Three Months Old {Sawyer James}

I can’t believe my littlest man is three months old. He has been such a blessing and I can’t imagine not having him in my life. I have loved taking so many photos of him and honestly it gets really hard picking which ones to share with you and which ones aren’t. I have been really good at making it to CVS and printing all the photos I’ve taken since he was born…. now if I can just get them into albums.

I don’t have any three month measurements of him because we haven’t been back to the Dr. since his two month visit and won’t be back until his four month visit. It’s been great being away from the Dr. and since his weight is back on track we haven’t had any reason to return. He is still on his reflux medication. I tried weaning it off but he got cranky and starting spitting up again so I had to put him back on it. Also, his blocked eye ducts seem to have fixed themselves for the most part but we now have the lovely cradle cap that all my boys have had.

Sawyer is awake much more then he has been in the past months and he is discovering the wonderful world around him. Right now he has discovered his hands and you’ll find him often extending his arms out to get a good look at them.

He is also becoming a fun little boy to play with. He loves his playmats and anything that dangles in front of his face. We have more dangle toys with him then I did for both Johnny and Gavin combined! His smile is contagious and we all have fun seeing who can make him smile the biggest.

he still doesn’t sleep in his crib but I place him in it when I clean his room or to wash my hands after I change his diaper. He loves playing in it and he just loves his mobile. It’s instant happiness the moment the music starts and instant tears the moment it stops.

He is still sleeping on the side of my bed in his Fisher-Price Sleeper and generally falls asleep in his swing at night around 8-9pm and I pick him up, change him, and lay him back down when I go to bed and he sleeps until about 6-7am. Sometimes he wakes up and sometimes he doesn’t but he nods right off if he does. Its wonderful to finally get sleep again.

He is such a happy, healthy baby and I’m just so in love.

Monthly Side Notes:

We are exclusively wearing only 0-3 month clothes. Of course now that it’s warming up I’m dying to jump over to his summer collection in the 3-6 size but we’re still a ways off from fitting into them. We are wearing size 1 diapers and I’m finding that I prefer Pampers diapers and Huggies wipes which is funny since I previously preferred Huggies diapers and Pampers wipes.

He is refusing the binky more and more and I’m pretty sure if he could fit his whole hand in his mouth he would. He loves sucking on his fingers! He loves being held over your left shoulder and will likely cry if you hold him any other way. He loves to know what’s going on and if you hold him in your arms across your chest he’ll expect to be fed and does not enjoy being held that way. He loves being held and we’ve hit the point where I struggle to put him down at times but as my last baby I’d rather hold him while Hubby insists I’m creating a problem.

I had to include one last shot. It’s as though he’s saying:

‘Really Mom? More pictures?’

Monthly Side by Side Photos! See how he’s grown!


  1. He sounds exactly like Shelby! and wow look how much he has grown! He looks like a baby and not a newborn anymore. Such a cutie!

  2. Jenn says

    Adorable pictures, Mamarazzi! So glad you are getting some sleep again. It makes all the difference in the world.

  3. Jenny says

    So sweet!

  4. Rose says

    Such a cutie. I can’t wait to meet my new little one.

  5. Christine says

    Aww look at how big he is getting! I love pampers on my babies when they are younger and whenever I smell a swaddler diaper I think of a newborn baby =).

  6. He totally lost that newborn look, and he’s grown so much. He’s so cute! I love how his personality shows right through the pictures.

    Hard to believe it’s 3 months!!

  7. He’s absolutely adorable and growing so quickly. It seems like yesterday he was just born and now we’re reading about him being 3 months old.

  8. What a sweet little man, he’s adorable!

  9. I know I’m preaching to the choir…..but he’s so sweet.

  10. So adorable I can’t believe he’s 3 months already!! Time goes so fast!!

  11. I have a 7 month old baby girl. She loves being held and would be in my arms all day if she could. I went through a stage where i could not do my house work until she went to bed at night. She is now crawling which does make it easier, It just means when she wants my full attention, she can come to me instead of crying all on her own until i can get to her if i am busy. Please persevere with her. She will outgrow it. I have found my daughter to be very content and at ease because i have followed her lead. I have 3 sons aged 13, 5 and 3 as well and they were all the same and are perfectly balanced well adjusted little boys.

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