What Is On My Christmas List?

Every year I get the same thing ‘What do you want for Christmas?’ and every year I answer the same thing ‘I dunno’. Yet every year I have a list of wants but I can just never be the type of girl to say this, this, and this when it concerns me. Why is that? When it comes to ou kids we can usually tell each family member a list for each child and make sure that no one gets duplicates. Tell them which take priority and even which ones you need to be told about if they don’t want to purchase them because the kids really want them.

This year I have several things that I want. Surprisingly I’ve actually shared my list with people. Well, kinda. Some of these I’ve never mentioned. I don’t know why that is. But I can share them with you. Here is what I hope Santa brings me this year:

I honestly could care about the brand, price point, or features. The kids and I just miss our milkshakes & smoothies. We had a $150 Cuisinart one but it didn’t even last one summer. When I told the company, they ignored me. hmph.


Kitchenaid Hand Mixer
If you follow me on facebook you know that Johnny blew my hand mixer the day before Thanksgiving. I’m dying without one with all the baking I’m doing but luckily I at least have my stand mixers. I do a lot with a hand mixer so for me having both is definitely key. Hubby insisted I was foolish to go buy one when I have tons of people asking what I want so I am trying like crazy to hold off for Christmas.

Lotions & Sprays
I always get the same stuff. Victoria’s Secret Vanilla Lace. I’ve actually been wearing it since high school. I love it but hubby- not so much. So this year I told him to go there and pick out a new scent. I like Victoria’s Secret best b/c it’s not greasy and the scent last far longer then it’s competitor’s like Bath & Body Works.

For the days when I don’t use lotions. Plus, I know Hubby likes this. I bet even though I asked for the above I’ll end up with this.

iPad Stand
I love to cook in my kitchen and try new recipes. I use my iPad all the time in the kitchen. There are so many different versions of this but I think the Belkin one interests me most.

So, what do you think of my list of wants? Any of them on your list?
Tell me you have (or haven’t) asked on your wish list this year!


  1. Jennifer S says

    I feel guilty saying I want things. So every year people just have to guess.

    Funny thing….I love the Vanilla Lace but hubby doesn’t too! I keep a bottle in the truck.

  2. I just bought myself a bunch of the Love Spell …. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the scent. That KitchenAid blender works fabulously too!

  3. I want an immersion blender!

  4. There are things I would like for Christmas but unless I buy them, they won’t be under my tree – things like an iPad. That said, my hubby and I have already picked up the treadmill I wanted and it’s good to go. So I think that Christmas is almost covered. I will tell my daughters that I’m looking for an Olympus Stylus camera. I can’t do video and the image stabilization is shot on my current one. Imagine taking 10 pictures and then it’s got a dead battery too. There are some simple gifts that are quite useful. I think everyone needs backup appliances for when the primary one dies in the middle of a holiday. That includes irons, hand mixers, and coffee makers.

  5. Mary says

    I always want stuff that doesn’t fit under the tree like the disposal fixed or the ugly paneling in our living room dry-walled. New front steps would be nice…

    • Jennifer says

      LOL! I am SO with you! I’m living in a house with no paint on the walls- FOUR YEARS later!

  6. Dawn C says

    I have a Blender on my list too. I want either the Blendtec or Vitamix. I would have to agree with the Ipad stand too for that same reason.

  7. Christine M says

    At the top of my list is my hubby home for Christmas. . .but I doubt the military will allow that so I’ll go with a Kitchen Aid, A Kindle Fire a new Droid phone and for my kids to have a fantabulous Christmas. They saw their wrapped gifts and said “who is that for” I said all of you they said ‘where is your gift Mommy’ I said ‘I don’t want anything but might buy a new phone’ but I feel guilty doing that because you never know what may come up =). I do love your list though things that you will actually use and NEED =)

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