Apple iPod Nano 4th Generation with Multi Touch Review

I’m a huge Apple fan already but that was just from my experience with my iPod touch. It was the only kind of iPod I had used and didn’t see the point in owning another even when I saw the iPod Nano. Then it was sent to me for review and I am its biggest fan. Apple is smart because they make each of their products with its own purpose. The iPod nano is the perfect iPod to store all your music. It’s small size and light weight make it perfect for clipping to your sleeve and go. It will bring listening to music to a new level for you.

I love this nano! I never really got into music at all with my touch until I got this. Since I didn’t really play around with iTunes I also didn’t realize that I iTunes can copy and upload my entire CD collection and then sync it on my iPods. You can also purchase music directly from iTunes. If neither of those float your boat you can even listen to the radio.

This was perfect for work since my radio was one of those old boom boxes with no CD player and dial tuner that hardly had anything came in. I never wanted to invest in one that stayed there. This was a great alternative as it plugged right into my speakers of my computer and sounded great.

If you love to run it even has a entire section for tracking your fitness.

Like with my iPod touch review I felt that a video would show you so much better of what this is capable of. I actually shot the video with the touch.

Depending on which model you purchase you can get one as low as $149 and are well worth every penny! Every iPod comes with a charging USB and a set of headphones too!

Mom Spotted Review Policy: I was provided with an iPod nano and iTunes cards at no cost from Apple in order to give my own personal opinions their website . The opinions I have given are mine and may differ from others but it was not influenced in any manner by monetary means.


  1. I was wondering about this. I have an iPod Touch but my daughter wants the nano.

  2. Erica G says

    I have an iTouch, but not a nano. It would be much better to have for working out.

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