Another Undocumented Newborn {Pregnancy Update & Pic}

Why must we have to name our children? It is such a big responsibility and one that, well, is too much for me and my husband. You would think finding a name for a child should come easy but we just find it to be such a difficult process. We want names that aren’t bouncing off the wall with uniqueness but at the same time aren’t a dime a dozen. I grew up as a Jennifer in the 80’s & 90’s. There were often times 4-5 of us in a class. I couldn’t even be ‘Jennifer T’ at times because there were several of us.

Then I reflect back to Johnny. Daddy picked his name 100% and I picked the girls name. If wee won the gender we won the name. Well, today I am so THANKFUL he wasn’t a girl name Jordyn. I’m also not a fan of the girl name I had picked for Gavin.

Oh Gavin. That’s a story in itself. Do you know we took him home nameless? The hospital was highly against it as without a name there is technically no finished paperwork on the child and you are essentially bring home an undocumented child. However several weeks later to let them know my boy would be Gavin Jagger and not Baby Boy.

Then since he was born I’ve been in LOVE. Yes LOVE! with the names Samuel David and Juliette Elizabeth. Have you noticed those have NOT been contenders in this whole name debacle?!? If this lil’ man had been a girl she would have been Delilah Jane. Much different.


That brings us back to full circle. What to name this baby?!?!

I’m still loving Sawyer and while I insist it’s his name until something better is brought to my attention the more I refer to him as Sawyer the more it becomes his name to me. Hubby loves Calvin but I think it’s too close to Gavin. I also love Charlie. While the boys still want Logan.

So I’m pretty sure it’s going to be Sawyer- but don’t hold me to it.

Thought I’d share with you another preggers pic. None for awhile and now 2 in one week! After last weeks bad hair and no make up I figured this one was a bit better. Still vampire pale but my hair isn’t plastered back into a ponytail.

Oh, and yuck. I failed my gestational diabetes test so now I have to take the three hour. Of course they are wanting me to come in this week and I just want to laugh. How do they really expect me to come in the week before Christmas for three hours and not leave? Or even next week when the kids are on vacation. So I’m going to see when they call again. Otherwise it will have to wait until 2012.


  1. For some reason, our names this time around came quickly when they actually did. We couldn’t decide up until the point we knew genders but once we knew, one first name was decided before we were out of the office. The second was kind of hard as we wanted to use my Grandpa’s name somehow but I just didn’t feel a Gary as a first name.

    • Jennifer says

      Thank goodness we aren’t in charge of naming TWO!

  2. We were the same way with names. My husband and I are both artists. So in our case, their names had to be unique, but we wanted something people can pronounce.

    I’m glad we named them what we did. Mica Zachary and Isaak Jaxon. I just now really love Harrison and we’re done having kids.

    I loved the name Savannah Claire for a girl! No such luck.

  3. Do not eat or drink anything (other than water) before you take your test. I didn’t know this and failed the 1 hour one with my 1st. But knew not to eat and drink with my 2nd and 3rd and passed each time. The 3 hour test was horrible! Had the shakes and felt like I was going to barf.

  4. Christine M says

    I hate those tests they swear bc I am overweight I am gonna have G.D. yet throughout all 4 of my pregnanices I’ve never had it and never failed a test. Its weird bc here in GA they want to test you at 12 wks and again at 20. They tell you don’t eat anything with sugar from the time you wake up til you take your test. But when we lived in MO they didn’t have any restrictions. Hope you pass the 3 hr one.

  5. Nicole L. says

    My husband and I had so much trouble choosing a name for our son. He always teased me that we were going to name him Shazam. The problem is that we have totally divergent tastes when it comes to names. I like traditional names and spellings and he likes things that are a little more off the wall. We ended up calling him Jackson Arthur. Have you considered Tristan? That’s my stepson’s name and it might be a good fit. It’s traditional but not at all common. He’s never met another person with his name. Unfortunately his little brother will not have the same luck.

  6. Amanda says

    bummer about the glucose test. I did mine 2 weeks ago and have my next appt tomorrow. I hope I passed!

    As far as names, I like Sawyer and I think it would be a super cute name for your little guy!

    We have ad our names picked for many years. So glad that Pat and I know the names we like and want and didn’t argue on any of them.

  7. Emily says

    Sawyer is a great name! You may want to think hard about Logan though, it is very common among shouting parents at our local playgrounds!

    What a wonderful photo of you – you look lovely!

  8. Of course I’m bias to Logan since my son is named that! I had my first two kids’ names picked out in a short matter of time. My third child, however, was quite the debate. I literally drew his name out of a hat, from a variety of choices, in the hospital parking lot before going in to have him.

    • Jennifer says

      This totally cracked me up. See our airport is Logan and I just can’t get past that lol

  9. Sawyer was my boy name…but we had a girl. and we are done. so, our next dog will probly be sawyer! or popcorn…but that’s another story. 🙂 good luck with your test.

  10. Well in our family we always named the boys after someone in particular or a name that was just not in the family. My oldest son had two names not in the family & as soon as I named my son Anthony my cousin named her son the same. lol The girls were different my oldest is what I should’ve been named. My Dad wanted Patricia or Susan thus my oldest daughter & when… well when my youngest daughter was to be named I let her oldest sister name her I thought that would bring them closer together. May you should let your boys name the baby. Just a thought. Personal no offense against the hubby, but CALVIN? I hear that & I’m thinking of jeans or Alvin & the chipmunks. Sorry. Merry Christmas. Lookin’ good mama.

  11. Jenny says

    Bummer about the gestational diabetes test! Good luck with the 3 hour one.

    I hope you all can agree on a name. It really is hard!

  12. I think Sawyer is a handsome name. I always hated those gestational diabetes test. But don’t worry. I had six children. They started testing me for gestational diabetes on the last two, and I failed the them on the first time. I passed the three hour test on each. Good luck to you! I do so much hope you pass. That stuff is yuck to drink on an empty stomach!

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