Sawyer Started Solids

I had planned so many things for Sawyer’s first feeding. I had envisioned making all his baby food and waiting til he was 6 months old. With Johnny I was so excited that once the Dr. told me to start cereal at 4 months old I jumped at the chance. Food allergies became a big thing when Gavin was a baby and they recommended me wait until he was 6 months old.

At our 4 month check up the Dr. let me know that I could start solids at any time and especially if he was showing interest. Well, let me tell you- he was showing interest. He was gawking at anyone who ate. He was reaching for us when we would eat. I knew it was time but I was still trying to hold off. Then yesterday walking through the grocery store for some odd reason I grabbed an organic Gerber baby food and thought we’d try it out.

Little boy was very pleased to get things started.

I picked Sweet Potatoes. I’ve chosen them for all three boys as the first taste after cereal. With Sawyer I decided to skip cereal all together.

I pick Sweet Potatoes because when Johnny was little I was told to start with veggies first or they’ll never want anything other than fruit. It made sense to me so I always picked the sweetest veggie.

He was loving it. He was also the first baby to not spit any out. I also couldn’t get it in fast enough so he thought he’d try to help.

Charlie stood by hoping it would land on the floor but no such luck.

Sawyer gobbled it ALL up.

I think he was ready, don’t you?

Bib & Spoon are from Tommee Tippee which I LOVE.

What was your baby’s first food?

How long did you wait?

Did you make your own baby food?
(If you did can you point me in the right direction for recipes and consistency advice?)


  1. Elizabeth @ Table for Five says

    My oldest loved sweet potatoes so much, we almost couldn’t shovel them in his mouth fast enough! My boys both ate baby food, but Kaitlyn never did. When she started snatching food off of our plates, I just started grinding stuff up in our little mini Cuisinart food processer for her.

    Also, I have a weakness for photos of babies with food on their faces 🙂

  2. Ethan is really the only one of my kiddos that would eat baby food. His first food was carrots and he HATED them! lol

  3. jodi says

    The pics in Sawyer starting solids are too precious! It definitely showed his sheer delight with sweet potatoes! Beautiful!

  4. Jenny says

    He sure was ready! So cute. I know we started with rice cereal first and then added veggies and fruit. I just saw something the other day to start with meats first, but I can’t imagine any baby liking those nasty baby food meats. Gross!

  5. That is so strange how doctors can be so different. Both the doctor for my first two and for Wes have said cereal at 5 months, solids at 6 months so I’ve always stuck to that. I’ll be picking up some rice cereal next time I am at the store and Wes with start with that. I’ve always like to start with sweet potatoes too which is why I guessed those! 🙂

    Looks like Sawyer is one happy baby!!

  6. Christine Mayfield says

    I def think he was ready! My #4 would stare hard at everyone and would only eat table food not a bite of baby food. I don’t believe the whole fruit thing my Dr told me bc all my kids had fruit first and they love veggies. BTW Sawyer is so stinkin cute!

  7. Miranda Welle says
  8. Yep, I’d say he was ready!

  9. Sarah Osborne says

    My daughter was itching to eat early too, so we started at 5 months. We tried peas and peaches. She never was a fan of the baby cereal.

  10. Jen, he just gets freaking cuter & cuter with every passing day! When mine were little we started them on rice cereal and either bananas or applesauce. Sweet potato was the 1st veggie I gave my three.

  11. No doubt about it…that boy was ready for some chow!

  12. they grow way too fast! Shelby had some organic oatmeal this week too and she LOVED it!

  13. So cute!

    We did the whole cereal thing. I fed Mica on the early end. He was born with a cyst under his tongue and tongue tied. I wanted to make sure he could eat with a funky shaped tongue. He was only 4 months. He ate, but not well. I started Isaak off with cereal to.

  14. I made baby food for our oldest two, and their first food after cereal was sweet potato, also. Funnily enough, my oldest really enjoyed lentils of all things. I’ll be starting to make baby food again real soon!

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