{Wordless Wednesday} Only Took 4 Years…

As many of you know our house burnt down January of 2007. In January of 2008 we moved back in but still had a lot of projects left to finish.

Over the weekend we finally had our deck built.
{and yes, I realize my husband still needs to take down the xmas lights, lol}

We still need to stain it (and the front door) but we are so happy that it’s done.

We even bought these lights for the walkway and capped the stair posts with LED lights.

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  1. Beautiful. I love the front porch and how long your drive way is!

  2. Wow, your new home is beautiful, and I absolutely love that porch.

  3. So beautiful! Congrats!

  4. Pssst you have a package on the porch lol

    It looks beautiful although I love the stone walkway more.

  5. Woo Hoo! Looking good Mama! Hey, we just got a new deck too & a patio – I have a hinter on today’s Post but the story won’t be until Thursday. hehehe Come on how many people read these comments? Give that new BB a smooch for me. Hey wait, we got those same lights at Home Depot – very cool LOL.

  6. A beautiful home Jennifer!

  7. It is coming along! At this point I would leave the lights up lol.

  8. We live in a Victorian Style home with a front porch and verandah, I LOVE porches and glad you got yours done!
    Thanks for the linky πŸ™‚

  9. You’ve come a long way and your home looks beautiful!

  10. The porch looks awesome!! And, I LOVE your house!!

  11. Jenny says

    It looks great! You have an awesome yard too!

  12. It looks great!

  13. Beautiful yard!!


  15. Dee says

    YAY! That has to feel so good to have it done!

  16. Jen says

    What a fantastic porch. I want to grab a rocking chair and come sit on it with you! (In the evening, I want to turn on those Christmas lights and enjoy them!)

  17. Your home is so beautiful! I love your new deck and your walkway!

  18. Kelly says

    The deck is awesome! My husband and I were hoping to do a backyard deck this year but it doesn’t look like it will happen. You have to love just being able to sit out front and relax.

  19. Wow! What a beautiful home. I can see why you are proud and excited!

  20. What a wonderful feeling it must be to have the deck completed! I know our deck is where we spend a lot of family time.

  21. Bobbie says

    I didn’t see the house before, but I bet that you are glad it’s back to normal and it looks GREAT!

  22. It looks awesome…my husband has been promising to fix our driveway for a year and a half…I expect it will be at least 4 years before he gets around to it!

  23. Emily says

    Gorgeous! And your lawn is beautiful, too!

    So tell us-us that an item you’re reviewing in the package by the front door?!

  24. It looks great! I’ve always wanted a front porch!

  25. Love your deck and I LOVE that stone pathway!

  26. The new deck looks great! I love the light caps on the stair banisters!

  27. Looks great! We just took our christmas light down last week so don’t feel bad πŸ™‚

  28. It looks great! Your house is beautiful!

  29. It’s beautiful.
    I love the lights on the caps of the posts on the stairs.
    I bet it feels great to sit out there and relax.
    Congratulations. =)

  30. It’s looking really good, I know how long it takes to come back after something like that and you guys have really come far. I am envious of your walkway, it’s lovely.

  31. Katy says

    I love the deck/porch! It looks great. Our deck needs a lot of TLC. I would love to enlarge it.

  32. looks great! i love the lights.

  33. Beth says

    Looks great! Love the big front porch. πŸ™‚

  34. It looks fantastic! LOVE it!

  35. It looks great, it must feel so good to have it done. I like the walkway lights. My house burned down when I was 17, I’m sorry you had to go through that.

  36. One project after another it seems. I’m glad you got a few things done. I started a few and need to finish them.

  37. That must feel great to have those things done.

  38. Katie says

    that looks great! I love those lights, too!

  39. Love the porch. My dream house has a wraparound porch. Maybe some day πŸ™‚

  40. Rob says

    Looks awesome!

  41. Wow that’s a beautiful house. The deck looks great.

  42. Mimi says

    Wow, it looks amazing! You guys did an amazing job!!

  43. looks fabulous!!

  44. Love the deck! (And I had to chuckle at the package at the front door!)

  45. Amanda says

    I love your house, and all that land! I want a big house with lots of land for the kids to play in

  46. OH I love your house. Don’t worry, I keep my Christmas lights up all year round (unlit) just because it’s sooo much quicker the next year lol

  47. Livivua Chandler says

    A very simple yet polished home- It is nice. My husband would love the cabin look of your home.

  48. You have a gorgeous house!
    I think that deck just is the icing on the proverbial house cake πŸ™‚

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