{Wordful Wednesday} A Little Christmas {Elf} Magic

Last year I really wanted to get into the whole Elf thing. I really did but I just found the whole ‘Elf on the Shelf’ to be really creepy. Gavin heard his friends talking about these elves that came and hid every night but I just didn’t want to play along. Then I heard about Elf Magic Elves. You pick if you wanted a boy or a girl and even what they looked like. I was thrilled! These elves were cute!!!! So, I explained to Gavin that he needed to write Santa a letter and tell him to send him an elf!

Gavin was thrilled when Grady made his appearance. He seriously thinks ‘Elfie’ (his new unofficial name) is the coolest thing ever and wakes up and takes off running to find him each day.

Some parents have a no touch rule but here I have no problem with it. I just tell him he needs to return to his previous spot before he goes to bed so Elfie can be left to have fun. To learn more about the elves make sure to check out their website or youtube We are SO so so happy we started this new tradition because it has added so much fun to this holiday season!

To see where Grady, opps I mean Elfie, hides each night make sure to follow me on Instagram!

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  1. We have a no touch rule, but that’s so that it doesn’t get lost! 🙂

    I do like your elf, it’s not nearly as creepy as the original one!

  2. I love getting ideas from other families on what to have our elf do. My daughter gets so excited to see what Maddie was up to over night when she wakes up each morning!

  3. I agree about the Elf of the Shelf looking kind of creepy. This one is super cute, though! Definitely going to check them out next year when I think my daughter will understand the whole concept better.

  4. Yours really IS cute! I really enjoy watching everyone’s elves. Between us – I really like the “inappropriate elf” that Baby Rabies started last year. I don’t think I have laughed that much in a Long long time!

  5. Now that elf is much cuter!!

  6. Yours is much cuter, the original is creepy but we don’t do it, the kids school does it, too much work to remember.

  7. Beth says

    What a fun tradition!

  8. Definitely much cuter then Elf on a Shelf…. we have Christopher Popinkins and my girls absolutely love finding him each morning.

  9. My children I must say never bothered my Christmas stuff. They knew that Santa would be very unhappy if they did. Love all your pics.

  10. It’s definitely cuter than the Elf on the Shelf. I’m sure Elfie will make Gavin’s Christmas even brighter.

  11. I think you are one of the first people to make me wish my children were still home so we could have one of these things.

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