SIX Amazing Years!

Six years ago today at 10:05 am we were blessed with our 9lb 15 oz bundle of joy!
Since then you have opened our hearts and filled our lives with so many amazing moments! You are so very important and so very special. You have made us so very happy! I can’t wait to see the amazing boy you’ll grow into over the next year!


What an amazing boy you have grown into!

Happy 6th Birthday Gavin!!!


  1. So fun to see how much he’s grown. Happy birthday to Gavin!!

  2. Happy Birthday, Gavin!

  3. Christina says

    Love the pictures… my favorite is the one of him on the board by the water. SO cute!!!

    My daughters 9th birthday is tomorrow!

  4. Dee says

    This brings a tear to my eye…. HAPPY BIRTHDAY GAVIN!!! 🙂

  5. Jenny says

    Happy Birthday to Gavin!

  6. Happy Birthday Gavin!

  7. Aw, happy happy birthday to the birthday boy!
    What a lovely tribute to a handsome 6 year old ^.^

  8. HOLY CRAP GIRL! YOU WERE HUGE!!!! HAHAHAHA HAPPY BIRTHDAY BIG GUY! You’re big enough now to take care of Mommy and your brothers I’d say! Have the best birthday ever and don’t forget to save me a flower! hehehehe

  9. What a sweet collection of pics. I absolutely love the last picture with the chalk birthday cake!

  10. they grow up way tooooo fast. Happy Birthday Gavin

  11. How totally adorable is he… I love the photo of him on the boogy board.
    He seems like such a happy boy, I am sure whatever he does when he grows up will make people happy.
    Happy birthday, Gavin.

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