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I recently flew across the country to Westlake Village in California for the #DoleSummit Event. I shared a ton with you about the event through my social media pages and I’ve definitely been doing some thinking about a few of the things I learned while there. That will all be coming to you in a bit through another post though.

For now I’m here to share with you a great giveaway made possible thanks to the awesome Summit I attended. They shared with us a ton of coupons! So much so that there are more coupons my family needs. They expire soon so I thought why not the more the merrier!

We buy Dole Fruit cups all the time but I never paid attention to how many flavors and varieties! We buy the peaches and mandarin oranges! DOLE Fruit in 100% juice brings the freshness of DOLE fruit together with 100% juice for a delicious, award winning taste!* While other cups contain fruit in syrup or with artificial sweeteners, DOLE Cherry Mixed Fruit contains nothing but the fruit – real fruit in real fruit juice. DOLE Mixed Fruit in 100% juice offers a full serving of fruit in each 4-oz. cup, with the same nutrients as a serving of fresh fruit! These refreshing treats have 70 calories, no fat and 45 percent of the recommended daily allowance of Vitamin C. Each package contains four individually sealed 4 oz. cups with easy-to-open, peel-off lids. Enjoy DOLE Fruit in 100% juice at home, in the office or on-the-go.  They are perfect for a quick snack! Look for all eight delicious varieties of DOLE Fruit Bowls all natural fruit in 100% juice in the canned fruit aisle.  Have your Fruit in Fruit!

* DOLE Fruit Bowls Cherry Mixed Fruit in 100% Juice were awarded the 2011 ChefsBest® Award for Best Taste. The ChefsBest®Award for Best Taste is awarded to the brand rated highest overall among leading brands by independent professional chefs.

Fruit Bowls
Cherry Mixed Fruit
Diced Apples Diced Peaches
Diced Pears Mandarin Oranges
Mixed Fruit Pineapple Tidbits
Tropical Fruit
Fruit Bowls in Gel

Mandarins in Orange Gel
Mixed Fruit in Black Cherry Gel
Mixed Fruit in Peach Gel
in Strawberry Gel Pineapple in Lime Gel
Fruit Bowls in Sugar Free Gel
Mixed Fruit in Cherry Gel
Pineapple in Strawberry Gel
Fruit Parfaits

Apples and Creme Parfait
Peaches and Creme Parfait
Pineapple and Creme Parfait

One thing I had never heard of or even tried was their Fruit Crisps. I don’t know how since they are in the same section of the grocery store. Since my family has given them all a try. pop them in the mircowave for 20 seconds, sprinkle on the topping, and yum. A warm, delicious fruit serving that doubles as a portioned dessert or snack!

DOLE Fruit Crisps are satisfying bowls of juicy DOLE fruit in a fruit sauce, each with its own crispy, crumbly topping made with whole grain oats and brown sugar.  When you are ready to enjoy, simply peel back the lid and sprinkle the topping over the fruit! Packed in convenient clear cups with easy-to-open, peel-off lids, DOLE Fruit Crisps are a convenient anytime snack. DOLE Fruit Crisps are delicious room temperature, chilled from the fridge or heated briefly in the microwave (our favorite way to enjoy them!)

Guess what? I have enough coupons for TEN Winners to get TEN Coupons EACH pictured above! Don’t forget after to enter Sarah’s contest for a $50 Visa GC!

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  1. Theresa says

    Would love to win!

    • Theresa says

      And we love their bananas!

  2. I love the Peaches and Creme Parfaits!

  3. Nicole Copeland says

    I LOVE there Pineapple!!

  4. My favorite is the Mandarin Orange cups.

  5. We love all variety. my favorite is the Mandarin oranges.

  6. I love so many dole products, especially their fresh fruit, but the one Dole product I ALWAYS have on hand is their canned pineapple!

  7. My fav is the diced peaches. Yum!

  8. Angela M says

    I love the Apple Cinnamon Fruit Crisp.

  9. Nicole O'Hare says

    I love the cherry mix in juice! I actually ate one for lunch today 🙂

  10. Sue Ellison says

    I love their peaches.

  11. I like the Mixed Fruit Pineapple Tidbits

  12. Debra Hall says

    i love there Pineapple and Creme Parfait

  13. We love the Mandarin Oranges!

  14. Liz says

    I love all of their canned pineapple. The chunks are good for eating, but the crushed is good for a casserole I make.

  15. Mandarin oranges!

  16. Linda Kish says

    My favorite would be Dole bananas

    lkish77123 at gmail dot com

  17. Miranda Welle says

    Bananas are ALWAYS a hit with my boys! 🙂

  18. jennifer says

    I love dole pineapples!

  19. tess says

    diced peaches for my kids
    tcogbill at live dot com

  20. nancy says

    apple cinnamon crisp


  21. shelly peterson says

    We like the mandarin oranges but I would like to try the apple pear fruit crisp

  22. Angela says

    Dole Mandarin Oranges

  23. becky barrett beitzel says

    the parfaits!

  24. Shawna says


  25. Robyn Galloway says

    The canned pineapple!

  26. Jackie says

    We like the Cherry Mixed Fruit cups. My daughter started eating them when she was little (because of the cherries), but it’s still our favorite.

  27. I love the Apples and Creme Parfaits, they are so delicious! Thanks so much for hosting this great giveaway!


  28. Julie Lynn Bickham says

    I love their fruit chillers.

  29. Sharon Schoepe says

    Love Dole Mandarin Oranges. Kids would eat them every day if I would let them

  30. Natalie J Vandenberghe says

    The apple cinnamon fruit crisp is delicious! Thanks for the giveaway!

  31. Rebecca Orr says

    I LOVE Dole Crushed Pineapple!! I pour some into my cottage cheese! Delicious! Thanks for the chance. bekki1820cb at gmail dot com

  32. Dianna Thomas says

    I love the canned Pineapple and Peaches the best

  33. Christina says

    We love Dole juices! We also love the fruit crisp cups!

  34. Christina says

    We love Dole juices! We also love the fruit crisp cups!

    oops RC email myangeleryn(at)gmail(dot)com

  35. Wanda McHenry says

    Dole sliced pineapple

  36. Jean Carlisle says

    Dole Mandarin Oranges

  37. Tina says

    Love fruit, would like to try these.

  38. Jenny Lloyd says

    i love the apple cinnamon fruit crisp – it makes for warm, yummy, quick breakfast when i am on the run

  39. Heather Robinson says

    I really like the apples and cream, but it’s Dole…everything is good!

  40. Dole Pineapple Chunks

  41. susan h says

    I love Dole Pinapple. I would like to try the peach crisp

  42. Colleen Maurina says

    My favorite is their pears!

  43. Vera S says

    I like Dole sliced pineapple & Dole bananas. 🙂

  44. Sandy VanHoey says

    They have a new one that seems to be hard to find these days and it’s peaches in strawberry syrup. I have only found it in 1 store and my grandson loves it

  45. Mary Beth Elderton says

    I like the tropical fruit. I have to say that I’m a little behind–Dole’s fruit cups have come a long way! I’d love to try the crisps.

  46. debbie says

    I love their pineapple.

  47. I love Dole pineapple chunks. Freeze some and you have a great snack.

  48. TawndaM says

    my kids love Mandarins in Orange Gel… (I’ve NEVER gotten to try them… they go TOO fast!)

  49. Becky M says

    I love their Mandarin Oranges!

  50. Laurel O. says

    I love their mandarin oranges!

  51. Adrianne B says

    Pineapple juice

  52. sandra says

    i like their pineapple chunks

  53. kindra baron says

    I love their pineapple!

  54. Courtney S says

    I love thier Pineapple

  55. Marcia Goss says

    My favorite product is Dole canned pineapple.

  56. Elsie says

    I love all Dole products, especially those with pineapples!

  57. Jessica Beard says

    I love the Peach Fruit Crisp!

  58. clarissa says

    i like the cherry mixed fruit

  59. Jessica says

    Mandarin Oranges.

  60. Louis says

    I love their crushed pineapple
    Thank you for hosting this giveaway

    pumuckler {at} gmail {dot} com

  61. Susie says

    I only buy Dole canned pineapple – the store brand is yuck!

  62. Dole canned peaches are what I normally buy.

  63. Peaches!

  64. Kimberly Schotz says

    I like the Cherry Mixed Fruit

  65. Wendy O. says

    Love the Dole canned pineapple – I use it in some of my favorite summer recipes!

  66. Stacey B says

    I love the Dole fruit cups

  67. Tara says

    The diced peaches and mandarin oranges are faves at my house!

  68. Regina says

    Mandarin Oranges

  69. courtney b says

    i like the canned pineapple

  70. Becca says

    I just love their bananas 🙂

  71. Amanda Sakovitz says

    i love their peaches

  72. Kristi P says

    I love dole pineapple

  73. Jennifer Marie says

    I love the diced peaches.

  74. Kathy S says

    I love their peaches.

  75. Wanda McHenry says
  76. fruit cups

  77. Allison Lancaster says

    I like dole pineapple chunks, we use them on our homemade pizzas!

  78. Amanda J says

    I love Dole Pineapple rings. They are perfect for grilled cheese and pineapple.

  79. C.j. says

    Dole Pineapple slices

  80. Ellen Casper says

    Love the Dole fruit cups

  81. Wanda McHenry says
  82. Ttrockwood says

    Love the canned mandarin oranges

  83. I love their pineapple rings.

  84. Cynthia R says

    i like their mandarin oranges

  85. Gianna says

    Dole canned peaches and pears. I buy 6 huge cans of each when I go to sam’s club!

  86. Laura Jacobson says

    We love the fruit cocktail!

  87. I’d like teh Apple Cinnamon Fruit Crisp! 🙂

  88. Jennifer Mae Hiles says

    My daughter and I love their orange jello with tangerines!

  89. nannypanpan says

    i like their pineapple chunks

  90. Claudia says

    I like can pineapple.

  91. polly says

    like the peaches n creme parfait

  92. Shawn says

    Dole Pineapple.

  93. Jennifer T. says

    Our favorite product is their bananas.

  94. Melissa says

    I love the pineapple chunk cups

  95. Wanda McHenry says
    • Wanda McHenry says

      Ooops! I put it in Rafflecopter!

  96. Brandy says

    pineapple for sure.

  97. krista grandstaff says

    My kids like anything with mandarin oranges in it!

  98. I like their diced peaches

  99. Kristen says

    I love the pineapple chunks packed in juice.

  100. Mary Somerville says

    Dole’s frozen Cherries!

  101. Katy P says

    Dole pineapple is the best! Also the pineapple juice!

  102. Peaches are my fav.

  103. 414 Moms says

    Fave Dole product is the mixed fruit w/ cherries fruit bowl!! : )

  104. I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE the Apples and Creme Parfait! It’s like apple pie in a cup!

    coriwestphal at msn dot com

  105. Judith B. says

    I love the Dole frozen pineapple chunks.

  106. Deanna G. says

    Dole bananas!

  107. laurie says

    i love their jello with fruit

  108. Allison Downes says

    I love their Pineapples

    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  109. Dorothy Deakyne says

    Peaches are my favorite

  110. ky2here says

    Pineapple chunks – always love them as far back as I can recall.

    ky2here at msn dot com

  111. Ann Fantom says

    Dole pineapples are my favorite

  112. EMMA L HORTON says


  113. McKim says

    I like fresh Dole pineapples.

  114. Monique Rizzo says

    Thanks for the chance.

  115. Chrissy Nestor says

    I love peaches! Yummy!

    chrissylea1979 (at)gmail(dot) com

  116. Valerie Taylor Mabrey says

    crushed pineapple for recipes
    vmkids3 at msn dot com

  117. dole pineapple slices

    kport207 at gmail dot com

  118. CarolynH says

    Dloe Trop Fruit Bowls

  119. Thomas Murphy says

    I love the Apples and Creme Parfait

  120. Eve says

    I liked their canned pears

  121. diane Baum says

    I love their frozen pin. chunks

  122. Lisa L says

    My fave are the Dole Pineapple Chunks in Juice

  123. Tari Lawson says

    I like Dole bananas.

  124. Mary Cloud says

    The apple parfaits
    annabella @ centurytel dot net

  125. Sarah S says

    Dole pineapple rings.

  126. Christine says

    Dole Pineapple Chunks

  127. Miz Vickik says

    the pineapple!

  128. trixx says

    I like Dole Mandarin Oranges Fruit Cups

  129. Sandy VanHoey says

    Thanks so much! This is great!

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