#WW Paradise

Hubby & I just got back from a week away just the two of us. It was so warm and relaxing. Now we’re back and it snowed. Bring me back!

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  1. says

    A week away, no kids? What was that like? I hope to have vacation some day! hahahaha Looks beautiful!

    • http://Jennifer says

      We didn’t know what to do with ourselves! We had fun but we were REALLY missing out boys by the end.

  2. says

    I was following your trip. It looks like you guys had a wonderful time!

  3. says

    Take me with you! It’s been snowing here since 4:30 p.m. ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  4. says

    I am so glad you got to have time with just the hubs (and in the WARM weather)!

  5. says

    beautiful! Glad you got to warm up! We would love to have some of that cold weather you have up north down here in South Florida! Want to switch? LOL

  6. http://Katie%20S says

    Oh, wow! That looks heavenly!!

  7. says

    So pretty! I want to go!

  8. says

    Oh… I didn’t know it was just the two of you! How fantastic!

  9. says

    How nice to take a trip as a couple to somewhere warm. Lovely photo.

  10. says

    Gorgeous! Wow, I have no idea what I would do away from the kids that long — someday!

  11. http://Mer says

    Gorgeous! That does look so relaxing.

  12. says

    What a beautiful photograph that reflects just how relaxed your holiday was

  13. says

    I’m so jealous. Looks like a great getaway!

  14. http://Dianna%20Thomas says

    Oh My Gosh!!!!! I am so way jealous, you lucky people. I bet you really missed your kids– but couples need that personal alone time,beautiful pictures– and I am happy for you

  15. http://Jennifer%20@%20The%20Quirky%20Momma says

    My husband and I are hoping to go away for a week next year. We haven’t been anywhere without at least one of the kids for years, maybe over a decade. I’m glad you were able to get a little rest!

  16. http://joanna%20garcia says

    omg that is awesome you had some you and hubby time we need that once in a while even though we end up missing the kids LOL but hope you had a fantastic week! Happy Thanksgiving!

  17. http://Teresa%20Honores says

    oh so jealous! thats great you guys got to enjoy yourselves! we need a break too! Have a great Thanksgiving!

  18. says

    Wow, A week by yourselves…sounds wonderful!

  19. says

    Jealous! I’m not ready for winter; I’d love to spend a week somewhere that didn’t require wearing coats and boots. 🙂

  20. http://Alexia says

    This looks and sounds amazing! I haven’t traveled in a few years. Being on the water is so peaceful.

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