Bumbo Booster Seat & Step Stool {Review & Giveaway}


I can’t believe I’m going to be packing away the swings and playmats. It makes me sad that my little baby is getting older but at the same time it’s so much fun to see him grow in independence. Of course we he’ll always be my baby but to help him learn to be the big boy he so wants to be he’ll need help. I just can’t believe we will be needing those helpers already. Bumbo has some great products to help you.


I am so glad the warm air is on it’s way because we pretty much live outdoors. We have lots of picnics and we are always on the go. We are often eating outside or at someone’s home and obviously our high chair isn’t convenient to go all over with and at the same time have you ever tried to feed a toddler without one? We need something that can be easily cleaned, convenient for travel and safe for Sawyer. We found all that with the Bumbo Booster Seat.

Bumbo Booster Seat #momspotted

The Bumbo Booster Seat enables toddlers to be seated on an adult chair. The seat is made of the same soft material as the Bumbo Floor Seat. The Bumbo Booster seat is ergonomically designed to provide comfort, while the restraint belt and attachment straps helps to keep your child safely in place. This handy seat is ideal for feeding, teaching and general interaction with your child. Available in a wide variety of colours.

This booster seat is super easy to put on any seat or surface as it has a flat bottom and adjustable straps that can attach to almost any chair.

I Booster Seat #momspotted

The surface area is super easy to keep clean and can easily be wiped down after use with no cracks or lines. It has a three-point safety harness to keep him safe (children should always be supervised).

 Booster Seat #momspotted

The Step Stool is an exciting new addition to the Bumbo range, the cheerful look of the step gives it preference to more contemporary designs already available in the market and complements the Bumbo Toilet Trainer as an accessory.

We’ve found stools to be very helpful. Not only do they help with independence but a good stool will also decrease injuries of kids not having a stable place to place their feet. The Bumbo Stool is great as its one simple piece. We have used many different stools and they’ve always been hard to clean. I love how easy this to wipe down. The bottom is stable and can supports up to 110 pounds.

I Step Stool #momspotted

The Bumbo Step Stool & Booster Seat are both available from our affiliates Amazon. The Step Stool for $14.99 and the Booster Seat for $39.99.

Right now one (1) Mom Spotted readers have the opportunity to win both theΒ Bumbo Step Stool & Booster Seat* by entering the Rafflecopter for below. Then head on over to MommyMandy and enter her giveaway!

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  1. I would let my son use this stepstool to reach his books. Thanks!
    Amie Olson

  2. Joannie Hernandez says

    I find it used full in the bathroom to reach the sink πŸ™‚

  3. Amanda Stauffer says

    In the bathroom defiantly,mother counters are too tall.

  4. Ross Olson says

    My little boy could use the stool to reach some of his toys on his shelf.

  5. Stacey R says

    In the bathroom and kitchen

  6. Sarah says

    The step stool would be great in the bathroom!

  7. Jennifer Spencer says

    I can think of so many places. Washing hands, brushing teeth, being able to look at themselves in the mirror, reaching things off counters or low shelves, and standing on to help mommy cook or bake.

  8. Laura Brooks says

    In the bathroom for hand washing and teeth brushing!

  9. April V says

    Definitely in the bathroom for hand washing!

  10. Cassandra Eastman says

    The bathroom for washing hands and in the kitchen for helping cook!

  11. Kristin says

    RIght now, a step stool would be useful in the bathroom-we are potty training, and my son is just now getting to where he wants to try to stand up, but he can’t reach over the rim of the potty!

  12. Addison Kat says

    Besides the bathroom, this would be nice for my daughter to be able to see the kitchen counter when she helps me cook!

  13. Rebecca Xavier says

    In the bathroom a stepstool is essential.

  14. Ashley S says

    We would use it for brushing teeth and washing hands!

  15. Melissa Eldredge says

    We have one in the bathroom and one in the kitchen for washing hands.

  16. Nancy B says

    My daughter would use it in the bathroom to wash her hands and in her bedroom to get dresses out of her cloaet

  17. JLin says

    In the bathroom wash her hand.

  18. Erin R. says

    In the bathroom so they can brush their teeth!

  19. I find it useful for my kiddos so that they can wash their hands after going potty or after dinner. My little man isnt tall enough to do it without so it gives him the freedom to do it himself.

  20. Lilia Kharabora says

    Washing hands and brushing teeth πŸ˜›

  21. nancy says

    bathroom (toilet and sink), kitchen sink,, and front window- to see the passersby πŸ™‚


  22. Christine M says

    in the bathroom so he can reach the potty

  23. kimberly pugliese says

    this would be perfect in the bathroom, to reach the sink, potty, towels, etc.

  24. Darlene Owen says

    I think this would work great in the bathroom.

  25. I would like to use it when I am potty training so he can aim better

  26. Kim Pollock says

    The bathroom for washing hands

  27. nicole copeland says

    Bathroom to wash those icky hands and brush teeth!!

  28. Nancy says

    It would be useful to reach the bathroom sink.

  29. Mary Happymommy says

    My daughter needs a stool to reach the potty.

  30. Tina F. says

    This step stool would have many uses. In the bathroom, the kitchen and reaching books on the shelf.

  31. Janet W. says

    The step stool is most useful for my grandson in the bathroom so he can reach the sink to wash his hands!

  32. Courtney says

    My daughter would use the step stool in the bathroom to wash her hands.

  33. Mandy says

    At the sink.

  34. Katy P says

    We use it every day at the bathroom sink and for her to turn on lights

  35. Lesley F says

    Bathroom sink

  36. Claire says

    My two year old is potty training but insists on using the toilet! We have a little wooden stepping stool but the bumbo one looks so nice and sturdy. We would use it at the toilet and at the sink, for handwashing and teeth brushing!

  37. NW Homesteader says

    It would be great at the toilet for potty training and the sink for hand washing and teeth brushing!

  38. Amanda Selenke says

    He needs one in the bathroom to brush his teeth and he loves to stand by me when I do dishes and help!

  39. Will G says

    When he wants to grab a cookie from the cookie jar.

  40. Melissa says

    My 2 year old is quite small for his age, so we could use a stool all over the house. Probably, he would use it the bathroom most of all, to brush his teeth and wash his hands.

  41. Both my children have a hard time reaching the sink. The step stool would be useful in both our of bathrooms!

  42. Amanda Alvarado says

    Definitely at the sinks – both in the bathrooms and the kitchen!

  43. Jamie says

    this would be useful at the bathroom sink.

  44. Nicole Bear says

    Helping me cook/bake at the counter or table, and at the sink the brush her teeth.

  45. Jessica says

    This would be nice for my daughter in the bathroom

  46. susan h says

    My granddaughter could use it in the bathroom

  47. stephanie hodges says

    The two places that would be very useful is: 1) The bathroom to wash hands. 2) The kitchen counter to help bake.

  48. Colleen Maurina says

    My grandson likes to use one in the kitchen so he can watch what I’m doing and likes to help me with everything!

  49. Heather says

    Getting on the toilet!

  50. In the bathroom for hand washing and potty training.

  51. Lori Thomas says

    In the bathroom

  52. LANA says

    in bathroom to wash hands

  53. Heidi Daily says

    I find it most useful for my daughter to have a step stool in the bathroom, but being short I always need one in the kitchen!

  54. Cynthia C says

    In the bathroom to reach the sink.

  55. jennifer says

    This would be perfect in my kids bathroom or even in the kitchen!

  56. tamar says

    In the bathroom and even in the bedroom next to the bed πŸ™

  57. sandra says

    at the bathroom and kitchen sinks

  58. BeckyM says

    In the bathroom!

  59. courtney b says

    in the kitchen at table πŸ™‚

  60. bonnye sensenig says

    we love to have a step stool in the kitchen and in the bathroom.

  61. Debra Sluis says

    well, of course mostly in the bathroom.. but the 6 year old wants to wash dishes now- and she still is so short.. needs a step stool and this would be perfect.

  62. Robert says

    in the bathroom to wash her hands

  63. Alaine says

    In the bathroom!

  64. Karen Gonyea says

    At the kitchen sink; he likes to help me wash dishes πŸ™‚

  65. KT says

    it will be useful by the bathroom sink

  66. Debbie W says

    When trying to reach the sink : )

  67. At the sink in the bathroom is the place my kids need the step stool most! πŸ™‚

  68. Kathy S says

    We could use a step stool for the kids in the bathroom.

  69. At the bathroom sink

  70. Christina Parker says

    We are going to start potty training soon the step stool would be very helpful for that as well as reaching the sink.

  71. Claire Rheinheimer says

    In the bathroom to brush his teeth, at every light switch since he uses chairs right now, pretty much everywhere he’s not supposed to be. lol

  72. Anastasia @ eco-babyz says

    in the bathroom and in the kitchen when helping me cook

  73. ivy arrington says

    In the bathroom so my daughter can reach the sink.

  74. clarissa says

    in the bathroom so that the small ones could brush their teeth easier

  75. Angela Yeremenko says

    In the bathroom, when she brushes her teeth or washes her hands.

  76. Melissa says

    I need this!

  77. Mayla M says

    My sons have a step at the bathroom sink. It would be great to have one in the kitchen too!

  78. Mary Casper says

    to reach the top drawer of her dresser

  79. sheena mcnamara says

    for my 7 and 2 yr old to use the bathroom sink , or to sit on to give my 2 yr old a tub to sit on

  80. Jean Carlisle says

    bathroom sink

  81. gina says

    in our downstairs bathroom

  82. Kelly Lebo says

    in the bathroom

  83. brooke t says

    the bathroom!!!

  84. Kim says

    bathroom of course!

  85. courtney k says

    when he has to brush his teeth or wash his hands!

  86. Kristi P says

    The step stool would be great in so many places, but we’d use it mainly in the bathroom.

  87. Andrea says

    We’re just starting potty training so this would be perfect for getting onto the toilet and washing hands afterwards!

  88. Nicole says

    In the bathroom πŸ™‚ My 2 year old daughter is potty training so it will help with getting on the toliet and stepping up to the sink to wash her hands .

  89. amy rouse says

    in the bathroom to help him reach the sink

  90. Jessica O says

    This would be useful in the bathroom at the sink!

  91. Robyn Galloway says

    In the kids bathroom!

  92. Leslie B says

    The bathroom sink for sure!

  93. Stephanie Larison says

    The bathroom sink, my daughter is just a bit too short for it now.

  94. Lisa P. says

    In the bathroom while brushing teeth and washing hands!

  95. linda b says

    in the kitchen to help me and my boy

  96. Claudia Matei says

    For the bathroom sink πŸ™‚

  97. Jen says

    the kitchen so they can get their own water from my fridge

  98. Shea says

    In the kitchen while helping prepare a snack

  99. Daisy says

    in the bathroom

  100. Suzie Williams says

    At the bathroom sink so they can wash their hands.

  101. It’d be useful in our camper for the litle kids when they need to wash their hands in our camper. Thanks.

  102. Beth R says

    It is useful for washing hands. Our counter is really far back and they can’t reach the faucet

  103. In the kitchen so he can “help” cook.

  104. nannypanpan says

    definately the bathroom

  105. Laurie says

    The bathroom! Also I put the wrong link in “post a tweet”


  106. holly says

    in the bathroom so my daughter can reach the sink πŸ™‚

  107. George Shoultes, III says

    Simply because he’s not tall enough.

  108. Jess says

    EVERYWHERE! lol mainly the bathroom and kitchen but I have found step stools to be useful in bedrooms to reach higher drawers and such as well.

  109. Lindsay T. says

    For sure in the bathroom! My 2 yr old son wants to wash his hands all the time!!

  110. lisa kay says

    At Grandma’s House because she doesn’t have a highchair

  111. Carol says

    It is useful in the restroom.

  112. Rebecca Orr says

    My son always wants to help me with the dishes. That is a great time to have a step stool….and yet we still have not got one. Thanks for the chance.

  113. Nicole says

    Im potty training my youngest, so it would benefit him using the toilet. Also my 5 year old could use the sink better

  114. We need a stepstool for our little guy in the bathroom

  115. Vera S says

    Going potty & washing hands. πŸ™‚

  116. amanda tate says

    using the potty and washing his hands!

  117. Danielle B says

    The bathroom! My baby’s way too short!

  118. nicole says

    bathroom to brush her teeth

  119. this would be perfect for my little guy in the bathroom thanks for the chance

  120. Jen H says

    by the bookshelf instead of standing on the bottom shelf! eek!

  121. Racquel S says

    By the bathroom sink to wash hands and brush teeth

  122. Lori K. says

    It would definitely be useful in the bathroom for brushing his teeth and in the kitchen for helping mommy and daddy with dinner!

  123. Ani says

    It would be most useful at the bathroom sink when brushing teeth.

  124. Erika says

    I would so use the stool for my daughter to help me cook in the kitchen!

  125. amanda says

    Well my son can’t stand just yet lol butbi would use it in the kitchen and or bathroom

  126. Gianna says

    By the bathroom or kitchen sink.

  127. Erin W says

    By the bathroom sink to wash hands.

  128. Priscilla Benavides says

    My boys need it in the restroom the most!
    priscillavbenavides at yahoo dotcom

  129. marissa maestas says

    In the bathroom when my son washes his hands

  130. michelle koerner says

    In the bathroom to reach the sink. Washing hands and brushing teeth would be alot easier with a step stool.

  131. Paula Michele Hafner says

    In the bathroom to use the sink!

  132. My nieces love to help me cook but can’t reach the counter. This would be a great addition!

  133. We always use step stools in the kitchen and bathroom

  134. Jeanine says

    I find it useful for my granddaughters to use a stepstool in the bathroom.

  135. Mary M says

    By the bathroom or kitchen sink.

  136. Kerry G. says

    In the bathroom, to reach the sink

  137. Valerie Taylor Mabrey says

    just think it is easy for them to reach and not make as many spills
    vmkids3 at msn dot com

  138. Deborah Mireles says

    so my grandaughter can wash her hands and brush her teeth like a big girl

  139. Kari Flores says

    It is most useful at the kids bathroom sink.

  140. Carmen says

    In the bathroom

  141. Brittney House says

    The bathroom sink.

  142. S Carter says

    We could use a stool in the bathroom.

  143. Jeni Lutz says

    the kitchen sink

  144. Misha Lynn Estrada says

    It would be useful for my child with the bathroom sink.

  145. wendy rozema says

    in the bathroom!!

  146. Beth says

    in the bathroom or in the kitchen when they help me make dinner.

  147. Leanne Hill says

    In the bathroom at the sink

  148. susan smoaks says

    this would be useful in the bathroom so they can reach the sink

  149. April Bradley says

    I haven’t even thought of needing a step stool so she can reach the sink! I keep finding out more and more that I need.

  150. Devon F says

    Bathroom so she can reach the sink

  151. Carolyn says

    The bathroom sink

  152. Summer says

    It would be useful in half bath downstairs πŸ™‚

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