Easter Egg Hunt

It seems this time of year there are so many Easter Egg Hunts going on for our kids. We’re really lucky that the town next to us holds a really big Egg Hunt each year. It’s free of charge which is also a huge plus. There are several fields and they are marked off according to age. This year Gavin moved up to the 4-7 years field. You have to wait until the whistle is blown to go grab your eggs. Make sure you have a bag for your child because they will need it!

See now this is more of an Easter Egg Dash then a Hunt. Once the countdown happens and whistle blows those little people can really take off. It was so cute. The little girl next to Gavin fell at first and instead of taking off like everyone else he stood there and helped her get back up. Awww, my little gentleman.

See what I mean about the dash and not the hunt? Eggs are everywhere!

Once he got his groove on he was filling that bag fast.

Once all the eggs were taken all the kids retreat back to the sidelines to count up their goodies.

Since it is all volunteer and based off donations it’s requested that you crack open the eggs and return them to marked bins so they can be used again next year.

Then what do you end up with? A ton of candy.

Mom’s favorite part is that afterwards everyone gets an opportunity to get their picture taken with the Easter Bunny. So always remember to bring your camera!

Sadly Johnny was at baseball with Grandma so he wasn’t able to participate and this was the last year he was old enough.

Do you participate in a neighborhood Easter Egg Dash, er, I mean Hunt?


  1. Mellisa says

    Those are great pictures! I took my kids to the town Easter Egg hunt a couple of weeks ago and it was CRAZY! My daughter was in the 2-3 year olds and my son was in the 5-8 years and they were on opposite ends of the park (thank goodness for grandmas!) They both had a blast and filled there bags with candy and prizes 🙂

  2. Heidijaneblankets says

    That looks like so much fun!…. Off to find one for my kids now….

  3. Fun! We have a big egg hunt on Saturday at our church. They got 10,000 eggs! Should be fun!

  4. Michelle says

    Awww…what a little sweetheart and gentleman!

    Now, that is a lot of eggs and it also looks like a lot of fun!

    If I don’t make it back by this week, Happy Easter!

  5. Erica says

    I’m super jealous because 1)That looks so fun, and 2)My son will be out of town on Easter for his dads wedding in MN and we don’t know of any local good egg hunts for the day before. Grrrr.

  6. sheri scarpa says

    I love coloring easter eggs! I have 5 girls from 18 to 8. and this year she knows, i mean knows! and i am so bummed! I used to wear big slippers and put baby powder on them and make footprints on the carpet, she was so excited! but at least we can still have fun decorating and being creative with the eggs. Happy Easter!

  7. Jill A. Collins says

    I don’t remember ever having big hunts like this when I was a kid. I do remember, however, ALWAYS looking forward to my Easter egg hunt each year. Mom would sometimes hide them twice for me because it was so much fun. And we used the real hard boiled eggs too. We never hid plastic ones!

    • Jennifer says

      We had to toss our eggs just a few days ago because they were stinky from hiding our real eggs in the backyard over and over again.

  8. Kayla says

    Oh man, I miss doing those fun Easter egg hunts-Those were my sister and my favorite each year 🙂
    It looks like your kid made out like a bandit!

  9. No, but my daughter is just getting old enough to do that sort of thing. So, I’m sure next year we’ll be going to a couple that the churches around here do. Love the photo’s! I agree they had a Easter Egg Dash not Hunt! LOL!

  10. Sarah Osborne says

    So fun! I loved doing stuff like this when I was a kid!

  11. So much fun… and you got a great load. The hunt we usually go to the kids are lucky to get more than one, but they are just pieces of candy spread on a baseball field, not really eggs.

  12. Erica G says

    We tried one of the free hunts this year, but will not be doing that one again next year. They had it set up along a trail and all of the kids, regardless of age, hunted on the same paved trail. Of couse, since my daughter was closer to two and a half at that time, she didn’t get any. The Easter Bunny was at the end of the trail so we kept on going. Some of the more generous older kids came back and gave the smaller kids some eggs and/or put them back out on the trail. My daughter was soooo happy when she got her first one. They ended up having another one at her preschool and we had one at home on Easter. She loved every one of them and that is all that matters!

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