Nikita Season One on DVD

Did you start watching the new series Nikita last season? It was so good! I absolutely loved the whole Nikita/Alex story line and how they infiltrated Division. What I didn’t expect was how much dra,a and action packed episodes we would have in just one season.Not only did we see how Nikita and Alex first met but we also saw their complete background and Alex’s true roots. We know all about Nikita’s past and fell for her and Michael’s secret love affair. We learned about how they got Alex in and how they got her out.

We learned so much in season one that I am already on the edge of my seat for season two to start. If you haven’t started watching Nikita yet there is still enough time to catch up from the very beginning and the beginning is really where I’d recommend beginning with all the information that was given to us. The First Season isn’t available yet but you can pre-order it now:

 I haveto be honest and tell you I don’t like the DVD cover. I feel it appeals to men and makes the show look like it’s a sleazy show that would be unappealing to woman but I promise you it’s nothing like that.

In fact, the show is a lot like the cover. Not what is to be expected. See those two girl above? That’s Alex & Nikita. They don’t look like lethal killers but that’s just what they are. They were trained to the point where they could kill you before you could even realize they were there. They are often posed as a pretty girl on a man’s arm or a regular person in a crowd but don’t be fooled they have a mission. Have you ever had a time in your life when people viewed you as one thing and you were anything but? I know I’ve had several times in life like that but the one that always seemed to get the most was being a teen mom. No one ever took me serious or sometimes even believed I was the mom. SO don’t let looks be deceiving. Always pay attention because you never know what kind of surprises are around the corner!

Don’t forget- The First Season isn’t available yet but you can pre-order it now:

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