Wordless Wednesday Hurricane Irene [New England Flooding]

We were like much of the East Coast my family prepared for the force of Hurricane Irene. We were prepared for the worst I wasn’t taking any chances. Everything outdoors was either brought in or tied down. We had food and water for up to 2 weeks and had plenty of batteries and flashlights. We even went out and bought one heck of a generator. Then we waited.

In the end we thought – that was it? We never even lost our power. Considering we lose our power regularly we thought ‘that was it’? Then I realized the aftermath. Our community was underwater. While our home was lucky enough to be spared many homes and business in our area were not. We took out boat out of the water thankfully because our docks are buckled and the water on the CT River is at extremes.

Here are two photos I took these are unpassable roads. One you can’t even see the bridge and it has sides that are about as tall as I am!!!

These are photos taken by others but all in my community:


We have to go UNDER this bridge normally.

This is a state highway. Yeah, um, not so much now. I went and saw this one today as I tried taking this route home from the Dr. office. Clearly, I wasn’t getting far!

Did Hurricane Irene get you?

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  1. We were not effected by the hurricane, but have had horrible flooding this year. The interstate from Nebraska to KC is shut down. It probably will not be fixed for another year because they literally have to rebuild it. Lots of damage in a lot of parts this year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope your house is ok!

  2. Tammi @ My Organized Chaos says

    Wow! That’s a ton of water!
    It rained a lot here too, but nothing like that!

  3. Jenny says

    Oh wow, what a mess. I’m glad you all are ok. I’m in the Midwest, so no hurricanes here!

    • Jennifer says

      Well I’m in Western MA and thought I could say the same. But this summer alone we’ve had a hurricane and a tornado and even felt an earthquake!!!!

  4. Stefany T says

    How devastating. 🙁 My thoughts and prayers are with all those affected. I am glad you all were spared.

  5. Mrs. Cox says

    So crazy 🙁 I’m glad you’re safe. I have a close friend who is dealing with major flooding in her home in NY. So scary.

  6. WOW! I honestly don’t have anyother words? It is amazing how quickly the waters can rise yet take so long to recede. Glad to hear your home went undamage and that you are safe.

  7. I noticed the Blackstone River near my house is really high right now… no real flooding in my area however, there are still many without power… luckily I only lost mine for about 2 days… some of my family still does not have electricity and are not expected to get it back until possible 9/4 or 9/5!

  8. Oh my gosh! So glad you guys were safe!

  9. Mimi says

    Wow, you guys have had some crazy weather this year! I guess we all have! Those are crazy photos!

  10. Wow! Good to know you all are okay!


  11. I’m so happy you weren’t touches by all that mud, but those poor other people. What is happening to our planet? I don’t remember stuff like this happening when I was little. Well, thanks for the photos. Been there done that DON’T WANT TO DO IT AGAIN. We were fortunate too when we had this one hell of a rainstorm where the lake by me overflowered, and our basement flooded big time. Water was up to our knees. That was at the place before we lived here, and here we are about four or five blocks from the river, and the one time that the river was so high when the bike trails and bridges were under water was scary enough for me. ewwwwww So happy you’re okay & don’t have any clean up!

  12. kariellen says

    I’ve been watching the coverage on the news and my heart breaks for you all. It’s dry here in southern California … a little hot … but I won’t complain when I see all these pictures.

  13. Floods are scary!! We totally missed it but, would have loved some rain from it. It’s so dry here and so many brush fires starting.

  14. Erika says

    We got a lot of rain up here in NH too. Luckily we are up on a mountain and didn’t have any flooding in our immediate neighborhood, but nearby areas are pretty soaked.

  15. Emilie @ Baby Loving Mama says

    Eek! Um yeah, to the people who claimed the storm was over hyped, they must not live in the flooded areas. Because millions of people out of power and ;lots of flooding seems pretty bad to me!

  16. so sorry to hear about all the flooding in your area. i’m happy to see that you and your family are okay.

  17. blueviolet says

    Wow! I wonder how long it’s going to take for those waters to recede. That’s crazy, but I’m so glad you’re safe.

  18. I’m glad you don’t have any aftermath on your property, and CONGRATS I hear is in order! That’s absolutely wonderful and tell that hubby of yours to send me a cigar. LOL Do you know the gender? Are you going to find out?

  19. Kelly says

    That is insane – hopefully everyone was safe and managed to get out of the flood waters in time!

  20. so terrible! irene got us in new jersey, most of us are still waiting for power and water. luckily, we were able to go away for a few days and hope it’s better when we return.

  21. Lori B says

    Praying daily for all whom Irene has impacted!

  22. nan says

    we lost power til yesterday, but luckily no flooding!

  23. Deborah says

    So sad all the damage. I cried watching that covered bridge being destroyed on the news. Take care.

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