{Wordless Wednesday} Sink Bath

Can you believe I never did this with the last two? Sawyer is my first baby to bath in the sink without a baby tub!

Sawyer James Bath tub in sink black & white

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  1. It looks like you have a big enough sink for it.

  2. Christine Mayfield says

    Love bathing my babies in the sink =)

  3. Mimi says

    That picture of Sawyer just makes me smile! He’s so adorable!

  4. I use to use the sink all the time. you have a beautiful one, BTW. Sawyer is getting so big so fast… sigh…

  5. Looking good! ALL CLEAN!!!!! That’s all I ever used with my babies… of course the first one was strictly by the book. After that I was a pro! hahahaha

  6. Aww, he’s so cute. I did the sink with all of mine, it just seems easier.

  7. Sink baths are AWESOME! He looks like he is enjoying it!

  8. I think I tried that once but my kids were so darn big they never really fit by the time they could sit up. He sure does look cozy there.

  9. So cute! We always bathed our little ones in the sink and our granddaughter just had her first sink bath last weekend!

  10. Lolo says

    Gotta love a baby sink bath!

  11. Gosh he is just the cutest!!

  12. They say after the 1st (and 2nd) child your a bit more relaxed and can enjoy doing things more simple. Enjoy your bathing in the sink experience

  13. So cute! I never did that with my son either- didn’t even cross my mind!

  14. Rosey says

    He’s getting to be such a big boy, and he’s still always so cute!

  15. We never did that either but he looks thrilled!

  16. Carolyn G says

    Ah my WW Sawyer fix!! I never want him to grow up!

  17. all my kids have been in the sink at least once.

  18. I have never had a sink that really works well for it, but it would be great!

  19. I wish my sink is big enough to bathe Kaden in..

  20. Adorable!!

  21. I used to have sink baths. But I never did it with my boys. Sawyer is so handsome!

  22. He looks like he is enjoying it too! It’s amazing what we do with our 2nd or 3rd children that we didnt do with the first.

  23. I love this picture! It’s beyond adorable!! I even showed my husband when I saw it on Instagram and he agreed that Sawyer is really cute!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  24. Aww he’s adorable. I never sink bathed my kids, but it seems like the babies really enjoy it.

  25. Did all 4 of mine that way! My sinks were never that big, double sinks so smaller! They loved it too!

    • Jennifer says

      My sink is a double sink ๐Ÿ™‚

  26. He is adorable!!

  27. Katy says

    I always bathed mine in the sink. Much easier than dragging out the old tub :).

    • Jennifer says

      Or bending over in the tub ๐Ÿ˜‰

  28. He gets cuter and cuter as he gets older. Love your counter tops too!

  29. Kitchen sink baths are the best!

  30. I love doing kitchen sink baths. I’ve done them with all my girls til they no longer fit in the sink, LOL!

  31. He is precious! Sink baths were so fun when my kids were small!

  32. I never did that with my son either, maybe the new baby will get to try!

  33. Awww they grow up so fast! I miss those!

  34. Love the sink baths!

  35. He looks like he’s enjoying it! I moved my daughter into the big tub to get baths with her sister the first chance I could. Getting two things done at once has made life so much easier. Especially since bath time is dad’s job!

  36. Katie says

    my daughter always took a bath in my mom’s sink when we visited her house.

  37. Jenny Lloyd says

    adorable! i wish my babies were still small enough to bathe in the sink

  38. Dee says

    We’ve only done it once! I usually bathe the two girls at the same time though.

  39. Cute! He seems pretty content with chillin’ in the sink.

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