Super Duper® Publications Toys {Review}


I like to get my kids toys that are not only fun but are also educational.  Super Duper has a huge variety of games, and toys to encourage kids to learn while having fun.  Super Duper also has a great selection of games that help kiddos with their language skills.

logo_ellipseHayden has really struggled with his speech.  After a LOT of hard work, repetitive practice, speech therapy, and a year and a half at a speech preschool he is finally where he should be with his speech and language skills.  When he was 2 years old he had 7 words total.  We had to teach him the basics of speech, including that to have his words come out he would actually have to open his mouth.  He is now almost 5 and I don’t think anyone would really notice that he had such a severe speech delay or disorder.  I am so proud of him and how hard he works to improve on his sounds.  Super Duper games are so great to help us practice the sounds he still struggles with while also having lots fun.

MagneTalk® Telling Time Game-


Is an awesome magnetic board with both a digital, and face clock.  I have just started introducing telling time to Hayden.  I love that learning how to tell time is turned into a game and also practices speech and language skills with the “sentence maker” tiles.

telling time

All the tiles stick to the board and don’t slide around.  This makes it easy to clean up, put away, and store without any loose tiles.  It also comes in a great bag that is extra helpful for storage.

Turtle Talk® Fluency and Language Game

Turtle Talk

This game might be Hayden’s favorite he is obsessed with the cute turtle and skating around the board.  He and I take multiple turns going around the board over and over again.  There are 6 sets of cards each with different categories and each card has 6 questions this gives the game variety and we can always change it up.

Turtle Talk2

All of the categories and questions are so helpful for me to encourage speech and sounds we are targeting for the day.  He loves skating around the board and collecting his tokens.

Word Joggers® for Categories

Word Joggers

There are SO many fun ways to play this game.  One of our favorite car games is eye spy.  This is essentially eye spy but WITH bingo.  It is really fun.

Word Joggers2

Hayden loves hearing clues to describe objects to find on his board but he also loves giving clues to me.  This will be a great game to grow with Hayden and it is for grades PreK-5th grade.

Story Prediction

Story Prediction

Story Prediction has a super duper secret decoder light that comes with it.  Hayden pretends to be a super spy. This is a game I modify to be more age appropriate for him.  It will be a great game to grow into and use for years.  He loves listening to me read the mini stories and then guessing what will come next.


Checking his answer with the decoder light is definitely his favorite part.

Super Duper also has great toys for stocking stuffers.  Like their Electronic Spinner.

Electronic Spinner

We have a few games that we have no idea where the dice went.  This will be a life saver for those poor dice-less game.  OR for those times I just don’t want to hunt down dice that have be rolled a little too hard and are now hiding under the couch.

Super Duper has such a great selection of games for your kiddos this holiday season.  I really appreciate that there are multiple ways to play most of their games and that they can grow with my family.  Their games and toys are an excellent investment.

Super Duper is amazing and has offered y’all a great 15% off discount from now until December 20th. Shipping is free on all orders of $20 or more for anywhere in the United States and Canada.  The Mom Spotted code is: DQM5CSKQ

I know you and your family will love all of Super Duper’s great products.  All of your kids will love their games while having a blast learning. Happy Shopping!

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  1. Alexia says

    I love that their toys are fun and educational. Like you, I really like the combination. It can be hard to find so I’ll defiantly have to check out Super Duper. I especially liked the electronic spinner!

  2. Stacey Roberson says

    We are definitely trying to focus on more educational and imagination geared toys rather than lights and sounds for our little guy. I like their selection of vocabulary games and apps. Great selection of learning toys!

  3. Mer says

    I’m a big fan of toys that sneak some learning into play. But I think my absolute favorite is the spinner…no more chasing down dice!

  4. Dianna Thomas says

    I really like the story prediction game– story telling is such a lost art–this may instill some really good future story tellers, besides its so fun to play games with the kids just to see what they are learning– great review I am going to be looking for the Story Predictor

  5. vickie couturier says

    we have a few of their products at my house for the grandkids an they love them

  6. joanna garcia says

    I love educational games and especially like the MagneTalk® Telling Time Game!

  7. Teresa Honores says

    The eye spy game with bingo sounds like a lot of fun (Word Joggers® for Categories-) would love that!

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