Four Months Old {Sawyer James}

Time is flying. FOUR MONTHS! Can you believe it. I wish I could just freeze time and hold my sweet little baby forever and ever. We’re about to leave the helpless baby stage and move on to solids, sitting, rolling, etc and as excited I am to see him learn and grow I’m saddened to know He the last itty bitty one I’ll have to hold. That just means I need to hold on and cherish every moment!

Sawyer Four Month Facts:
Height: 23.5″
Weight: 13lbs on the dot
50 % for height
6 % for weight

Confession: I lost the piece of paper that I wrote all the info from his Dr. visit. Horrible, I know. So I can’t remember his head circumference and guessed at what I think they said his height is. He received 4 shot vaccines and one oral. He was a champ and barely cried. I have weened him from his reflux medication and he seems to be doing fine.

My supply has taken a crazy drop. My stash has taken a beating and I’ve been forced to introduce formula. I tried everything I could and he was to the point of crying from hunger. I refuse to starve my baby and feel it was needed. We are using our Tommee Tippee bottles and Gerber Good Start formula. I’m debating switching to Enfamil because there are so many coupons I can get my hands on for those.

We’re sleeping all night long. It’s great. I can’t complain. He’s still in his Fisher Price Sleeper to sleep in at night. He still naps during the day too. Overall he is a very happy and content baby and we are just too blessed. Occasionally he even falls asleep on the floor while playing with his playmats.

He still loves his playmats but he’s starting to pay attention to little rattle like toys off the mats now. We tried out two different entertainer centers but he’s not interested yet. He’ll sit there for a moment and begin to cry. Shortly though.

He still hasn’t rolled over and he hates tummy time. I still make him try it each day. The Dr. mentioned he had a slight flat spot and to encourage it more so I will. He is starting to giggle and he is so much more responsive. I can’t wait til we hear that gut belly laugh though.

Monthly Side Notes:

We are still fitting into 0-3 month clothing but I’m getting bored and starting to dip into the 3-6 month wardrobe lol! As long as I stick to stuff like tanks and shorts you can’t notice. His sleepers are way to big though so we’re in the smaller ones. He’s still wearing size 1 diapers. We prefer Pampers right now. Huggies are leaking a lot for us.

He loves being read to. Gavin loves to read to him so it’s perfect. Sawyer also loves being the center of attention and will be a happy baby as long as he is. He’s also a morning person. He wakes up smiling (no crying!) and happy! As the day goes on he gets grumpier and grumpier.


  1. 4 months?! It seems like he was just born yesterday! He is such an adorable baby!!

  2. I just love reading your updates! I can’t believe how quickly the time has gone!! He is so precious 🙂

  3. Time does need to freeze. He’s such a cutie! His face filled out a bit more since birth and he developed the cutest smile!

  4. Liz Robinson says

    Such a cutie!! I love seeing picture of him, he is just too adorable!

  5. This is like watching my own baby grow up without having to change diapers! How cool is that? hehehe He’s a cutie pie and I can’t wait until next month. Love how you have the pics back to back!

  6. It’s amazing how much he’s changed in 4 months. Sooo cute!

  7. Oh, he’s so cute! I love this stage as they are so much fun to play with! And I can tell you guessed on his length. I’m thinking you meant more around 25″ or he’s REALLY short. 🙂

  8. Ann B. says

    He is a living doll..God Bless Him!

  9. mel says

    He is so unbelievably cute!

  10. So cute! Where did you get that little blue chair that he is sitting in?

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