Supernatural: Season 6 on DVD

Am I the only one who thinks at the end of every Supernatural season it’s the final season? Well, guess what Season 6 was not the end! In fact season 7 is just around the corner. It kicks off Sept. 23 9/8c and will be staying on Friday nights. This season is going to be good too. They weren’t able to stop Castiel with his war on heaven and now he’s not a fallen angel but God himself. This season is going to get really interesting and I can’t wait to see where it leads us!

Supernatural has come so far over the years and now instead of mini missions that don’t do much these brothers are fighting for major purposes that are world saving.

Sam and Dean have been through a lot and have had to learn to trust each other 100%. They are always watching each other’s backs and without one another they would have been dead ages ago. I don’t have a sibling but I imagine that is a bond that comes with it. I know if I had to battle the things they battle I would want someone that I loved, and trusted in my corner. It’s what will always keep you going and giving your all. It’s also what breaks you down though. When the boys lost their father it almost made them lose themselves as well. Would you want to battle with family or battle with someone else?

“I have been hired by Warner Bros. WBWord division to promote Supernatural Season 6 on DVD.”


  1. I can not wait for the next season to start. I have no idea what Castiel will do but I am excited.

    • Jennifer says

      Lol, I know you’ve been watching this forever… Do you always think it’s over each season too?

  2. April Harvell says

    I can’t wait to get season 6 on DVD. 🙂

  3. Ha, ha! I just stopped by your site after not having been by for so long, and here you are talking about one of our favorite shows! My husband and I just finished watching the very first episode of Season 1 again not even 30mns ago! We don’t watch it when it’s on television, though he was sorely tempted as he “accidentally” came across it last week. Instead we wait until the new seasons come out on dvd. So we’re waiting to find a great price on Season 6 right now. I’m a little put off by all the angel & demons. I was hoping that they’d return to their original roots again, so I’m a little disappointed to hear that that is not the case. Won’t keep us from buying and watching though.

  4. SaveOne says

    I used to love watching Supernatural!!

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