And then there was one… {First Day Of School Pics}

Today was our first day of school for the boys here. I feel like one of the last to send them off. I’m sad to see them go we’ve had a really fun summer home. This the last year my two older boys will be in the same school again. That really makes me sad.

Of course in order to get good ones I have to be willing to take some silly ones (which to me are still good ones)!

Johnny was not thrilled about holding a sign. He wanted me to “tell your readers I will never hold a sign like this again because I know this is for your blog and I’m too old, this is embarrassing mom”.

The signs were tossed almost immediately but I still kept taking photos. I can’t believe he is in 6th grade! When did my baby get so big!

Gavin is so excited. He loves to learn and he loves to be challenged. He struggles in social situations and I love having him around a classroom full of kids with all different interests.

All summer I’ve been lucky to have my boys home with me.

Then the bus came…

they said goodbye

and boarded the bus.

And then there was one…


  1. Awwww, what a sweet post. I love first day of school pictures. I’m enjoying being home with my youngest while my big kids are in school…but it feels strange to run errands with only one in tow ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Jennifer says

      Isn’t the lack of fighting while out nice though? lol

  2. awwwe Soyboy looks so sad!

    • Jennifer says

      {giggles} and I know my faithful facebook readers

  3. I think you’ll enjoy some good quality alone time with Sawyer and then some time to get stuff done when he is sleeping.

    It was strange to say goodbye to Lucian but I’ll admit that I’m waiting for Warren to start up his Pre-K in a couple of weeks. Even though it means I’ll have to do drop off and pick up with a baby right at nap time, I think Warren needs that interaction. He is really missing having his brother to play with!

    • Jennifer says

      I wish I realized how lucky I was to be home pregnant last year while both boys were in school! The things I should have gotten done then lol!

  4. Oh and I meant to tell you that I adore that second picture with them being all silly. Gavin’s tongue is hilarious!

  5. Christine Mayfield says

    Awww so cute. I got a good laugh at your description of what Johnny said.

    • Jennifer says

      Is it bad he’d do it for you and not his loving mom? lol

  6. Jenny says

    LOL about the sign. He did hold it for you, so that’s cool! That last pic of Sawyer is so cute. He looks a little lonely.

    • Jennifer says

      he didn’t do it for me lol Oh he loved having me to himself but he definitely missed his brothers

  7. No matter how old they get, you still HAVE to take 1st day pictures. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Jennifer says

      whatever gets them this year right?

  8. Mimi says

    lol I haven’t come up against the “I’m never doing this again” comment. It’ll happen, no doubt. My boys won’t ever been in the same school again either. One year I had a kid in: college, high school, middle school and elementary! It’ll be nice to just be home with Sawyer. =)

  9. So know crying today that your little men have gown off to school? WAIT…. until that gorgeous sack of joy in that infant seat goes. I’m afraid the weather man will forecast a flood warning. hehehehe It so nice when siblings get along so well.

  10. Jenny Lloyd says

    Sawyer looks a little sad (but adorable) about his brothers going to school!

  11. mel says

    Beautiful pictures. They look so happy!

  12. First of all, my boyfriend would LOVE that had Gaven is wearing. LOL He’s quite the stylish little dude ^.^

    I love Johnny’s reaction to the sign-a true blood almost teenager!

    This is quite the fun post ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. Love the silly picture. The last picture got me! They grow up too quickly.

  14. I can’t help but giggle, Johnny has the look of a schemer in that first pic.

    It is sad seeing them all grown up and heading off to school. I’ll probably cry when Emma goes.

  15. Richard Hicks says

    Hope they are enjoying school thus far. From the pics you can tell they really love each other and big brother will always be there looking after his younger brother.

  16. Great pics of the boys! Hope they have a wonderful school year. It’s funny, my two boys (both in 8th grade) have said similar things about me posting stuff in regards to them on my blog.

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