Florida Fun!

Last week the family and I was away on vacation. It was definitely a much needed vacation. This week I’m struggling to get my groove back on so bare with me. I have tons and tons of laundry, cleaning, and mail/email to catch up on. In the meantime I thought sharing some photos with you would be a good start. I didn’t take nearly as many as I normally do. Johnny fights me every chance I get so I don’t pull it out as often as I once did.

From the moment we got there (SW FL) it was gorgeous! Blue skies, palm trees, and white sandy beaches. It’s hard to accept the fact that your family is calling you to tell you three feet of snow fell in one night when you have such beauty all around you. I only dream of a life with no snow!

Even the skies shined stunning colors after the sun fell. Can you believe we missed the sunset off the pier by only 5 minutes. I was so upset!

The boys loved watching the dolphins swim in the ocean. One day there was a group of about 10 of them dancing together. I only wish I had a flip on me at the time. This is my favorite picture. Many of times they are gone in the brief moment the camera pauses to take the photo.

The shells of course were always around. Instead of SNOW banks we had SHELL banks. I don’t know how kids run across them with no pain. I could barely tip toe on these and Gavin just ran like it was silk. Oh and BTW these millions of shells were there two days prior when we visited this part of the beach. How crazy is that!

Johnny just loved making all different sorts of sand castles. Remember how I mentioned how difficult Johnny was when it came to taking pics. Sometimes I didn’t care. It was better then no pictures at all. In any case I have many with silly or annoying faces like the one below.

I’ll share some more photos shortly once I get a chance to edit some more 🙂 Until then I’m off to shovel and toss ice melter all over the place!


  1. Mellisa says

    HOW BEAUTIFUL!!!! I am totally with you when I say I am SICK of all of this snow. We just got 18 inches last week that is finally starting to melt and now another 10 inches is expected tonight. The kids have been out of school since last Monday and their are staring to go a little stir crazy in side. I took my oldest son to Mexico a few years ago and he loved the beaches but they weren’t nearly as beautiful as these..What part of Florida did you visit?

  2. Looks like y’all had a blast! I love all the sunny pics.

  3. Jennifer H says

    Great pics! I love my sunshiney state. Glad you guys enjoyed your vaca.

  4. Erica G says

    Looks like a good time was had by all! Again, the phots are amazing. It does seem like it takes forever for the sun to get close togoing down, then it happens in what seems like 5 seconds.

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