Pampers Big Dreams of Little Athletes {#Giveaway} #PampersGameFace

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Have you been watching the Olympics? Here in our family we’ve been watching them daily. Our favorite so far has been the snowboarding. It’s amazing to see what these amazing athletes are capable of and the limits they push themselves too.


Heading into the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games, Pampers is celebrating the littlest of athletes by partnering with Team USA members Noelle Pikus Pace (skeleton) and David Wise (feestyle skiing). Both Noelle and David are medal-contenders at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games, parents, and proven performers!

Pampers Game Face 2

Pampers will continue the celebration of little athletes  – and their Game Faces – during the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games! Beginning February 5th, parents can visit the Pampers Facebook page to participate in our celebration of the littlest of athletes. As part of our “Game Face” sweepstakes, parents can upload images of their baby’s best “Game Face” and have their photo turned into a customizable meme that can be shared with family and friends. A grand-prize winner and their family will have the opportunity to participate in a photo shoot with Team USA athlete, freestyle skier, David Wise. How cool is that?!?

Pampers #GameDayFace

We thought we’d participate in all the Olympic fun with out littlest athlete. We made this cute photo by entering  the Pampers Game Day sweepstakes. It was super easy and took no time at all. If you pick the mystery tag line option they have some really fun and creative ones.

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Pampers Game Day Giveaway #momspotted

Right now one (1) Mom Spotted readers has the opportunity to win this Pampers Little Athletes Prize Pack. To enter use the Rafflecopter form below. Good Luck!

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Contest ends 3.10.14 at 11:59pm. For Official Giveaway Rules click here.


  1. http://Jenny says

    I would love this for my nephew!

  2. http://Nici%20R says

    I have two sons! Thid would be great for both!

  3. http://Teresa%20Honores says

    My son when he is born!!!

  4. http://Jessica%20Beard says

    My two sons!

  5. http://TawndaM says

    My first Grandbaby is due this summer… Do I REALLY need to say more? 😉

  6. http://Diane%20Cooper says

    This would be for my grandchild, who will be here in April!

  7. says

    #dailyjaylie because girls can be athletes too! <3

  8. http://Vickie%20Couturier says

    I have 13 grandchildren, so ive got several who could wear this ,,are are still in diapers

  9. http://Kelly%20D says

    My new niece would make great use of this.

  10. http://rose%20paden says

    I would love to get this for my God son who we are all expecting in 2 months!

  11. http://robyn%20paris says

    my little nephews will make great use of this pack

  12. http://Mary%20Happymommy says

    It would be for my daughter.

  13. http://Natalie%20S says

    I would love this for my 18 month old! Great prize package!

  14. http://Christie%20Kammerer says

    my nephew would make great use of this prize pack.

  15. http://Kimberly%20Schotz says

    My grandson is our little athlete who would use this

  16. http://lana says

    my son will

  17. http://Melissa%20M says

    my cousin jut had twins and would love this!!

  18. says

    This is for my new grandson that is due in May! I have a feeling it’s going to be sooner though…

  19. http://Ingrid%20Jackson says

    This will be for my first great-grandchild. Don’t know it’s gender yet.

  20. http://Kathleen%20McGuire says

    My grandson.

  21. http://veneta%20leonard says

    I have 13 kids at home, three of which are in diapers, so this would be fantastic!

  22. http://Brittney%20House says

    This would be for my niece.

  23. says

    My little soccer player in my belly would love to put this to great use this summer!

  24. http://Robyn says

    This would be for my 1 yr old little boy! (I would give the mobile to a friend who has a newborn)

  25. http://Alvina%20Castro says

    My munchkin! Hes a little basketball player

  26. says

    This would be great for my nephew

  27. http://Starla%20Bates says

    My beautiful neice would make amazing use of this pack! 🙂

  28. http://kelly%20tupick says

    This would be for my little niece. She is yet to be born but she is going to be a little athlete for sure.

  29. says

    My little niece/nephew hasn’t made an appearance yet, but from the sounds of it he/she is quite active! 🙂

  30. http://Kelley%20Kujat says

    My 6 month old daughter has this thing for bouncing and kicking lately. I am thinking she might be the next Olympic gymnast or swimmer!

  31. http://Tari%20Lawson says

    I would like to win this for a coworker who is expecting a baby boy very shortly.

  32. says

    My daughter would be enjoying the prize! 🙂

  33. http://Brenda%20L says

    Our 1st Grandson 18 months old, and his new little brother due in April, would make great use out of this adorable and useful Pampers prize pack 🙂

  34. http://barbara%20n says

    My beautiful new granddaughter!

  35. says

    My new grandson Gabriel- he’s a little small yet, but getting there. 😀

  36. http://Alina%20Hahn says

    I have a friend who is expecting and I would love to give this to her as a baby gift. Thank you!

  37. says

    My little Baylie would make great use of it.

  38. says

    My sister-n-law is expecting twin boys soon. She already has two children so their finances will be tight while they make the necessary adjustments. I would like to help in some way. I would like to gift this prize package to her if I were to win it. Thank you so much for the opportunity to win!

  39. http://Stephanie%20MacDonald says

    This would be great for my children

  40. http://sandra says

    my new nephew

  41. http://jennifer says

    I would love to win this for my youngest!

  42. says

    My friend is having a baby next month – he’d get great use out of this!

  43. http://Sara says

    My son would love to have this, and what we couldn’t use I’d give to friends at day care.

  44. http://elishia%20bakle says

    the wipes you can never have enough! my kids are always getting dirty! the are lil mini pig pens!

  45. says

    My friend is pregnant with her second boy. This would make a great gift for her and her new addition.

  46. http://Katie says

    I am due with my first in May but we already plan to have a little athlete if he/she enjoys sports as much as my husband and I do!

  47. http://susan%20h says

    My grandson should be able to use it soon enough.

  48. http://Christine%20Mayfield says

    My son Benny Benn

  49. http://kim%20burnett says

    My daughter would definitely make use of this!

  50. http://Tiffany%20Schmidt says

    This would be a great gift for my best friend who is due a month from today!

  51. http://Laura says

    My husband are trying to start our family soon. This would be a blessing for us!

  52. http://latanya says

    my nephew

  53. http://Pamela%20j says

    This would be great for a friend of mine.

  54. http://Amber%20Cook-Mason says

    My little Loki would love this ^_^

  55. http://Amanda%20Alvarado says

    This would be perfect for one of our teachers who is due in 4 weeks!

  56. http://Jose%20Benavides says

    My daughter will make great use of this ..

  57. http://Carrie%20Phelps says

    My one and only granddaughter would make great use of these products.

  58. http://Jammie says

    My niece would make great use of this prize. She is growing so fast~!

  59. http://Tiffany%20W says

    Would love to win for my best friends kid.

  60. http://Tamar says

    I’d like to win this for my little one.

  61. http://April%20Brenay says

    I would love this for our baby boy 🙂

  62. http://Rosanne says

    My little grandson will benefit from this

  63. http://tina%20reynolds says

    A friend of mines little guy

  64. http://Trisha%20Burgess says

    My baby boy due march 4th!!

  65. http://Rachel says

    My son Aidan

  66. says

    My niece Kelsie

  67. http://DESIREE%20H says

    Id like to give this to my twins!!

  68. says

    We are expecting a new little athlete. Or at least it feels that way with the acrobatics going on in my tummy.

  69. http://Stacey%20B says

    My youngest son would enjoy it! 🙂

  70. http://Carolyn%20Daley says

    My little nephew can benefit from this wonderful prize pack. Thank you for the opportunity!

  71. http://Em%20Ma says

    My little 3 month athlete will make great use of this prize – especially the diapers!

  72. http://Rebecca%20Orr says

    This would be good for my cousin who is due this summer.

  73. http://Julie says

    My “little man” will definitely be enjoying this prize if I were lucky enough to win! We are a HUGE pampers family. Used it since the first day he was born! Julie

  74. says

    My MVP Mason!

  75. http://Joseph%20Grosbauer says

    My twin nieces

  76. http://Jamie%20Pineda says

    My little pumpkin Due in October!

  77. http://JLin says

    my baby number 2

  78. http://Amy%20Alvarado says

    My little cousin due in July. We just went to his Gender Reveal party this weekend and we’re so excited to meet him!

  79. http://Nikki says

    My niece or nephew who is due any day now 🙂

  80. says

    We are expecting a newborn soon!

  81. http://Kristi says

    My little one due in 2 weeks!

  82. http://sarah%20C says

    I want to win this for my new nephew, who is due in a couple months!

  83. http://Nannypanpan says

    One of my daughters who has already mastered the scoot

  84. http://Jenny%20Sims says

    My four month old is just starting to roll like a gold medalist. 🙂

  85. http://Wendi%20S says

    There are 2 tiny athletes that would use these prizes everyday. My niece and nephew.

  86. http://brooke%20t says

    my 4 month old !

  87. http://Sarah%20VM says

    My nephew would be using this.

  88. http://kathy says

    My little friend Audrey

  89. http://Angela%20Rhodes%20Ingles says

    My husband and I are expecting our first little one in just a couple of months so we’d love this for our newborn!

  90. http://Amy%20B says

    My besties new daughter!

  91. http://catrina says


  92. http://catrina says


  93. http://Jessica%20Cox says

    I have a daughter who is my little athlete

  94. http://Bridget%20Heiple%20Reich says

    My son! 🙂

  95. http://Erin%20Prince says

    This would be a blessing my ex-husband abandoned me my 2 yr old son and my un born baby

  96. http://jessyca says

    My little man Bryson. Hes almost 2 months old. Thanks for the chance.

  97. http://Steffen%20V says

    My baby to come in October 2014!

  98. http://Katy%20P says

    My baby boy!

  99. http://Crystal%20Murphy says

    My sweet lttle DD will use these. Her Olympic event would be mountain climbing. lol

  100. http://Kris%20Garvey says

    This would be for my son, who would love blanket and frame – and Mommy will love the sound sleep machine!!

  101. http://Deanna%20Dill says

    My little on Dallas! 🙂

  102. http://Jamie%20Brigham says

    My son would make use of this prize pack!

  103. http://Cierra says

    My friend’s son Oliver would make great use of this prize pack.

  104. http://cathy says

    my grandchild would use this gift

  105. http://Maria says

    Would love to get this for my baby due in 4 months 🙂

  106. http://Maureen says

    This would be great for my son!


  107. http://ET%20Pruitt says

    My little cousin would use the prize pack.

  108. http://CHRISTINA says

    the baby i nanny for!!!

  109. http://estefania says

    I would def need this and use this on baby Jericho!!! please please let me win!

  110. says

    My grandson would make great use of this prize as would his baby brother that is coming in one month.

  111. http://Mary%20Diehl says

    My granddaughter is expecting a baby boy in May and she would be using this for Little Briar if I was to win. thank you.

  112. http://Jennifer says

    My sister is having a baby this month!!!

  113. http://Julie%20Ghrist says

    Two of them.. My daughter – the diapers and a friends son that is due in April!

  114. http://Rachel%20C says

    My new baby boy will make good use of these!

  115. http://Terra%20Heck says

    This would be great for my friend who just had a baby. The parents are very much into sports. Thanks.

  116. http://Kim says

    my future 3rd child!

  117. http://Amy%20W says

    My little one I am expecting in August!!

  118. http://Ann%20B. says

    My new niece or nephew who is on the way will get this.

  119. http://Cynthia%20R says

    My little nephew could use this pampers game face athletic gift pack!

  120. http://Carol%20w says

    this would get used by my nephew that will arrive in the summer. thanks

  121. http://Conor%20S. says

    My daughter Piper! She’s quite the swimmer!

  122. http://Courtney says

    My daughter would make great use of of this prize pack 🙂

  123. http://nickie says

    This would be for my nephew.

  124. http://Mihaela%20Day says

    my son would love it 🙂

  125. http://Paula%20Michele%20Hafner says

    My nephew and niece could make good use of this! I would divide it between them.

  126. http://Kristy%20Thiel says

    My daughter for sure would love this! Thanks for hosting!

  127. http://Amanda%20Buccieri says

    My son!

  128. http://Heidi%20Daily says

    My son would make use of this prize pack!

  129. http://Francisco%20Vazquez says

    My son Nathaniel Venet Vazquez will love this pack, because he is an energetic son, since he was in momys tommy, he was always moving like a little fish. He loves water like a swimmer so he is our little dolphin! I love my son and I know he will be happy with this prize, thank you..

  130. http://sarah%20jerome says

    my granddaughter little Audrey who is crawling all around n getting into what ever she can get her little hands

  131. http://Taylor%20Ellis says

    This would come in handy for my son!

  132. http://Heather%20Dawn says

    My youngest son would love this pack! Thanks!

  133. http://Mary%20Anderson says

    My older son and his wife would love this prize pack for their new baby girl!

  134. http://Noura%20Ahmed says

    Hope to win x

  135. http://Debra%20Hall says

    i have a brand new granddaughter it would be for her

  136. http://Breanne says

    My nephew

  137. http://Lori%20Walker says

    My nephew would make good use of this.

  138. http://Lesley%20F says

    My son could really use for their new daughter!

  139. http://Karen%20Drake says

    This would be for my grandson, he is our littlest athlete.

  140. http://eddi%20b. says

    my cute little nephew

  141. http://Cathy%20lim says

    Due end of this month. This giveaway will be great!

  142. http://Debra%20Hinson%20Sauvageau says

    my friends daughter just had a baby, I would bless her with it.

  143. http://Hesper%20Fry says

    This would be for my daughter.

  144. http://Annette%20P. says

    This would be for my first grandchild–a little girl

  145. http://Laurie%20Emerson says

    My son would be the little athlete who will be using this.

  146. http://Jan%20P. says

    I support a women’s shelter and would love to win this for them.

  147. http://sadie says

    We are adopting a baby boy in July and this would be perfect for him!

  148. http://Jenn%20McClearn says

    my little boy would love this prize pack, my baby girl would too 🙂

  149. http://susan%20smoaks says

    our son is just like his father. he is very athletic. he will enjoy this prize pack.

  150. http://kim%20caron says

    my daughter!!

  151. http://Ellie%20W says

    This would be for my grandchild due in October.

  152. http://Laura%20Ari says

    My cousin’s little slugger would benefit from this!

  153. http://brittany says

    My sister has a baby this month and id love to win it for her.

  154. http://Vikki%20Billings says

    A close family friend is having a boy in May and this would make an amazing gift for her and her little boy.

  155. http://Melanie%20Comello says

    This prize package would be absolutely perfect for my little girl!

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