Capturing A Screen Shot Tutorial.

How Do I Get A Screen Shot?

That’s a question I hear a lot. I see it regularly on my facebook feed and thought I’d give a quick tutorial. First things firs you need to find your paint program. Pretty much all laptops and desktops come with a simple program. If you don’t find one just google ‘free paint program’ and I’m sure you’ll find one.

Since I use mine regularly, mine is right in my menu.

Open up a new page (mine automatically does when I start the program). Now that you have that open go back to the page you want to screen capture. I often find the time I’m using it most is on flash site, when I’m in an online meeting, or when I see something that I think might not be there when I go back. Mostly flash sites though that I’m working with that won’t let me grab a stock photo I might need.

When you go to what it is your needing to capture find the PRINT SCREEN button on your key board. I’ve noticed for some it’s just the F12 button. For my laptop it’s a button that shows: Prnt Scrn. Here’s a shot of where mine is.

Now return back to your new paint page. Hit ‘Ctrl & V’ and you should now have your image in the paint program! You can either edit and play with your image or simply hit save!

I don’t generally do any editing other then cropping in my program. I then take it over to my regular photo editing program site that is sadly closing. If you have a favorite photo editing site remember once you save the basic image you can bring it there too!


  1. That is probably the COOLEST thing I’ve seen!!
    I thought you were just talking about a screen SNIP, but this is way cooler 🙂
    Thank you for the tutorial!

  2. Denise G says

    Great tutorial. I always forget as I don’t use it often.

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