Just Dance 2 for the Wii! A Must Have!

Have you tried ‘Just Dance 2’ yet? If not you are seriously missing out. I have to admit I am one of those people that bought the Wii Fit in hopes to turn it into a daily routine but then after just a few weeks it was short lived and is now collecting dust in the corner. It was a bunch of games and once you got to a certain point it was just, well, boring. For a little while I lost my faith in the whole Wii workout thing and then I had the chance to review Just Dance 2. Just Dance 2 is so incredibly fun and it will leave you gasping for air if you’re not exercising. Good thing? It’s so addicting that before you know it you realize your not breaking a sweat until you’re three songs in.

The original Just Dance game got the world dancing like never before, and now the #1 best-selling Music/Rhythm game for play on the Nintendo Wii system is back with Just Dance 2. This time around it will be just as easy to keep the party going with an all-star tracklist–more than 45 strong, plus downloadable songs–from different genres, as well as the hottest dance moves of today. In addition, Just Dance 2 pushes the envelope even further with more accurate movement recognition by the Wii Remote, allowing better dancers to reap the rewards of their superior skill, without putting the game out of reach of beginners. Finally Just Dance 2 includes all-new dance modes making the game even more party oriented than its predecessor.

Just Dance 2 Tracklist
1.    Avril Lavigne – “Girlfriend”
2.    Bangles – “Walk Like An Egyptian”
3.    Beastie Boys – “Body Movin’ (Fatboy Slim Remix)”
4.    Benny Benassi presents “The Biz” – “Satisfaction”
5.    Blondie – “Call Me”
6.    Bollywood – “Katti Kalandal”
7.    Boney M. – “Rasputin”
8.    Charleston – “Mugsy Baloney”
9.    Cher – “The Shoop Shoop Song (It’s In His Kiss)”
10.    Digitalism – “Idealistic”
11.    Donna Summer – “Hot Stuff”
12.    Elvis Presley – “Viva Las Vegas”
13.    Fatboy Slim – “Rockafeller Skank”
14.    Franz Ferdinand – “Take Me Out”
15.    Harry Belafonte – “Jump In The Line”
16.    Ike & Tina Turner – “Proud Mary”
17.    James Brown – “I Got You (I Feel Good)”
18.    Jamiroquai – “Cosmic Girl”
19.    Junior Senior – “Move Your Feet”
20.    Justice – “D.A.N.C.E.”
21.    Ke$ha – “TiK ToK”
22.    Mardi Gras – “Iko Iko”
23.    Marine Band – “Sway (Quien Sera)”
24.    MIKA – “Big Girl (You Are Beautiful)”
25.    Outkast – “Hey Ya!”
26.    Quincy Jones & His Orchestra – “Soul Bossa Nova”
27.    Reggaeton – “Baby Girl”
28.    Rihanna – “S.O.S.”
29.    Snap! – “The Power”
30.    Sorcerer – “Dagomba”
31.    Studio Allstars – “Jump”
32.    Studio Musicians – “Crazy In Love”
33.    Studio Musicians – “Jungle Boogie”
34.    Supergrass – “Alright”
35.    The Frighteners – “Monster Mash”
36.    The Hit Crew – “Holiday”
37.    The Hit Crew – “Toxic”
38.    The Jackson 5 – “I Want You Back”
39.    The Pussycat Dolls – “When I Grow Up”
40.    The Rolling Stones – “Sympathy For The Devil (Fatboy Slim Remix)”
41.    The Ting Tings – “That’s Not My Name”
42.    The Weather Girls – “It’s Raining Men”
43.    Vampire Weekend – “A-Punk”
44.    Wham! – “Wake Me Up Before You Go Go”

Four New Dance Modes
Dedicated to providing a richer, deeper gaming experience, the development team behind Just Dance 2 has included four new dance modes. These include:

Duet Mode
Created to foster more interaction between players, Duet Mode allows players to dance together, and in the process forces them to pay more attention to the players around them instead of simply following on-screen prompts.
Dance Battle Mode
Dance Battle Mode is a team mode that features up to 8-player support. Although individual scores are the basis of the overall team scores, the extreme multiplayer basis of the mode changes what can be the individual nature of dance into something very different.
Party Mode
Party Mode is a straight up dance fest in which players can get together and dance for as long as they want, just for the fun of it.
Just Sweat Mode
An exercise mode disguised as fun, the meter built into the Just Sweat Mode allows players to measure the energy they expend while dancing as well as set objectives to be met during their dance sessions.

Key Game Features

  • Chart-Topping Singles – Over 45 new tracks from classic hits and legendary songs to today’s chart-toppers
  • Real Moves – Like its predecessor, Just Dance 2 features iconic dance moves choreographed by real experts to every style of music, including rock, pop, hip hop, R&B, and world beat
  • All New Game Modes – All new modes deliver hours of multiplayer fun
  • Just Sweat It OffJust Dance 2 is a workout in disguise, keeping you energized and motivated as you dance the calories away. You can also keep an eye on your fitness with the Just Dance Sweat Meter and a calorie burn counter
  • Multiplayer Support – In certain modes Just Dance 2 supports up to 8 players
  • Improved Wii Remote RecognitionJust Dance 2 contains more accurate movement recognition of the Wii Remote, allowing better dancers to reap the rewards of their superior skill

There are up to 4 players with this game as far as scoring goes but truthfully we’ve played with more. I recently brought it over to my Mother in Laws house when a bunch of the family was over and it was so much fun to play as a group. Before we knew it everyone right down to the great grandparents in the room were giving it a try.

Even when you’re tired you’ll find yourself keep going because it is so much fun. My favorite part is that after what seems like a few songs you take a look at the clock and your almost 2 hours into it. There is nothing like a workout that fun and doesn’t feel like it will never end.

You can purchase Just Dance 2 for the Wii at Walmart for $32.96, Target for $39.99, and Amazon for $32.96. Do yourself a favor and pick up the original if you haven’t already because believe me once you start you’ll love having the different song options. While Just Dance 2 is awesome the original is super fun too! You’ll have to own both of them!

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  1. meredith c says

    looks fun!! i too bought a wii and it was popular for like 1month, now its inour garage! i might have to blow off the dust and go get just dance.. i spotted some songs up there that i like 🙂

  2. Barbara M says

    Yes this Wii cardio game is so much fun!
    Fun, makes you sweat & easy to follow – I love it.

  3. anjelica says

    you can get 3 songs in?! I was dying after just one! It was a really long song though, I swear. 😉 I agree, really fun game and moves simple enough my five year old can do well with it.

  4. Karen A. says

    I’d love to have this but need to get a Wii first….lol

  5. Kimbuckjr says

    Oh my gosh, I so need to purchase this for my Wii system and add it to my Work Out routine! A friend of mine works out daily to Just Dance 2 and she claims to have lost two pounds due to this exercise routine. Hhhmmm???

  6. we don’t have a wii yet, but when we do this will be a top pick for me. My son LOVES to dance and plays this at a friends house.

  7. Julie Jones says

    awesome song list. I have a game similar on the kinect but I like these songs better. It sure is a must have. thanks for the reivew!

  8. katklaw777 says

    i have been looking for some games that will get us up and off our butts. Something the whole family will enjoy.
    I am soooooooooo glad I found your review of this game.
    I will definitely be considering adding it to our collection, thanks.

  9. Erica G says

    I would love a wii. This looks like a lot of fun. Some of those songs take me back. I love the Wham! one.

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