doesn’t get aired out much. I think the vanilla would be pleasant.

  54. I would choose the golden vanilla to try to tackle Carter’s diapers and gas lol

  55. Vikki Billings says

    I need them for my car because it smells like a wet dog eating mcdonalds! I would love the Golden Vanilla scent

  56. susan smoaks says

    my car is old and it can stink quite a bit so this would be so nice to have. i would choose the fresh linen scent.

  57. Laurie Emerson says

    My car needs Perks as doing between 2 small children and 2 dogs in the car much of the week, it starts to have a odor which is hard to describe.

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