Give Your Guests a #CottonelleHoliday {Printable Target Coupon!}

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I love entertaining. What I don’t like is the cleaning before it. I always feel like my house has to be perfection when people show up. I take time to decorate too. I want them to make it as pretty as possible. This holiday season I want people to be looking at our Christmas Tree not the finger prints on the fridge.

I also like to make sure prepare a great menu. I start thinking them out a few weeks in advance even so I might be able to try some new recipes. I like to make sure my guests are well fed and that there is plenty of food and options for everyone.

I even worry about the bathrooms.

See, I’ll never forget when we finally finished building and held a big housewarming party. I was walking friends through, not all were close at the time. One of them walked over to my shower and pulled back the curtain. It was clean but I vowed then to always make sure I gave my guests less reasons to peek around.

I always keep my medicine cabinet in order. I even have a few extra needs there just so they don’t have to snoop all around to find something they might need. Including the toilet paper. It’s one of the main reasons guests have to poke around. They need toilet paper! If you pick a big roll of toilet paper like Cottonelle Triple Roll so you know it will last through your whole night.

Cottonelle Triple Roll Toilet Paper

When I went to Target to grab my Cottonelle Triple Roll I saw coupons on the 12 packs! Score!

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Cottonelle printable coupon Target

How do you prepare your home for entertaining? What tricks do you have to keep your guests happy?



  1. joanna garcia says

    i am the same way too when it comes to entertaining, lots of food, clean house and make sure everything is in order! Love the idea of the triple roll and thanks for the coupon!

  2. Teresa Honores says

    so true people poke around due to shortage of toilet paper! Lol this triple roll is a brilliant idea. i am going to target to stack up!

  3. Mary says

    I too feel like I have to clean the house spotless before guests arrive. And it’s usually just family or very close friends. I may be a crazy wreck before they arrive, but it makes me feel better knowing they didn’t see any hairballs in the corners or scum on the toilet. I know no one is as judgmental as I think, I just like the house to be clean. Also, I clean houses on the side so it’s not really good advertising if my own place is a mess.
    I’ve never used Cottonelle tp, I’ve always used the cheap-o stuff. But it’s probably a good idea for when guests are over.

  4. Betty says

    We use Cottonelle normally – I wish I had the house completely decorated so I could start cleaning. No real tricks … just having something new to eat in addition to old faves

  5. Nancy says

    I think it is important to make your guests feel comfortable and ” at home” when they are visiting by anticipating their needs.

  6. I also make sure the house is clean and have plenty of food. But I am also really worried about how my house smells, so I light candles everywhere around the house.

  7. Mary Dailey says

    I have to have the house clean and lots of great food. I love Cottonelle. Thank you for the great coupon!

  8. Brenda says

    I have been told time and time again I am OCD when it comes to my house being clean! Love having friends and family over for all our holidays! I hate single rolls and so love the idea of Cottonelle Triple Rolls. I hate to change it everyday and even more with guest coming. Cottonelle Triple Rolls will be at my house from now on!

  9. Peggy Gray says

    I have never tried to entertain . ive done birthday parties, baby showers and Christmas dinners.

  10. Dana Rodriguez says

    Triple Rolls?Brilliant!I need to stock up on these this weekend!

  11. Stephanie Bonck says

    OMG, my oldest daughter has a boyfriend and they are very serious, however, his family lives in Texas and we are in Louisiana. I had never met them. I have never hosted a Thanksgiving meal for anyone other than my children. I met them this Thanksgiving and hosted the dinner. I was a nervous wreck, and of course my biggest critic. I couldn’t relax until they left.

  12. Roberta C says

    I love a clean house and lots of food too! As far as the bathroom, we love Cottenelle and even bought the cloth dispenser with the flushable wipes for guests to use….should they need to. 🙂

  13. We don’t entertain at home, so one less worry.

  14. oh, wow I can’t stand nosy people even if they are my friends. If you’re truly my friend, do you really care what my shower looks like? I had hard water at my last house, so no matter how much you scrubbed that tub it was always yellow (yuck). Luckily I don’t have that problem now though. When I know I have guest coming to stay I try to get my house as clean as I can (at least where they can see lol).

  15. Eileen Richter says

    Our house is never as clean as I’d like BUT we do keep toilet paper on hand. You see, my husband is a tp hoarder. I think from his college day poordom and room mates that didnt replace rolls. He’s also a battery hoarder. but a story fro another sponsor…another day. Thanks for the printable! Hope we can get back to. Stomach flu in the house and not time to print. Uggh..

  16. Gianna says

    Hooray for triple toilet paper!

  17. Mer says

    I like everything to be clean before guests arrive, as you never know where they’ll end up (there may have been an embarrassing incident when a guest accidentally went into the messy laundry room instead of the bathroom…)

  18. Courtney says

    Our family loves Cottonelle. Thanks for the coupon!

  19. Lori K. says

    I’m the same way. I hate cleaning!

  20. courtney hennagir says

    We love Cottonelle! I try to always have my Scentsy going so the house smells great and try to plan a fun menu that doesn’t take too much time away from my guests.

  21. Richard Hicks says

    Yes, getting the house in shape for guests can be time consuming and a chore. In the end everyone is happt. Got to look for those triple packs with coupons!

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