Wordless Wednesday – Limited Access

Here is where I am:

Sadly I have NO internet connection though. I’m sitting in a Dunkin’ Donuts just to type this up. Everything else (thankfully) was prepped in advance!

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  1. Wow. My pics are the complete opposite of yours!!! Trade ya!!!

  2. Joanna says

    I’d take that any day! =)

  3. Jenny says

    I was worried about you when your post wasn’t up last night. I’m glad you are just having a good time! Gorgeous picture!

  4. Rob says

    Awesome picture. Where is that at? I want to be there also.

  5. Candace says

    Oh i would love to visit a beach…ANYWHERE!

  6. Wish I were stranded there right about now. I am so sick of the snow we have!

  7. Katie says

    I think there are many worse places you could be!

  8. Anna says

    JEALOUS!!!!! Esp. since i posted more snow pictures… again.

    have a great vacation!!!!!

  9. Kayla says

    All I can say is…..TAKE ME WITH YOOOOOOU!!!!

    A little too late for that huh? Lol

    Well, regardless, enjoy for you AND all your winter-logged readers! 🙂

  10. Michelle says

    Absolutely gorgeous! I cannot imagine a dunkin donuts nearby.

    Have fun and with a view like that, relax!

  11. Awesome, looks similar to the picture I posted for WW! Don’t you just love being somewhere warm right now when its snowing everywhere else!! No snow for me!

  12. Absolutely gorgeous. Enjoy all this with all you have.

  13. Deborah says

    Oh I so love going to the beach! Lucky you!

  14. Erica G says

    I am in Florida, but nowhere near a view this beautiful!

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