Supernatural: Season 6 on DVD

At the end of Season 5 I had my chin on the ground with the way it ended. I thought for sure Sam was gone. I couldn’t believe it. I even wondered if the series was over and we didn’t know it. When the Season 6 did start it was like no other season. Sam was no where to be found and Dean. Well, Dean was completely out of what we were use to. He was now the family man. Living the normal life, working the everyday 9-5, living with his girl friend and her son.

Things all take a change when we find out Sam is out and not just out but fighting. He has a new crew but needs Dean. Dean is forced to chose between Sam and his new life. Of course we know what he feel obligated to chose and when he finds out Sam’s lack of a soul things really take a spin and their reunion is anything like brotherly love.

I’ve been pretty blessed in life to never have anyone in my life go missing or have to leave me for long periods of time. If I did I would hope that our reunion was one filled with laughter and joy. If it was as eye opening as Sam & Dean’s reunion I don’t know how I would handle myself or deal with the anger and disappointment.

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