Major Walmart #Fail!

Normally I would never come here on my blog to complain about a company but in the past week alone I have left Walmart fuming more then once. See I dread going to Walmart as it is because every time I walk in I spend far too much money. This week I went to three Walmart’s and spent only $29 total.I mean when the shelves look like this what are you supposed to buy?

Then I called several Walmarts to find the Mario sheets for Gavin’s new bed which I’ll be sharing with you shortly. I didn’t redo his room. I’ll still be keeping his Rocket theme from Olive Kids but haven’t ordered it yet and wanted him to love the new bed so I thought getting the sheets would be perfect. I went to Walmart originally and surprise, surprise they were out. This led me to calling other stores, since I don’t live close to any and with gas prices being what they are I can’t be driving to them all. I finally tracked one down and off I went as soon as I could so I could get them washed and on the bed before I had to get the boys from my MIL.
Well, as I was walking out I saw a huge center stand filled with Propel water bottles for $.50 each. I was super excited to see this because I had coupons at home for $1 off 2. Sweet! However, my coupons weren’t on me. So the next day I dragged the kids to Walmart and put all 40 bottles in my cart. I go up to the register and they don’t scan. Whatever just put them in, right? Wrong!

Can you believe they tell me I need to wait while their supervisor enters all the flavors into the computer. Okay, whatever. Twenty minutes go by and the cashier comes back over with a cart and starts taking the bottles off the belt and says sorry we can’t sell these to you. Um, what? She goes on to tell me that they have been having problems with them since they put them out and they don’t think they were supposed to be selling them. So, I’m already annoyed from sitting there waiting with two kids who want nothing more then to leave and now you’re telling me I can’t buy them. So, I walk over and see the stand of bottles still in the isle and I’m like no way. I ask to speak to a manager and ask why I can’t buy something that is STILL out for sale. Even if it wasn’t for sale it was THEIR error and they should have honored the sale. She apologizes and tells me they plan on removing them and I ask when since I came JUST for them since I had seen them there on a completely different day. Do you know this manager just tells me that there is nothing she can do and just walks away before I can say anything else!!! Seriously. Sorry but I think I’m done with Walmart for awhile. Target can serve my needs from here on out.

**Updated to state- Walmart didn’t even know I had the coupons. I never took them out because we never got that far. They weren’t in the computer so they just flat our refused to sell them to me. **


  1. Mimi says

    I had a cashier a couple months ago at Walmart try to use a coupon I had with me. She couldn’t get it to ring for the right amount so she says to me, “I’ll just do it for less” meaning she wasn’t going to give me the full value of the coupon. I looked at her like she was crazy. THEN, THEN she has the audacity to say to me, “You’re not going to make this a problem are you?”

    I was more than a little pissed. I talked to a manager, in front of this old lady cashier, and they didn’t really say much other than, “Oh, ok.” Whatever. So much for customer “service”.

    I hear you and raise a toast to you!

  2. Meghan says

    That’s when you write a letter to the company and get all of their names before you leave the store. If upper management knows this, they can deal with it. But they should have honored the price if it was still out and advertised.

  3. Randi says

    My attitude toward rotten customer service anymore is “Don’t mess with me—I have a blog.” Are these companies really that clueless? You can almost forgive an underpaid cashier for not giving a hoot, but when the supervisors and managers treat you like you’re the biggest pain in the rear ever to walk through their doors, then it’s time for action. You should write the headquarters to complain. If they treat you the same way then unleash the Power of the Blog upon them!

  4. Emilie says

    I am always frustrated by cashiers/manager who basically refuse a coupon simply because you are getting too good of a deal. The stupid part is they are going to be reimbursed for the value so what is the problem? It is like they treat you as if you are stealing or something. Ugh. So sorry that happened to you.

    • Jennifer says

      They actually didn’t even know I had coupons on me. I didn’t pull them out. They were just REFUSING to sell to me period.

  5. Hana says

    Walmart sucks, thats all there is to it. I only go there if I absolutely HAVE to….as in the product is no where else or the price is significantly less. The people there are incompetent (most of them) and it just has a low class vibe in comparison to Target. Target rocks…just keep your receipt if you want the chance to return or exchange anything…even if its for the same item. My target wouldn’t let me do a same item exchange b/c I didn’t have my receipt.

  6. Nichole says

    Goodness! I dislike Walmart very much just because it is too crowded. I will go to Target any day. I heart Target! :o)

  7. Rob says

    That sucks but I am not suprised. Walmart sucks but they are cheap so people will shop there. I usually agree with people like Randi about I have a blog but I really don’t think Walmart gives a crap. EVERY Walmart has crappy customer service so if you have a problem no point in asking to speak with a manager because nothing will get resolved. Cashiers hate working there and when the managers don’t care you are screwed. Target is a much better choice in regards to cutomer serivce and better products but you will pay more but it might be worth it in order to avoid the aggrevation of Walmart.

  8. Mellisa says


    I cannot stand to go into Walmart! The people that work at my local Walmart are the most rude people that I have ever seen. I am a really patient person and can put up with a lot but they have pushed my buttons so many times that I will only go there if I ABSOLUTELY have too. I would rather pay a higher price than to put up with such poor customer service.

    A few years ago my husband and I along with my newborn stopped in to grab a few things before we had to pick up our son from pre-school. I had exactly 30 minutes. There were no open registers so I went through the self checkout. The women was eyeing me like a hawk and when I was almost done she comes over and starts taking everything out of my bags telling me that I had rung everything up wrong (basically telling me that I was stealing) I was humiliated and almost in tears when I told her a few choice words and told her she could have the food I would go somewhere else. You can only imagine how MAD I was, I called the manager at the store when I got home who was just as rude as the cashier, she told me that they have so many people that steal through the self checkouts that they have to watch everyone. So basically that means treating everyone that checks out at the self checkout like a thief. I wasn’t satisfied with her so I went above her head and talked to her manager who was very nice and appologetic. He sent me a $30 GC in the mail and said that he would take care of this situation. A nice gesture but not enough to make me a regular shopper at Walmart again.

  9. CherylS22 says

    I agree with Emilie about cashiers/managers that make it very difficult to use a coupon when you are getting a good deal. They act like the money is coming out of their pockets when, in fact, they’re not only getting reimbursed for the coupon but also being paid a handling fee on each coupon.

    I’ve also noticed when I have free coupons with an upper limit value & my item costs less than that upper limit, the cashiers will deduct what I paid for the item (fair enough!) but then not record that price on the coupon. When it is submitted for reimbursement, I can only assume they are receiving the maximum value for the coupon plus the handling fee.

    Bottom line is that these stores are being well-reimbursed for accepting coupons & shouldn’t be giving customers such a hard time. I’m reluctant to shop at Target & Walgreens because of the treatment I’ve received when using coupons. The best recourse is to not spend your hard earned $$ in their stores and go to a more coupon-friendly merchant.

    • Jennifer says

      They didn’t know I had coupons on me. They were just refusing to sell to me because it wasn’t in the computer.

  10. Irene says

    I cannot stand Walmart. I do shop there on occasion, only because the hubby likes it for some weird reason, but I much prefer Target anytime!!

  11. Becca says

    Reason #5789 why I hate shopping at Walmart. I would write a letter asap to their headquarters.

  12. Katy P says

    I hate to shop at Walmart too- they are a terrible place to use coupons & have very little customer service. Unfortunately- I am not close to Target, so I am stuck still shopping there sometimes.

  13. I really don’t shop there unless I have to, but almost every one I have been to does have poor customer service. I would go to their website and email their customer service with store feedback (if you have the time). I would also call the store or check the website to see if a phone number is available to talk to someone about the poor customer service you received. I prefer Target any day over Walmart (better customer service) and you don’t feel hassled when checking out.

  14. Melinda says

    sadly i don’t think a letter will do a darn thing. They are known for their poor cust service but because of their prices and presence people will still shop there. I hate them too but have to shop on a budget.

  15. LeesaWho says

    I’ve had problems at Walmart too and rarely go there unless I need to fill a prescription. On a recent trip I noticed a lot of their prices had gone up. Poor service, empty shelves AND rising prices? Not for me. I like shopping at Meijer stores here.

  16. says

    Let me tell you… I RANT about their empty shelves especially in frozen foods. I’m so glad you took pictures. I always say I’m going to do that and send them a letter but I haven’t yet!

    I was in retail management for many years and the most basic rule is “Keep the shelves full. You can only sell NOTHING from any empty bin”. They are a case of succeeding in spite of themselves. I can only imagine the sales they’d be doing if they ever cared about keeping their shelves full!

    • Jennifer says

      LOL, I couldn’t help myself! It was isle after isle of emptiness. Every single thing I wanted was out of stock that day!

      • Lorna Schuster says

        If I may jump in here, it seems that the low stocked shelves have become worse since they started drasticaly reducing the selection of products available. It seems that when I’m looking for a specific item, all I ever find anymore is “GREAT value”, which is Walmarts brand. Have they priced themselves out of the ability to offer more than their own brand? I’m all about saving money, buy I have no problem paying a little more just for a little variety beyond the bargain basement variety. Quality matters, too, especially when it comes to food I’m offering to my family.

        I wish Target was closer, but we have to drive for an hour to get to one. ARG…

  17. Jordan B says

    If something is out for sale they have to honor it or else it is classed as false advertising,

    I would write to walmart and complain…

  18. jennifer b says

    Take this as a good thing, to never ever go into that horrid place again.
    I despise Wal Mart. It’s so dirty. I walk out of there feeling like I need to take a shower. Our thrift stores are nicer than Wal Mart.
    I only go in there when I have to. And I always come out crabby.
    I wish complaining would do any good, but I always feel Wal Mart’s too big to care

  19. bonnie says

    I am so glad that I live where there is a great Wal-Mart… I have had minor issues and always found management to be so helpful. They have done price matching for me, and the greeters and cashiers are always so nice. I do limit my time at Wal Mart because I usually spend way to much.

  20. All I can say is I don’t like Walmart. If I can shop ANYWHERE else I will!

  21. Personally, I think Walmart needs an attitude adjustment. Not sure if it’s the store, but their people they have working there just don’t care! You know what I mean? For example, remember the Purex Give-Away, well I did one of those and I had a coupon for a free product so I could try it & do my review. The cashier (older woman – late 60’s maybe) got flustered because she did not know what to do. She called a manager. Now, I’m in one of those motorized carts because my back was really bothering me that particular day & I couldn’t really walk to the other side of the store where I needed to go & back. The manager looks at me, “WHERE DID YOU GET THIS?
    Voice not so pleasant. I explained I got it directly from the company etc., Well, we don’t accept freebies! She was snotty & rude & made me feel like a criminal for pity sakes. There was people all around me looking. I was embarrassed & I said, “Give me the coupon I’ll pay for it.” She went on to say that they’re having trouble getting paid from the company. I told PUREX & they told me of a website I could go to & print out Walmart’s policy concerning coupons & she turned the report in. I did & couldn’t wait to get back to Walmart. I asked to speak to a supervisor handed them the policy & told her what happened & I told her that I wanted a public apology from that lady. Well, I got the PUREX & no apology because the woman wasn’t there. That’s one recent incident, but I’ve had others. I totally understand your issue. You should get a copy of that policy. If you need the website let me know.

  22. Diane says

    My favorite part is how they said they have been having problems with them since they put them out. So why did they leave them out then? And if they knew there was a problem why did they take your cart and try to enter them? Thankfully My walmart always has stocked shelfs. Actually my only complaint is when Im trying to get down an asile and they have like 3 people with big carts refilling the shelfs and I can barely get through! Oh and I hate when people behind me in line at walmart sigh when the cashier starts scanning my coupons. I purposly take out my coupons before I get in line and when I get to the conveyor belt I put them after all my items so anyone walking up behind me can see I have a lot. The one time I had so many (and a lot were for free items) the guy behind me was really sighing loud. The cashier didn’t seem to mind at all that I had coupons. At the end she told me how much I saved. I forget exactly how much but i think it was like 20 bucks and the guy behind me was like wow thats a lot of money in coupons. I wanted to be like “pft thats nothing you should see me at the stores that double coupons” but I kept my mouth shut.

  23. nicole says

    our daughter uses lactose free milk, i can NOT tell you how many times we go in and the regular milk is stock FULL and the lactose free/soy is totally empty. there is no way it all sold out, it just wasnt ordered.

    what is worse is our walmart was ‘redesigned’ so they could add a pharmacy and carry more food. guess what, the BEER aisle is ALWAYS fully stocked. The food has maybe 1/2 aisle more than what they had before. everything else? Take out 3/4 what they had before. VERY frustrating- you go in for 9 items, come out with 3. and they wonder why Target and Walgreens are doing so well. THEY have advertised items IN stock…SIGH

    we’re all getting to the point where walmart is forcing everyone to OTHER stores. reverse psychology on their part?

    as for employees- most are now part time ONLY, so that might explain the attitude-they have no part in the company anymore…

  24. kittycardero says

    I feel your walmart frustration. Something I noticed (and I admit this may just be my own pet conspiracy theory) is that they never have an item on their shelves if there is a coupon out there to get it free. I will check every time I’m there until the coupon expiry date (of course I will use it in another store by then but I still check walmart, due to my theory). Then what do you know? The item will hit the shelf about 2 weeks later! And I know some will say this could be because the coupon is out there so the item is popular and out of stock, but no thats not it. It couldn’t be so for EVERY item with a free coupon and that I would NEVER just happen to catch it the day they restocked. i swear it’s almost like they have a person who monitors free item coupons and has the employees remove them from the shelves. Why would they? Don’t know. Maybe it cuts into walmart profits if cashiers have to take too long with a coupon?

    Hmm you know, that could actually explain so much about their company wide attitude toward coupons…

  25. Lauralee Hensley says

    I’d report this manager to Corporate Walmart. I’m sure they’d want to know. I mean if Walmart can price match to other stores, then I think they can take a loss on something that was their fault.

  26. Judy Bradley says

    We just had a WalMart open in our town and I was so disappointed. We have 3 others all within 20 min away, why one here to compete with our local stores, our K-Mart, and other grocery stores? We have a Target about 20 min away too, but I am not really a big Target fan either. I love my K-Mart. I only go to Walmart for my fish food (I might just give away my fish!). What they did to you was unprofessional, and downright mean!

  27. Nona says

    I have not likes Wallmart for many years. i agree they are almost all rude. They don’t have very nice stores.
    I Love Target except I spend to much, my fault though. Glad you took pictures too.
    I have never seen a store that empty but I go about every 6 months or less.

  28. Wow, I can see why you were none too happy. To not even sell them, regardless of coupon or not, is appalling. The shelves of our Wal-Mart are well-stocked (not like the one in the photo) but I will NOT shop at Wal-Mart unless absolutely necessary. The once or twice a year I do go in always reminds me of why I do not like that place. Their customer service and long checkout lines have got to be the worst I’ve seen.

  29. Heather H. says

    Wow, sorry you had to go through such a horrible experience! I think most people agree, that Wal-Mart sucks in so many different ways. There are some things I like about it, but I do avoid it at all costs too.

    But your better off shopping at Target anyway. Target ROCKS!! I love Target dearly, and so does everyone I know. They have pretty much the best deals you can get anywhere else on most of their stuff, and the fact that they have a TON of their own Printable and in ad coupons, makes it great because you can combine those with Manufactures coupons and get stuff really cheap on top of their already great prices!

    Plus, Target employees seem to be much nicer and very patient with couponers. Always try and get a Male cashier if you have a lot of coupons to use. They are usually very relaxed and don’t freak out about the coupons.
    I think you could pretty much find anything you need at Target, that you can get at Wal-Mart! And you will be treated sooo much better by their customer service/cashiers/managers!!

  30. Vickie Couturier says

    You need to contact the corprate office,,,,an fill out a customer complaint form,,,,someone will be back in contact with you an hopefully make it right

  31. sarah says

    Wow, yeah, I was just in there the other day with four coupons that said “one per purchase” and the cashier apparently wasn’t sure went and got the manager and the manager got an attitude and tried telling me that meant I could only use one in my entire transaction, we argued for a couple of mins and I just got mad and told them to cancel the whole order and she just kinda shrugged and walked away, so much for wanting my business. I was SO mad I went home and emailed them and they called saying I have a gift card waiting but that doesn’t make me that happy. My mom said I should have told them I wanted to buy them all in separate transactions and taken my good old time about it LOL. Not to mention the cashier wasn’t the brightest, would have put cappuccino mix on my WIC order had I not said anything, he was nice at least though.

  32. sarah says

    Oh and they don’t take my printed coupons at all! I used to love them, now they are mostly a waste of my time.

  33. Amy @ Marvelous Mommy says

    I had some issues with my WaL-Mart awhile back. I wrote a letter online to the local branch and mailed a letter to corporate. Surprisingly I got a phone call a few days later with an apology and a gift card encouraging me to come back and shop with them!

  34. I agree, major customer service #fail

  35. It’s funny that you post this because I had a major Walmart fail over the weekend too. I was looking to buy a computer. Walmart had one in their ad for $498. I have been pricing them for a few weeks now, so I knew what I wanted and what price I was willing to pay. Well, of course they didn’t have this particular computer on the shelf. I ask the associate….she tries to sell me one that is just the tower for that price…um no. Then there is one that is $448 and she says she thinks it might be that one but there is none of those on the shelf either. Now, I know exactly what I want…and the tag for this computer had no specs on it at all. I had no idea what kind of computer it was. She goes to the back, leaving me, my sister in law and three kids waiting. Finally they come out and tell me they have the computer that is in the ad, and they are bringing them out. I don’t know if I want to buy it or not, I just want to look at it to make sure it is what I want for the price I want to pay. Well, I got so tired of this crap, we left and I went to Best Buy and got a better computer for about $40 less, with a bigger monitor…and it was on the shelf so I could see and their associate knew what he was talking about. I was in and out of Best Buy faster than it took the Walmart associate to figure out they didn’t have that one on the shelf.

    I would have been willing to pay a little more at Best Buy, just so I didn’t have to deal with Walmarts BS. And they never have their shelves stocked, they are always out of everything.

  36. Erika says

    That’s horrible. And sadly, not surprising for Walmart. I avoid Walmart – especially the one closest to my house. The shelves are never stocked (99% of the time, half the things on my list are not in stock), the store is dirty, and the customer service is beyond horrible. I’m all about saving money but not at that cost. I definitely prefer to shop at Target, although even their service can be lacking at times (especially when it comes to coupons.)

  37. Dawn K says

    Before, Walmart was the only store that I went to regularly but now, I hardly ever step foot in there. There prices are not that cheap anymore. And their customer service has been horrible for a while now. Even if I have to pay a little more for products else where (I rarely do), it’s worth it if I get better customer service.

  38. E. Diane says

    ABSOLUTELY INSANE THAT THEY WOULDN’T SELL TO YOU. It is such a simple matter to make a note, put it in the cash drawer, and update the inventory later. This is exactly why I don’t shop at Wally-world, basic customer service skill are non existent! Sorry you had to go through that – especially with kids in tow.

  39. Annette says

    I hate shopping at Walmart too. They have 20 check out lines and only 4 of them are open at any given time. And the Walmart’s here in Salt Lake will not take free product coupons at all.

  40. asha marie pena says

    Wal-mart’s policy when you have to train to be a cashier is that, even if a item is marked as a different price then what it rings up as. They are so post to take off $1.00 the price in the ales, if it is over $1.00.
    So say the sticker price says $4.99 and it rings up $9.99. The cashier is so post to take the $1.00 off the $4.99

    If the item is under $1.00 then they are so post to give you the first one for free. Then do a Price Override for the other ones.

    I have had problems with Wal-mart as well and I was a Cashier and a Floor associate.

  41. Erica G says

    Wow…unbelievable! They wonde why they lose customers all the time. What ever happened to customer service?!?!

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