Stock Up On Long Lasting Batteries Before Christmas! #MC #MyQuantumHero

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting (#MC) for Duracell. I received product samples to facilitate my review and a promotional item as a thank you for participating.”

It’s that time of year. You know the time where you feel everything runs on batteries. From the new style electric candles for your home decor looks to all the toys you’re getting for under the tree. Every time I run to the store I feel like I’m grabbing another pack of batteries. The kids have found all our hiding spots so it’s just easier to keep the supply in stock. Duracell-quantum I’m starting to go into hibernation mode around here wanting to stock up my house and organize everything as well. The cold is here and it won’t be long before the snow is too. I like to know I don’t need to leave my home to stock up for a storm. Being smart and having things in order isn’t just money saving but it’s also more efficient.

If my home is stocked I don’t have to leave to make unnecessary trips. When on those trips I’m not adding to my list and buying unneeded items. I’m not wasting the gas to get there or my time that could be used doing other things. I’m also buying less batteries.

Duracell Quantum is the world’s most advanced alkaline battery with unbeatable, long-­‐lasting power. No alkaline battery lasts longer. With its revolutionary Hi-­‐Density CoreTM and proprietary PowerCheckTM power indicator on the cell, Quantum has been engineered to deliver the performance consumers demand. Of course the power indicator is a huge plus for me too. We just changed all our batteries in our smoke detectors and in the end had two out of package batteries we didn’t know were good or bad. With Duracell’s power indicator I can tell in just a moment the amount of “juice” it has left.

Duracell Quantum is a premium alkaline battery and is being released in red as opposed to black to differentiate it on store shelves and visually mark the quantum leap in power technology. The red symbolizes the power of the Hi-­‐Density Core. Duracell Quantum Batteries Speaking of being ready. Have you thought about how a good battery is needed for our first responders? I know when it comes down to it the battery is the last thing I want them worrying about. I want my community heroes to have everything they need to save my family when we need them most. We want them to be able to be safe in every situation that they are in.

Duracell has also created Quantum Heroes, a documentary style video series that shines a spotlight on the incredible work of first responders and their stories of sacrifice and heroism. Duracell is donating one million Duracell Quantum batteries to first responders across North America because they need and deserve it the most. Duracell is putting Quantum power in the hands of Quantum heroes – the extraordinary first responders who go beyond the call of duty.

Go to Duracell’s Facebook or Twitter and share your own first responder stories using #MyQuantumHero. You can purchase Duracell Quantum batteries from Target, Amazon and most major stores.


  1. Kimberly M. says

    I go through batteries like a family of 10 goes through a gallon of milk. It’s terrible the price of batteries and how often I have to buy them for the toys or other things that I use them for. I’ll have to try these new batteries and see if they don’t work better on my laptop mouse because that is the hardest on my batteries. I go through one a month. I think it’s the mouse not the batteries–I think the mouse eats the power out of them.

  2. We keep a huge supply of batteries and I get so tired of going through them quickly. I’d definitely pay more for batteries that last even longer. Have the quantum batteries been around for a long time? I’ve never noticed them, but will have to watch for them. We use more batteries at Christmas than any other time of year.

  3. stephanie says

    im going to need buy alot of these

  4. With four kids in the family we sooooo need these batteries, I’ll definitely see if I can find a deal.

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