{Wordless Wednesday} Puppy Love, literally.

It seems like wherever you see Sawyer…


Charlie isn’t far behind.


They both seem pretty fond of each other.


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  1. A boys best friend!!!

  2. Cathi says

    Don’t you wish you knew what they were thinking?!?

  3. Katie says

    we have the exact same topic this week! Super adorable!

  4. That last photo is precious!

  5. Oh my goodness, that last shot is just too precious.

  6. I love that! We got a kitten (6 weeks-ish) when James was 6 months old. That cat sleeps at the foot of James’ bed and will tolerate ANYTHING from him.

    The last photo is adorable!

  7. Awww so sweet! They’re going to grow up together and be best buds.

  8. They are so cute together. My daughter and our dog are best friends too πŸ™‚

  9. You can tell they definitely love each other – such sweet pictures.

  10. A boy’s best friend is always his dog! That last one though it sure looks like who’s going to lunge first. LOL

  11. Awwww that’s so sweet! I love when pets have such a close relationship with little ones.

  12. The last picture is just too cute. How precious!!

  13. oh my goodness! how cute! I love the last picture. My oldest son had a dog who always stay wth him when he was a baby. I even had a picture of them sleeping together! Sawyer has gotten so big. Oh my, where the time has gone!!

  14. It’s nice that their buddies. Love the last photo

  15. Aww they look like best buds!

  16. Carolyn G says

    I feel I say this every week: That is the most preciosu baby ever

  17. That last photo os absolutely priceless!! The others are adorable too, but I love seeing them face to face! So cute! Buddies for life!

  18. Aw kids and dogs it is such a sweet relationship Genevieve loves our dog too she gets so excited whenever she sees her!

  19. Love Sawyer and the Puppy. πŸ™‚

  20. Great pictures – they look like best buddies :)!

  21. So adorable. I especially love the last shot!

  22. That last one is so adorable

  23. Rosey says

    Aww, they love each other. πŸ™‚

  24. a boy and his dog

  25. Playing with the puppy is much more fun than those plastic toys, right?

  26. Dee says

    Adorable – ‘someone’ his own size! πŸ™‚

  27. I love these pictures. The last one is sooo cute!

  28. posh says

    Holy cow that’s adorable!

  29. So, so cute!

  30. Gotta love animals!
    Most of them are so compassionate towards children πŸ™‚

  31. Aww, very cute. He is a beautiful boy. I enjoyed your WW post. I am just starting with mine!

  32. Awww, what a sweet bond between the two!

  33. cathy henatyszen says

    such a cute picture… animals and kids can be so adorable

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