Pregnancy: Having a Water Birth

Being pregnant there is just something that draws me to watching the ‘Baby Show’ on TLC. I know it’s a horrible thing to do because it gets me all worked up and petrified about the fact that this baby has to come OUT of me at some point. Yes, I know I’ve already done it twice, and I’ve had both a vaginal birth and a c-section but the show definitely freaks me out. Of course once they have the baby, I cry, and all is good in the world again. Much like giving birth I guess.

Well, the one thing I have noticed is all the water births on the show. Both at home and in hospital settings. For some reason it looks like a less painful option and a more independent one. Personally, I don’t think having a water birth is for me.

Honestly, when it comes down to the matter I’m completely uneducated about water birth and was curious if any of you have done it.
If not and it was an option, how come?
If you did:
Would you do it again?
Why did you chose it?
Did you do it at home or in a hospital setting?


  1. Emilie @ Baby Loving Mama says

    I’ve considered home births, water births, etc. We don’t really have a good option for home birth around here that I know of and honestly I don’t think I can do a water birth either for one very stupid reason. I have a thing about clean bathwater. I can stand any “floaties” in my tub and on the rare occasion I do take a bath I scrub the tub like there is no tomorrow. So the idea of all the other stuff that would be in the tub with me keeps me from even considering it.

    Silly, I know.

  2. I desperately wanted to have a water birth but three things stood in my way. In a moment of insanity I considered doing it on my own at home but there’s no way hubby would have allowed that … the whole placenta thing freaks him out. 🙂
    1. Our hospital doesn’t allow them.
    2. We have no birthing centers.
    3. Home birthing midwives aren’t legal in Illinois and insurance wouldn’t cover a home birth.

  3. I did have a water birth – with my second baby – it was AMAZING!!! I did it through a midwife at a birthing center. I would do it again and again. There is nothing like it. The water makes you feel … “lighter” … and it puts less stress on your body. I’ll help answer your questions if you have more!

    (My first son was born at an Army hospital – I wanted something SO much different for the second, that’s why I did water birth with a midwife.)

  4. I have had both a land birth and a water birth. I will NEVER and I mean NEVER give birth on land again. The water birth was so much less painful, quick, easy, and my recovery was 10x easier as well. I chose it because I wanted a natural birth with little intervention (and that is just what I got). It was in a hospital setting with a midwife! I would highly suggest to you to research it, I think you may be surprised!

  5. Jennifer Clay says

    During both of my pregnancies, I was never educated about home births or water births. It was always go to the hospital. I have heard great stories about home births and water births, but I don’t think I could handle it. I don’t do well with pain. I remember when I went into labor with my first daughter, I felt contractions for a good 2 hours and was like F&*^ this! LOL I hated every second of it. With my second daughter, I was induced so I was immediately given an epidural. So, I felt nothing until the end, which wasnt that bad…as far as I remember.

  6. Mandi says

    I have not. And like you, it’s not for me. TLC baby shows freak me out too. But I still love them!

  7. Amanda @MommyMandy says

    I am planning a water birth for this one. I am using a midwife who has her own free standing birth center. I would totally do a home birth but if there was an emergency or local hospital is not equipped for babies at all and would be transferred “down the mountain”, so our midwife’s birth center is just down the street from the hospital.. just in case…

  8. Jessica~Mom of all Trades says

    I labored in the water with babies # 5, 6 and 7 and the pain relief was Awesome. #7 was born in the water and now I can’t imagine doing it any other way. Baby #8 is due in 6 weeks and I am having a home water birth this time (others were at the hospital).

  9. Kayla says

    I’ve always been interested in water/natural birthing-It’s so interesting reading about everyone’s experiences! And I had no idea that Midwives were illegal in Illinois….That doesn’t make sense to me =/

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