4th Generation Apple iPod Touch Review

I’ve owned an Apple iPod Touch for about a year now. Problem was it wasn’t until recently that I realized all it was capable of. I never hooked it up to iTunes or any of that. I didn’t realize how much it would benefit the product. Then I was offered a chance to review the latest version of the touch- the 4th Generation. You know, the one with the camera!!

It was time to install iTunes. I did have a bit of trouble at first because my laptop id Windows 7 but I eventually got it. I know, I know I’m still using a PC. I do have my eye on the all new MacBook Pro! With iTunes installed I realized immediately I was missing out on SO much. Don’t get me wrong I already loved my touch but this took it to a whole other level. Why hadn’t I done this sooner?

I’ve learned quite a bit in the past couple months about my touch and I had planned on doing this like my normal reviews but this review would be really long because the number of photos would be endless. So I will be showing you a video using my touch. The one thing I haven’t tried out yet is the FaceTime feature. It’s not that I don’t want to I just haven’t found anyone to use it with.

Video calling is in full effect on iPod touch. Now your friends can see what you’re up to, when you’re up to it. With the tap of a button, you can wave “hi” while standing in a foreign country, get a second opinion on a pair of boots, or have your friends bear witness to the everyday pranks, bets, and dares they otherwise might have missed — new iPod touch to new iPod touch or iPhone 4 over Wi-Fi. And come face to face with even more fun.

Now here is why I love mine! I’m no movie star and my normal device to record now IS my touch so I had to go use my Flip which the quality is nothing next to my touch so I do apologize about that.

Depending on which model you purchase you can get them as low as $229 and are well worth every penny!


Mom Spotted Review Policy: I was provided with an iPod touch and iTunes cards at no cost from Apple in order to give my own personal opinions their website . The opinions I have given are mine and may differ from others but it was not influenced in any manner by monetary means.


  1. Gina says

    I own an iPod Nano and 2 shuffles, problem is, they’re dust collectors since I have my phone lol.. An iPod Touch looks really cool though and like something I probably WOULD use…

  2. I have an iPod Nano 2nd generation I think but I would LOVE LOVE a touch! they’re awesome!

  3. Tiffany says

    So in love with this new generation. Apple is constantly outdoing themselves. Nice review, thanks for the video that shows more!

  4. Dee says

    I never felt I had a need for an iPod but you’re changing my mind. I never realized how much can be done with one.

  5. eve lester says

    that looks so cool! I would love one of these!!

  6. I’ve been so on the fence about getting myself an ipod touch but now, after reading your review, I think I’m going to take the plunge! Thanks!

  7. Sam says

    My son gave me his old iPod touch when he bought the iPhone, and I am sure I haven’t used it to it’s potential either. Thanks for the info…I’m going to go play with it now!

  8. WOW, I love apple products, they do such a great job with the touch technology

  9. I would love to get one of those! Great review 🙂

  10. I never realized how much you could do with one of those! I’ve never really wanted one but I definitely have an interest now that I’ve seen it! Great review!

  11. I really should get myself an iPod touch. Everything is touch these days and my 4 year old iPod is proof of the changing times!! Hah. Awesome review – going to look into getting one soon! 🙂 Especially for the gym!!

  12. I didn’t even realized iPod touches did all that. Back when I had one of those iPod nanos all it did was play music, seems like a technology dinosaur now in comparison. Now it seems to do pretty much everything my iPhone does short of the phone calls.

  13. Erica G says

    I have an older itouch. I didn’t even think I cared about having the newer version until I read this post.

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