Supernatural: Season 6 on DVD

What I really liked about Season 6 of Supernatural is that we got to see the boys from different angles. Sam has always been the one fighting the whole demon fighting thing. He even ran away from it for awhile and tried his hand at normal life. Even though he realized he couldn’t have it, he was never 100% in. He was also the one who felt the guilt, the compassion, and the fear. Dean on the otherhand felt those things but could tuck them away and not show it. He could go head on with anyone or anything. Dean could walk in and have confidence to pull off anything. He was the one who always got the girl and had no problem leaving town.

Then when last season ended everything changed. Dean respected Sam’s last wishes and went to live ‘the normal life’. He played Dad, stayed in one town, and worked the 8-5 job. Truthfully, it was great to see the softer side of Dean. Unfortunately, when Sam resurfaced we saw the harder side of him. He had lost his soul and as a result was mean, heartless, and cold.

Then this season we saw them have to save some babies. It’s Dean that goes all paternal- not Sam.

My husband says it’s not in his character to take care of a girl. He’s so scared we are going to have a little girl and he’s going to feel completely disconnected. I know he has it in him and he’s going to surprise himself. I really want a daughter because I’d love that bond. I know he will be fine and truthfully I think it’s himself he’s going to surprise.

Have you ever had someone do something so out of character that you didn’t know how to react? Did it change your opinion of them?

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