Wordless Wednesday – Sawyer’s Crib

I’ve been talking about how my Husband gave me a Valentine’s gift this year better then any other on facebook.

He got me a carpenter! Last week the carpenter spent two days here and he’ll be back for two more. One of his projects was framing the windows in Sawyer’s room. His room is actually our unfinished bathroom and there was exposed insulation that needed to be taken care of.

Of course I didn’t realize any of this until his room was about 60% done. So I had to basically empty it all out and cover the pieces of furniture in large pieces of plastic. I rewashed the bedding and other things that I left in there.

I requested that it be the first thing he got done so that I knew I could get it done over the weekend. I spent the ENTIRE day Sunday in there. I am SO happy with how it turned out. Looks funny to see light wood but it will likely be removed when we convert it back to a bathroom so we didn’t take the time to stain it.

Stay tuned for the FULL REVEAL Thursday or Friday!

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  1. Oh wow, that looks awesome!!

    My Organized Chaos

  2. oooh, looking forward to the final reveal!!!! BTW, that was an AWESOME V-day gift!

  3. Kathy says

    What a great gift! My husband needs to get pointers from yours!

  4. Heather Robinson says

    Oh I love it! It turned out really cute!

  5. Katie says

    looks like it’s all coming together!

  6. What a SUPER CUTE ROOM!!! I love the decor!!

  7. There’s always projects to do around any house. Glad one of them is getting done.

  8. Jen says

    The room looks great already! So jealous of your carpenters, I could list a few projects for us too. It’s funny, but I think that would be a GREAT Valentine’s Day gift too.

  9. beautiful room!

  10. It looks great!

  11. LOVE the soft blue and green in that!

  12. That is awesome! I love how it’s coming along. Sawyer will be at home in his room! ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. Looks like it’s coming along nicely. How cute. I like the lighter wood.

  14. I love it! This so makes me miss having a baby!

  15. That had to have been stressful. I’m glad you got it done though! It looks great.

  16. That is awesome! And I love the bedding set!

  17. Liz Robinson says

    I love the crib and the decorations on the wall behind the crib.

  18. Looks great, and what a cool idea to use the unfinished bathroom. What is the thing to the right of the pic?

  19. Aww! It looks so cute! I love those adorable wall decals!

  20. What a great room! I love the decor!

  21. Beth says

    So cute … and Congrats on having him early!!

  22. Tammy says

    The transportation theme is so cute!

  23. It looks so cute! That really was a nice surprise! And congrats on having the baby!

  24. That’s sweet. He’s gonna love the bold colors and shapes.

  25. Very nice, but it sure looks like a whole lotta work. Do you have enough time to finish it? Hope so. Have a great day!

  26. It’s coming together! I love your bedding and the rug, it’s adorable!! Hard to believe he will be here so soon!

  27. Thanks for the linky! Have a great day.

  28. Very cute! I love it.

    Your message about no spam and links other than WW cracks me up. Happens to me on my blog every week and I have to fix it. Sooooo annoying. Now I see it happened to you again this week.

  29. Awwww I love it!

  30. Looks so cute!

  31. Amy says

    Looking cute! Congrats!!

  32. Mimi says

    That is adorable!! Love what you’re doing!

  33. That baby has got it MADE! Look at that beautiful crib and those wall graphics ๐Ÿ™‚
    It’s beautiful; I can’t wait to see the full reveal!

  34. Love it! The way you decorated it with the wall art is adorable. I can’t wait to see the final product. Congrats on your new little man ๐Ÿ™‚

  35. That’s an awesome room, congratulations on having your baby!

  36. nicole says

    that is so amazingly cute. I love it!

  37. Eileen says

    How ingenius to use the space so nicely and it looks fabulous! I just saw your facebook post that he is here! Hope your carpenter is able to get it done while you are in the hospital. I would faint away if my husband did something that nice for me. I have been waiting for 10 years to get something done in our house. still waiting…
    Maybe i need to have another baby. LOL> not!

  38. It’s looking so nice and btw welcome Sawyer to the world! He looks sooooooo cute!

  39. It looks really nice!

  40. Katie says

    It looks so good!

  41. It’s beautiful… I love the colors of the blanket and the crib.
    Sawyer is going to be very happy. =)

  42. Super cute!

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