My Gift Wrap Storage Station Organized!

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Oh, how my wrapping paper, gift bags, and bows have been my enemy the past couple of years. I used a box in a closet we didn’t need and just kinda threw everything in there. I’m a procrastinator so I’m always thinking of wrapping birthday gifts at the last minute. That results in my digging through and tearing it apart.

I shared on facebook how I needed to do something now with it all to get it under control. I’m in the middle of setting up the nursery for Sawyer and the closet he’ll be using is filled with our luggage and consignment clothes. As I mentioned his room really isn’t a room but our unfinished master bathroom so there is a mini room that will eventually just have a toilet it in. I am using that as storage still since there is a capped whole in the floor where the plumbing was done and I don’t want baby to be able to get to it.

Embarrassed to even show you this!

As you can see the room was a mess. The leaf to our kitchen table and two spare drawers to my husbands dresser were also in there. It was a disaster. It was once all contained in the box but as we used it we were lazy putting it back. The kids were the worst. They’d go in looking for a gift bag for one of their friends and just throw stuff however. Something had to be done. Especially being in need of this space!

I looked at many different ideas and many different containers. In the end I didn’t want something that was expensive or something that locked me in long term. Eventually I’d love to get this into my craft room but that room is a whole other project that needs a huge make over. I bought the Stackable containers and this whole set cost me $35. The Sterilite White Small 3 Drawer Storage Unit was $25 and the large one on top was $10. They were more sturdy then others I found and I liked that they could be changed around and taken apart. I can always find a later use for items like these.

Look how much more space I have now?!?! This is taken from the same angle as the first photo! Now I can fit all the other things that need to go in here and get Sawyer’s nursery in order. Plus, I can quickly run in and grab everything I need quickly and leave it looking the same way I found it- hopefully the kids will do the same.

Hopefully, I’ve inspired a project for you. Getting organized is a huge priority for me these days and I promise to share with you all the ideas I end up following through with!

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  1. Nice work! It feels so good to tackle an organizational project, doesn’t it?? I store my wrapping stash in an old dresser {bags, tissue, ribbons, gift boxes, etc.} and the rolls are kept in one of those tall flip top containers. I love those Sterlite drawers though, I keep my nail polish in a smaller one!

  2. Linda says

    Great job!! I need an organizing genius to come help me with my closet =)

  3. Jenny says

    Holy cow! Looks awesome!

    I love organizing a room that needs it badly. Especially when the ‘after’ is so drastic!

  4. ShellieAndBrutus says

    Wish i could bet motivated to do that. I just keep looking at the pile of wraps say “later…later…:

  5. Becca says

    Wow, awesome clean up job! Our gift wrapping supplies are spread out on a few shelves on a huge bookcase in our garage. It’s a wreck!

  6. Wow, what a difference! When you’re in need of space, you need to get as creative as you can with organization, and it definitely looks like you did just that 🙂

  7. Katie S says

    Nice job!!! I need some motivation to start organizing. Ughh. One of my hurdles is a lot of the stuff that needs organizing belongs to my husband and he doesn’t have much time for such projects. Sigh. But we are moving soon, so I seriously need to go through some of our stuff and get rid of things! Or it’s going to be a nightmare to pack!

  8. You have inspired me! That is how our entry way closet looks. If you need a jacket you had better hurry up and close the door before everything falls on you. Wow! That had to feel so good. 🙂

  9. Amanda Hudson says

    Great organization! I am jealous 🙂 Want to come do mine 😉

  10. Gerry says

    My gift wrapping stuff is ‘some here, some there’ organized and it’s not always easy to remember where. I love these ideas and can’t wait until those drawer units go on sale! Thanks for the inspiration.

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