WW- Rag Shag Halloween Parade 2013

Every year we go to the annual town Halloween Parade in the next town over. It’s called the Rag Shag Parade and the kids always enjoy it. We go with my mom every year and have been going since Johnny was only one!

Rag Shag Halloween Parade Sawyer Johnny Gavin Grandma

It leads with a police and fire truck escort closing down the main streets through the center of town and when they pass by the kids are able to jump behind and parade through. Local business stand on the sides with candy and the kids fill their bags.

Rag Shag Halloween Parade

Sawyer loved it this year!

Rag Shag Halloween Parade Sawyer Robot

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  1. This sounds like a lot of fun for the kids!

  2. I wish our town did something like that! Love that black and white of Sawyer, so cute!

  3. Maria Iemma says

    We also go to our town’s Halloween parade. It is on Halloween and starts at sundown, the kids have lots of fun and they get apples from the local fire department and lollipops from the police department.

  4. Emily says

    What a fun event!! What stroller cover is that?

  5. Sounds like a fun event. I love traditional things like attending every year.

  6. Sounds like a fun event for kids!

  7. Janet W. says

    What a fun event! Your precious baby boy looks so warm! I love that stroller blanket!

  8. Mimi says

    We don’t have a parade, but the little town always closes so the kids can walk down the main street to the businesses to trick or treat. We loved our little town! So glad Sawyer enjoyed this year!

  9. Jean says

    We don’t have a good Halloween parade in my area, unfortunately (at least not one that’s kid-friendly). Your little guy’s robot costume is just adorable – what a great costume!

  10. Oh wow, I wish they had something like that around here. Too cool! The kids look too too cute.

  11. Rebecca Parsons says

    How neat. We live in a small town so they don’t do a parade. However all of the businesses( all 6 of them) and fire department, library, post office, banks and gas stations all dress up and stand outside of their businesses and hand out candy. It is a lot of fun for the kids!

  12. courtney b says

    we love halloween! especially festivals! 🙂 looked like a blast!

  13. Christian Alejandro says

    A halloween parade sounds like a blast! I haven’t heard of there being one near where we live, but now I’ve gotta keep an eye next year!

  14. Dede says

    We rarely go to parades, but my kids really like them when we go!

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