Use Your Summer Craft Time To Prep For Christmas!

As I’ve shared with you previously I was asked to be a Community Leader over at the Blog Frog Random House Community. We’re having loads of fun over there and I would love to see some of my readers jumping in to all the topics. Best part? For every comment our discussions get Frist Book will be donating a book to someone in need. Now isn’t that cool?

My discussion this week was all about Summer Fun time. I like to always make the most out of our time so I try combining craft time with prepping for Christmas to lessen the holiday stresses. Below you’ll find my discussion. If you leave a comment here you’ll have it automatically show up in the community and it will count towards a donated book! So share your tips and ideas!



  1. I like to make crafty things for Christmas and I’m always looking for new ideas. I’ve never gotten started on it in the summertime. I usually wait until around October to start.

  2. won says

    Great idea for those of us that live in the very cold climates in the wintertime.

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