Prince Lionheart Wheely Bug Ride On Toy {Review & Giveaway}


Sawyer turned one and basically hit fast forward. We went from cuddling to chasing and it’s not going to slow down anytime soon so we might as well make the chasing a little more fun, right? With my first two boys I wasn’t aware of all the options out there and there really weren’t that many options when I became a mom 12 years ago. With Sawyer I’ve really liked being able to step away from a lot of the plastic battery ran toys and to the simple yet effective ones.

When it came to ride-on’s I knew I wanted to get Sawyer the Wheely Bug from Prince Lionheart. I knew they were cute but I was curious if cute would cross over to fun and functional. After all, it was intended to entertain Sawyer not be a piece of decor. Seriously though, it’s adorable. Picking which one was the hardest but in the end I went with the large mouse.

Prince Lionheart Wheely Bug

See! Cuteness! The Wheely Bug moves great on the hard surfaces. It’s actually the smoothest ride-on I’ve used between all three kids. It’s also incredibly durable. The wheels don’t damage our hardwood floors which keeps my paranoid husband happy and the soft seat is easily washable if they their sippy cup drips down it or have a diaper accident. The handle is the perfect size to let little hands grip and hold on.

• Totally new concept to encourage gross motor skills while having heaps of fun.
• Bright, soft, unisex design… an instant attraction to little girls and boys alike.
• Tough PU covering, resistant to the inevitable “little accidents”, easy to clean.
• Padded with a 1” layer of soft sponge.
• Entirely non-toxic and contains no PVC.
• Weighs only Small: 4lb, Large: 5lb
• Constructed with only the highest quality components.
• Design Patented and Trademark Registered.
• Multidirectional castors, no more getting stuck against obstacles.
• Children love the easy, unlimited mobility.
• Researched and developed in child care centres (designed for “industrial” kid use.)
• Certified tested to ASTM 963, CE EN71, JP ST05, AS/NZ ISO 8124.
• Intended for use on smooth floors, ideal for indoors, runs quietly.
• Recommended rider weight 50lb.
• Stainless steel spring mounted “feelers”, which wobble much to the delight of children, have an internal cord to prevent pull out.
• Plywood base made from renewable plantation timber.

Prince Lionheart Wheely Bug 1

Sawyer is 30.5″ tall and 12 months. Here he is on the large. The small is technically recommended for 18 months+ and the large for 3 years +. He really could use the smaller size. He looks like he’s fine but he struggle to push off and can’t “ride” it on his own. He does however enjoy being pushed all over! This is a very, very smooth ride. I wish I could have seen the different sizes together and shown how much of a difference they were but I think the two inch difference would have made it much easier for him.

Prince Lionheart Wheely Bug 1

We are super excited to add the Wheely Bug to our toy collection and since it can handle up to 50 pounds and it quality made I know it will be around for my child for years. If Sawyer wasn’t my last child I’d be certain it would make it through multiple children with no problem!


The Wheely Bug from Prince Lionheart is available in 6 styles in 2 different sizes. You can purchase it from our affiliate Amazon for $20 less then the going price right now of $70 for the small and $80 for the large.

Right now one (1) Mom Spotted readers have the opportunity to win a Wheely Bug of their choice by entering the Rafflecopter for below. Then head on over to MommyMandy and enter her Wheely Bug giveaway!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Contest ends 3.25.13 at 11:59pm. For Official Giveaway Rules click here.


  1. http://Amber%20C says

    I Love the bumblebee!

  2. http://Melissa%20Eldredge says

    I would like to get a Britax Frontier 90 for my daughter.

  3. http://Jennifer says

    I have seen these before and think they are adorable!! I know my little men would love them 🙂

  4. http://Tami%20Vollenweider says

    I like the Highway 65 Car Seat

  5. http://Laura%20Brooks says

    Prince LIonheart makes amazing products. I haven’t tried this one out yet and would love to. I would like to get the Frontier 90 for all three of my children.

  6. http://nicole%20heinz says

    To cute I’d pick the lady bug.. if inwon one for my daughter

  7. http://Nicole says

    We own a Britax Boulevard but a Dionan Radian was also on our list of choices when we were shopping for a convertible car seat for my daughter.

  8. says

    OMG these are so cute!! I love the little mouse one!

  9. http://Mary%20Beth%20Elderton says

    I like the britax car seats, but I LOVE this little Wheely! Sawyer looks so cute!

  10. http://liesel says

    Those are absolutely adorable!!! My daughter Kaleigh would LOVE this!

  11. http://Dayi says

    Wish i can win it for my baby girl…

  12. http://steph says

    The britax frontier

  13. http://Melanie says

    I’d love one for my daughter!

  14. http://Jeanna says

    I like the FRONTIER 85 SICT!

  15. http://Monica* says

    I would really like to get a Frontier for my older son or maybe a Boulevard for my mom’s car. Either one of my boys could fit in the boulevard, which makes it awesome.

  16. http://Jenni says

    We LOVE our Britax Marathon and Frontier. The Graco My Ride would also work great for us.

  17. http://emily%20r says

    Pinnacle 90 looks nice but also Diono Radian

  18. http://mandy%20strong says

    never used a britix car seat before , they look comfy though . we have a Eddie Bauer XRS 65 Convertible Car Seat and my 18 month old little boy loves it!!

  19. http://Christina%20Parker says

    I like the boulevard and frontier

  20. http://Stacey%20R says

    love the Wheely Bug!! But we would also love the Britax Frontier!

  21. http://Bonnie%20M. says

    The pinnacle would be a great car seat for when my baby grows up!

  22. http://courtney%20k says

    i love boulevard

  23. http://Leann%20L says

    The Britax Frontier 90.

  24. http://amanda%20assencoa says

    I would like to get a Britax Frontier 90 so cute!!

  25. http://melissa%20d says
  26. http://angela%20martin says

    Britax Frontier 90

  27. http://Debbie%20W says

    Britax Marathon 70-G3 would be my choice. These wheely bugs are sooo cute!

  28. http://Miranda%20V says

    I like the Bob V-Safe. I like the colors and it would work perfectly for our little guy.

  29. http://Monica says

    I almost got the Marathon 70, but went with the Diono Radian RXT instead. Love Prince Lionheart too!

  30. http://courtney%20b says

    i want a britax b safe

  31. http://Nicole%20Bear says

    I think there is something wrong with the Rafflecopter. It is asking for ANOTHER Britax product, so I think it is from another giveaway.

    If it is correct I also like the Frontier 90.

  32. http://Sara%20Swauger says

    I think these are just the cutest things ever! The mouse and tiger have to be my favorites- sooooo cute!
    I am still researching convertible car seats but the Marathon and Frontier are in the top five that my husband and I are looking at.

  33. http://nancy says

    B Safe


  34. http://Caitlin%20Bradley says

    I would love a ADVOCATE 70-G3 because it has the highest weight + height limit for rear facing. But I would LOVE a Diono Radian RXT so much.

  35. http://JLin says

    I like PINNACLE 90

  36. http://Daisy says

    I Like the ladybug

  37. http://anneke%20buford says

    we have the Britax marathon and the Diono Radian LOVE both

  38. http://rebecca%20norton says

    my kids would love the large pig

  39. http://Mandy says

    I like the Marathon 70

  40. http://Colleen%20Maurina says

    I like the Bumblebee Wheely Bug!

  41. http://nicole%20copeland says

    I like the BOULEVARD 70-G3 car seat and I Love the Little pig wheely bug

  42. http://meridith%20salois says

    we have brtiax b-safe, marathon and roundabout. we love them. other carseats in our family include chicco infant.

  43. http://hazel%20manaig says

    I like the Marathon 70. And I love the mouse Wheely Bug!

  44. http://teresa%20herrera-honores says

    i would love the frontier 90 their new model!

  45. http://susan%20h says

    I love the mouse. I would choose the Marithon 70.

  46. says

    I believe the rafflecopter is incorrect so I will answer the Britax question with Frontier 90, but the Wheely I like is the pig.

  47. http://Jessica%20O says

    These are just too cute! Love the piggie! For Britax, I like the Boulevard carseat! 🙂

  48. http://Kim%20Pollock says

    Love the pig!

  49. http://sandra%20davis says

    the highway 65 ……… love the pig

  50. http://Sabrina%20Radke says

    I just adore the pig, my little would flip for him!

  51. says

    Id go with the Britax Chaperone. For the Wheely, I’d get the ladybug!

  52. http://joanna%20garcia says

    i love the new frontier 90

  53. says

    I like the ladybug!

  54. http://BeckyM says

    I like the Britax Chaperone

  55. http://Miranda%20Welle says

    I like the B-Safe infant seat!

    If we are supposed to comment about what Wheely Bug we like the best, I like the cow!

    If we are supposed to comment on another Prince Lionheart product, I like their Booster Pod!

  56. http://Lilia%20Kharabora says

    A Potty Pod for training my little girl 🙂

  57. http://vickie%20couturier says

    Frontier 90 an I like the bumblebee

  58. http://jennifer says

    I love the potty pod!

  59. http://sandra says

    the YetiToy also looks like fun

  60. says

    Potty pod

  61. http://Laila says

    my baby wouldlike the bebepod

  62. http://Tara%20P. says

    I like the balance BIKE.

  63. http://Addison%20Kat says

    chop balance BIKE

  64. http://Elizabeth%20P. says

    The balance bike!

  65. http://Rochel%20S says

    I like the bebePOD Flex!

  66. http://Amanda%20Starr says

    The Original Slumber Bear is super cute.

  67. http://Amanda%20Alvarado says

    Dd would like the whirl balance SCOOTER

  68. says

    I know Isaak would love the city/farm playmat. Thanks!

  69. http://Kim%20James says

    Wyatt would love the playmat or playmat plus. They are really neat.

  70. says

    The yeti toy would be fun too!

  71. http://Jennifer%20T. says

    I’m sure my son would like the playMAT.

  72. http://clarissa says

    i have a child the perfect age for the balance bike

  73. http://Heather%20Robinson says

    Lexi would love the Yetitoy in pink!

  74. http://Heather says

    I like the Chop Balance Bike!

  75. says

    I love the Yeti Toy

  76. http://LANA says

    I like the frontier 90

  77. http://Laurel%20O. says

    I really like the Woody Rocking Horse.

  78. http://Erin%20R. says

    The balance bike for sure!

  79. http://Ashley%20S says

    Prince Lionheart Original Slumber Bear with Silkie Blanket

  80. http://Cassandra%20Eastman says

    The YetiToy and the PlayMAT!

  81. http://Virginia%20Rowell says

    The chop balance BIKE when he gets a little older.

  82. http://Holly says

    My 3 year old would love a balance bike!

  83. http://Andrea says

    My daughter would love the Prince Lionheart Original Slumber Bear with Silkie Blanket!

  84. says

    Love the BebePod

  85. http://Melissa says

    We are getting ready to potty train, so we like weePOD.

  86. says

    My son would like the balance bike

  87. http://tamar says

    My kids are eyeing those Balance Bikes!

  88. http://Joyce%20Harrell says

    They would love the balance bike

  89. http://bonnye%20sensenig says

    my daughter would think the Woody Rocking Horse was fun!

  90. http://Robert says

    The B-Safe seat

  91. http://Karen%20Gonyea says

    Absolutely the Balance Bikes 🙂

  92. http://carol says

    I like the ladybug

  93. http://Peppin says

    I like the balance bike.

  94. says

    Prince Lionheart bebePOD

  95. http://Kalani says

    I think my little guy would like the blue potty too!
    inalak at msn dot com

  96. http://Monique%20Rizzo says

    I like the balance bike.
    Thanks for the chance.

  97. http://Vera%20S says

    The balance BIKE looks like fun.

  98. http://Elsie says

    The corner toy hammock would be helpful in collecting toys and “making free throws, ha,…certainly more fun than the usual toy box.
    What super clever childrens ‘ toys and accessorites!

  99. http://Louis says

    I love the whirl balance SCOOTER

    Thank you for hosting this giveaway

    pumuckler {at} gmail {dot} com

  100. says

    Love the Original Slumber Bear ~ thanks for the opportunity!

  101. http://Melissa says

    Aww I need this

  102. http://Vickie%20Couturier says

    put wrong facebook link intoday heres the correct one for 04/06!/vickie.couturier/posts/437280649692260

  103. http://Mayla%20M says

    I like the City/ABC playMAT.

  104. http://polly says

    like their balance bike

  105. http://sheena%20mcnamara says

    woody rocking horse

  106. http://Jessica says

    Balance bike

  107. http://Kelly%20Lebo says

    love that bumblebee

  108. http://brooke%20t says


  109. http://Vera%20K says

    I love the piggy!

  110. http://Realia%20M says

    the balance bike is cool too

  111. http://Jenny%20Lloyd says

    i think the yetitoy would be lots of fun for my boys

  112. http://amy%20rouse says

    Chop balance bike!!

  113. http://Robyn%20Galloway says

    I think my little guy would love the yetitoy!

  114. http://nannypanpan says

    the prince lionheart balance bike

  115. http://Brittany%20S. says

    The balance bike!!

  116. http://Jen says

    I think the boosterpod is also fun!

  117. http://Claudia%20Matei says

    How cute is the bumble bee 🙂

  118. says


  119. says

    my 4 year old wants a balance bike for his bday, I like the one they have!

  120. http://Suzie%20Williams says

    My son would also like the balance bike.

  121. http://Terri%20Moore says

    I also like the Yetitoy – super cute.

  122. http://Katherine%20P says

    I love their Woody Rocking horse

  123. http://Beth%20R says

    Definitely the chop balance bike

  124. http://Amanda%20Selenke says

    we have a bumbo style seat from them and he still sits in it at almost 2. He would love the balance bike or this ride on!

  125. http://Jan%20Lee says

    The link in the first entry to Prince Lionheart gives a 500 Internal Server Error.

  126. http://Jan%20Lee says

    She’d like the pig because her grandma (my sister) collects pigs lol 🙂

  127. says

    I adored that pig! I also like the potty pods.

  128. says

    My kids would love the yetitoy

  129. http://Heidi%20Daily says

    The city/farm play mat is awesome

  130. http://Sara%20Blose says

    My son would love the blue yetitoy

  131. http://Kristy%20Thiel says

    My daughter would also love the balance bike. Thanks for hosting!

  132. http://holly says

    my daughter would love the woody rocking horse 🙂

  133. http://Tina says

    I like the PottyPOD in green so cute

  134. http://George%20Shoultes,%20III says

    woody rocking horse

  135. http://Katy%20P says

    I like the Woody Rocking Horse

  136. says

    I love the Woody Rocking Horse too!

  137. says

    the chop balance bike

  138. http://Rhonda%20S.%20Tenderholt says

    rocking horse.

  139. http://Nicole%20C. says

    My niece would love the ocean playmat.

  140. http://Aura says

    i like the bebe pod flex

  141. http://Dena%20Sablotny says

    What OTHER Prince Lionheart product would your child think was FUN? Prince Lionheart Wheely Bug, Ladybug, Large

  142. http://Carmen%20Van%20Deursen says

    My son would love a balance.

    • http://Carmen%20Van%20Deursen says

      Balance bike

  143. http://Tahina says

    chop balance BIKE

  144. http://Kristen says

    I love the Whirl Bounce Scooter!

  145. http://Carol says

    I like the balance bike.

  146. http://Homa says

    The balance bike!

  147. http://JoAnn%20F. says

    My grandson would like the Yetitoy!!!!
    jofo120 at yahoo dot com

  148. http://Rebecca%20Orr says

    The Yetitoy is cute too.

  149. http://shirl says

    ANYTHING that you ride on 🙂

  150. says

    I would love the pink Yetitoy for my little girl

  151. http://Kelly says

    so cute! thanks for sharing!

  152. http://Stacy%20Alfano says

    The playmat plus!

  153. says

    #7600 Balance Bike

  154. http://Jennifer%20@%20Giveaways%20and%20More says

    I think he would love the Woody Rocking Horse!

  155. http://amanda says


  156. http://Erin%20McAllister-Pyle says

    My son would love a balance bike!

  157. http://nicole says

    balance bike

  158. says

    I think my little guy would also love the #7701
    Woody Rocking Horse

  159. http://Jen%20H says

    the yeti toy is so cute!

  160. http://Kimberly%20Bauer says

    My daughter would also like the Yetitoy.

  161. http://christine%20jessamine says

    my daughter would love the balance bike!

  162. http://tin%20cruz says

    #7600 Balance Bike

  163. http://Sara%20B says

    I like the yetitoy.

  164. http://darla says

    chop balance BIKE

  165. http://Taylor says

    The yetitoy looks really fun! Anything that kids can actively ride on or play with are the most enjoyable for them.

  166. http://Gianna says

    Woody Rocking Horse.

  167. http://Gianna says


  168. http://KS says

    Totally the balance bike

  169. http://Chelsea%20Korth says

    The whirl balance scooter!

  170. http://Grace%20White says

    Woody Rocking horse!

  171. http://Alicia%20Schroeder says

    Woody rocking horse!

  172. http://Jessica%20Rose says

    The Balance bike!

  173. http://Priscilla%20Benavides says

    My kids would love their play mat!
    priscillavbenavides at yahoo dotcom

  174. http://marissa%20maestas says

    Woody Rocking Horse

  175. says

    Love the Chop Balance BIke!

  176. http://mary%20renshaw says

    I like the balance bike!

  177. http://Tonya%20Dreese says

    Woody rocking horse

  178. http://Cálaeb%20Temple says

    whirl balance scooter!

  179. http://Amy%20Dillard says

    The chop balance bike!

  180. http://Kerry%20G. says


  181. says

    the whirl balance scooter – cute!

  182. http://Valerie%20Taylor%20Mabrey says

    woody rocking horse
    vmkids3 at msn dot com

  183. http://Samantha%20Waters says

    My daughter would love the woody rocking horse! It’s sooo cute!!

  184. http://caitlin%20tate says

    woody rocking horse

  185. http://Shirley%20Hicks says

    Woody Rocking Horse

  186. http://Courtney says

    My daughter would also like the woody rocking horse!

  187. http://Rebecca%20Peters says

    I love the yetitoy

  188. http://lisa%20kay says

    The Pink Yetitoy..Super Cute!

  189. http://wendy%20rozema says

    the whirl balance scooter!

  190. http://Kari%20Flores says

    I think my son would like the whirl balance SCOOTER.

  191. http://Melanie%20Montgomery says

    I like the playmat

  192. http://Carmen says

    The Yetitoy

  193. http://cynthia%20layton says

    the woody rocking horse

  194. says

    I think my daughter would also like the Whirl Balance Scooter.

    boylaneely at hotmail dot com

  195. http://Brenda%20Elsner says

    I think my son would also like the balance bike!

  196. says

    My kids would love the city/farm playmat

  197. http://Linda%20Bradshaw says
  198. http://Jenilee says

    Yeti toy trike!

  199. http://Sylvia%20Ortiz says

    Another toy my grandson would love is the Yetitoy.

  200. http://Stephanie%20G says

    The Woody Rocking Horse!

  201. http://Derek%20Timm says

    The Chop Balance Bike!

  202. http://jeanne%20conner says

    the Yetitoy

  203. http://Brittney%20House says

    whirl balance scooter

  204. http://Kelly%20Britton says

    I like the balance bikes….

  205. http://Julia%20Goldberg says

    I think the whirl balance SCOOTER is really cute

  206. http://Ani says

    My little guy would enjoy the Woody Rocking Horse.

  207. says

    The Balance Bike looks like fun!

  208. http://shanta%20spradlin says

    Woody Rocking Horse

  209. http://Stephanie%20Larison says

    The City/ABC playmat

  210. http://Jill%20L says

    The Yetitoy looks fun too.

  211. http://Danielle%20F. says

    the yetitoy is fabulous, my niece would LOVE it!

  212. http://S%20Carter says

    I love the chop balance BIKE

  213. http://Ursula%20Thomas says

    Really like the Whirl Balance Scooter 🙂

  214. http://Jeni%20Lutz says

    I like the Yetitoy

  215. http://kathy%20pease says

    I like the #7701
    Woody Rocking Horse

  216. http://Jenni says

    My toddler would LOVE a balance bike, too!

  217. http://Misha%20Lynn%20Estrada says

    My child would like the yetitoy.

  218. http://Sarah%20Harding says

    I like the Yetitoy

  219. http://Kat%20Emerick says

    Like the Balance Bikes

  220. http://Carolyn%20Daley says

    I like the Woody Rocking Horse

  221. http://amy%20deeter says

    Woody Rocking Horse

  222. http://Beth says

    Whirl Balance Scooter

  223. http://Saver%20Sara says

    I like the PlayMat Plus

  224. http://Sherry%20Conrad says

    City/Ocean Playmat

  225. http://Leanne%20Hill says

    the balance bike!

  226. http://susan%20smoaks says

    our daughter would enjoy the #7701
    Woody Rocking Horse

  227. http://cassandra says

    i like their balance bike!

  228. http://Christina%20Pohlman says

    Chop balance bike

  229. http://SHAYNA says


  230. http://Kayla%20M says

    the chop balance bike.

  231. says

    I love the Yetitoy

  232. http://Allison says

    This looks so cute for my friends son

  233. http://Rosey says

    The woody rocking horse looks fun.

  234. http://Elizabeth%20Miller says

    whirl balance SCOOTER

  235. http://kimberly%20pugliese says

    i really like the balance bike!

  236. http://Vikki%20Billings says

    I also like the Woody Rocking Horse

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