Because my heart is broken

If you follow me along on facebook you know just how broken hearted I am about the 20 children and 6 adults that were killed Friday in the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting just an hour away from me.

I’ve spent the last few days just devastated about what happened and I honestly can’t think of any other news story that has made my cry and made me hurt like this one has. My heart goes out to all the families who have directly lost someone.



  1. I went to post a angel Isaak made last week for preschool last week for my WW – scheduled. I was laughing about it when I got it. It was cute, sweet and childlike. This week when I went to post it, I looked at it and could not stop crying. It has a whole new meaning. Of course I work with 2 males. Here I am crying my eyes out.

  2. Tara A. says

    I am very affected by the CT shooting, and I live many states away, so I cannot imagine how it feels for those close to the area. It is serious, scary, and devastatingly emotional.

  3. Jennifer, Sometimes God works in mysterious ways. God loves all his children and those who yell God why? God does work in mysterious ways, but I’m sure he has a very good reason… if not… God really didn’t pull that trigger you see. Lucifer jumps into the minds and leaves evil. We as parents have to trust in God’s will. There’s a an almighty plan I’m sure of it. Maybe one of those couples that lost a child wasn’t going to have any more children and somewhere down the line they might now and that child could grow up and save the world or become the first woman president. You see whenever one door closes another opens. I am a firm believer in that. Back in 1977 I had a baby girl. Angelina AnneMarie and we called her Angel. Why because if she was a boy it would’ve been Angelo and there wouldn’t have been Angel catch my drift here? Angel died four months to the day of S.I.D.S. The say she died I had an appointment scheduled to get my tubes tied. That didn’t happen and I had two more children which gave me three more grandchildren that were born and one of those children if not all were bound for greatness I’m sure of it & we all have God’s plan to thank for it. My little girl she’s my Angel of my life & some day we’ll be together again & I can thank her for so many scrapes she got me out of, for curing my fears, and so many other wonderful things because she sits there on my shoulder and touches me. She sleeps with me at night. Just like those 20 couples now have Angels on their shoulders I’m sure. Look up Jenn Angels watch over all children as they did those who died to bring them to heaven back to our Father. Hugs, yes my friend Angels are watching over you & yours too so hug those babies of yours because God has big plans for them and I’m sure it’s greatness!

  4. lisa lo says

    All they did was take their children to school. Now their lives are destroyed. It makes no sense whatsoever.
    I was just reading the book Amish Grace the same day this happened. I don’t know how they can forgive so easily.

  5. Like you, my heart is broken over this senseless tragedy. It’s an unfathomable nightmare. May God bless and bring some peace to everyone affected.

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