Pregnancy Update: FOUR Months Baby! (pics too!) Plus, The Saga Continues…

On a day by day basis I feel like this pregnancy is going so slow. I’m not trying to rush it but while I was pretty sure I was feeling some fetal movement this week has been mute. My heart rate doppler is due in today and I can’t wait until it does. Of course the reason it’s so slow is because I’m focused on the gender ultrasound on November 10th. I cannot wait to find out if this is a boy or a girl. While I really want a girl I have a sneaking suspicion that I will remain the only female in this household. While the idea of never having a daughter saddens me the idea of having a boy doesn’t. No matter what I am so excited to be so blessed with a baby!

Right now the possible names are:



Delilah is pretty set. We still haven’t found a middle name for it yet but we both love the name it is grows on us more and more each day. I am in love with the name Sawyer. I loved Samuel but Daddy wasn’t having it. To make matters worse we had a fly we couldn’t get out of the house so he named it Sammie so I’d think of the bug every time I said the name. Yes, he’s a pain. He’s not so set on Sawyer either but I’m working on changing that.

I wanted to get some photos of this baby bump I’m now definitely sporting. This time my head isn’t cut of but you can tell I’m clearly annoyed, lol. Hubby was busy making fun of my belly sticker and I had been standing there for over 5 mins while I was still faking my smile when he finally took it.

This was one of the shots he took when I told him my stickers were rockin’. I didn’t know he took it until I came back inside. After realizing these were the only 2 photos he took after being outside for over 10 minutes I figured I should just be glad my eyes weren’t closed.

Here I’m sporting my all time favorite shirt right now from Milan Maternity.

I’m still going through the whole Dr/Midwife thing. While I really want the midwife it’s now more about the c-section/vbac.

I don’t know what to do.

Right now I can’t do anything. My insurance will not cover any of the ultrasounds at the midwifery so I have to at least stay on for my Dr. Appt on the 10th with my ultrasound. I’m still annoyed that I’m waiting 6 weeks til my next visit but I can avoid the Dr. for the rest of my pregnancy should I have to stay with the OB.My previous section was because of my heart condition and Gavin being breech.

Here are my + and – lists:

OB / C-section

+ I have a Dr.
+ I can schedule on the day I want with the Dr. I want
+ Insurance covers all procedures
+ Longer recovery time IN hospital
(I know you think I’m nuts on this one but at home I’m on my own, no one stays home to help me)
+ I know exactly what I’m walking into
+ Can get tubes tied while in there
– I have a Dr.
– They show up strictly for the surgery
– No midwife to hold my hand
– I can’t be the first to hold my baby
– I have to be cleaned up by a nurse

Midwifery/ VBAC

+ I have a midwife
+ I have support from start to finish
+ I feel most comfortable
+ I get to shower on my own afterwards
+ Less fear
+ I am the very first person to hold my baby
– I will be paying out of pocket should I need any additional lab work or U/S after I switch
– less time in hospital to recover
– possibility of tearing
– If in the end I need a C-section I can’t switch back to OB and that results in a hospitalist or ER Dr. delivering
(never get to meet but + midwife stays with me)

I’m sure there are several things that aren’t popping into my head at this moment. Hubby is behind whichever choice I pick. He says if it were his body he’d go with the section because there’s nothing to prove and it seems the safest option. Yes, I know my body is capable of either and no I’m not one to think a woman who choses a section is any less a woman. I personally just don’t think the choice should be mine. Tell me what is the best safest option and that’s what we do.

What to do, what to do….


  1. Emilie @ Baby Loving Mama says

    I LOVE the name Sawyer!!! I like Delilah too although I’m not sure it would be a name I would ever pick but I think it is super cute.

    I’ve never had a C-section so I really can’t compare and I know you’ve done both. At this point I’d avoid a c-section unless absolutely necessary personally. I had such smooth pregnancies and births with my first two so I’d feel very comfortable with a midwife. I actually just searched for a midwife for my area but the expenses would be higher because insurance wouldn’t cover it and they don’t take credit cards. And I’m not exactly sure I like the idea of a home birth. I’d more like a birthing center with a midwife instead. While being in your own home can be comforting, I also don’t know if I’d want my children around for all of it either. So hard to say. And all it took was seeing the Business of Being Born (Ricki Lake documentary) to make me consider doing it. Now you’ve got me unsure. πŸ™‚

  2. Shannon says

    Looking fab and Sawyer was on my top three list. If I have another boy it is a top contender, congrats!

  3. Arianah Watts says

    Love both names! I wanted Lilah Rose for my daughter…so I am partial to Delilah πŸ˜‰

  4. Aw, you look so cute! Love the sticker; never seen those before. Sawyer is a neat name; it was one of the LOST characters too. Delilah is definitely different and you could call her Dee Dee or Di. So cute!

    As far as the C section goes, only you, hubby and your dr. can make that call. I would do what is the safest option for your baby.

    Hope you are feeling great! (and so exciting that you get to find out the gender soon!)

  5. Jennifer says

    Is a VBAC with an OB not an option?

  6. Chelle says

    Omg you are adorable!! I love these pics–and super cute sticker idea!

    Love the names, too.

    I hope that in whichever decision you make that you’ll know that you made the one that’s right for you and baby. I wish I could be more help!


  7. Amanda S-K says

    having had 2 sections, I’d opt for the midwife. Yes, I’d still try after two, after all the ACOG says it’s safe. However only you can make that decision. It’s a big decision to make. and one that it’s obvious you’re putting time to think about. Could you get a doula? I’d check student doula’s. They need hours and will usually do it for free.

    I love both names.

  8. courtney says

    great pic! i love deliliah! I’m having a girl in December.. and her name is Mila… πŸ™‚

  9. I actually know a lady that has twins and their names are Sammy and Sawyer.

    I get all your pros and cons. My first was breech, I was low on fluid and I had a funny tilted pelvis. I wanted to try and deliver my 2nd naturally, but I didn’t. With the funny tilted pelvis, other risks involved, I decided that I should have another C-Section. It’s a hard decision though!!!

  10. cher says

    I love the name Sawyer! I think Delilah is cute too. How about Delilah Faith…you need a middle name right?? LOL
    I personally would go with the C-section. Like you said, you have more in hospital time, which you’ll need, seeing you do it alone and the insurance is a big plus. It’s sad that it has to factor in, but none of us are made of money and having a baby is not cheap!!! Is there a way that you could try to have him/her natural and do the section only as a backup? If that’s the case, you could be the first one to hold your baby. πŸ™‚ I know over 20 years ago when I had my first one, the Dr. wanted me to deliver. At 18 and put on the spot, “I said no way, it’s your job”…lol Like the other girl said, it’s totally up to you and your husband. You just might end up surprised at the end if the baby comes when it’s not planned.
    Good Luck!!!

  11. cher says

    OH…how about Sawyer Matthew??? Just popped into my

  12. Shasta says

    So happy for you, and can’t wait to see your sweet baby!

  13. Maggie @ Tethered Mommy says

    I love your stickers and you look gorgeous! πŸ™‚ Personally, I’m facing a VBAC or repeat c-section next time around too. Good news is my new OB/gyno said they are one of the few practices in the area to allow VBAC (can you believe that this close to NYC?) I can’t say what the best option is for you. But you seem to be more in tune with your midwife and I think the extra cost is worth the extra comfort. I hope you are able to get your VBAC and will be cheering for you the whole time!

  14. Amanda says

    love your names. I know a little girl named Delilah.

    the OB midwife thing is tricky, but I would try to avoid a c-section if possible.

    As someone else having their last baby I wanted to have the most relaxed setting as possible. I am doing a L&D completely different than what I had with both girls. I am excited about having a midwife at a birth center. but nervous about not being in a hospital.

    I think that after your u/s on the 10th as long as all looks fine then I really would think about switching to a midwife, I don’t think you’d need anything else. I know you’ll have your glucose done at 28 weeks, but I can’t remember if they do a repeat blood screening them too.

    a lot to think about and you’ll make the right decision no matter what.

  15. Bobbie says

    Okay.. First, I LOVE the pictures!! Your adorable pose in the 16wk one made my ovaries cry LOL!! I love LOVE the name Daliah. I also love Sawyer. I have a little GIRL in my daycare class that is named Sawyer. What about using a special family members name for middle name? I think if your having a girl she should carry on something extra special for you.. Her middle name could be your first name or your middle name? I am sentimental with things like that. Middle names were always picked and set long before we decided names πŸ™‚

    My thoughts on the section vs. midwife. Is there anyway that you can speak to the dr about holding the baby and your other concerns. I actually was much more active in my 2nd birth then with my daughter. She was a preemie and was swept away almost immediatly (not breathing well). With my son I was 38 weeks and since I was “high risk” ultrasounds all the time and at 37 weeks they said lungs were perfect. I expressed concerns to the DR about procedures and what not. I actually reach down and assisted in “pulling” my son out. He was only touched by the DR long enough to make sure he was secure on my chest. They sucked his mouth and stuff while he was laying on me and I was holding him. I was ok with them taking IF and ONLY if they felt he was in danger or something wasn’t right. After about 10 min they did need to take him for weight and everything but my husband took him and brought him back. We also expressed we didn’t want ANY nursery care. We had NICU the first time and no private bonding with our daughter. This was something that bothered is. The Dr and my sons pediatrician were fine with it again as long as no problems. Also an issue for me was leaving ASAP! I had to stay extra time after the birth of my daughter and then with her in NICU we spend too much time in the hospital. At exactly 24 hrs 2 min after birth we were home (something about a shot given at 24 hrs which is all we had to wait for). Try expressing some of the concerns you have to the DR. Of Rey can work around them with you and/or you have a good relationship with the DR then it may be a better option just because with the Midwife a concern you have is the ability to NOT have the VBAC. I do know many people who has successfully done it though!! Good luck in your decision!!

  16. Amy @ Marvelous Mommy says

    Aw you look so cute with your baby bump! I like both baby names! Sawyer reminds me of the guy from the show Lost that came on ABC! lol

  17. Melissa says

    Love your name choices! Both are very nice!
    As for your OB/midwife choice, lots of hugs! I’m a very indecisive person and I’d have a hard time deciding. Are there any OB offices in your area that have certified nurse midwives in their practice? Thankfully mine does (I’m in Va though) and while they make you see a doc at least once when you’re pregnant, you can choose whomever you’d like. I chose the CNMW for both of my pregnancies and deliveries. For me, if there was ever a choice between OB and midwife, I think I’d prefer OB only because a) *if* something were to go wrong or I’d need a c-section in the end, I’m already there, b) both of my boys had meconium in their fluids and they needed to be checked out by a neonatalogist. Good luck with your decision!

  18. Melissa says

    One more thought- do you have doulas in your area? From what I understand, she can be at the hospital and be your support/activist if the doc is doing something you’re uncomfortable with, etc. I’m not sure how it all works but might be worth checking out.

  19. Rob says

    Congrats and you look cute! Not names that I would pick but I do like them. Good luck on selecting a name.

  20. Rebecka Lozano says


  21. I’m a fan of the name Sawyer. You have to do what you think is best for you. I did the c-section/vback with my second son because I was still recovering from having my first son (there’s only 13 months between them). All went well. I have to say that the biggest plus was being able to choose when he’d be born.

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